Would You Miss The Internet If President Barack Obama Shut It Down?

I was reading this site the other day and stumbled across an article that intrigued me. It appears that soon United States President Barack Obama will be able to shut down the Internet in America for up to four months. The article is below.


My Internet connection drives me crazy. It comes and goes but I know it will come back on at some point. Four months without it would definitely be interesting.

There are times when I absolutely despise the Internet but I’m absolutely convinced at this point I would not want it done away with temporarily or even permanently. How on earth would I watch my NY Mets if it was shut down?

Obviously businesses would suffer. Some might even go bankrupt. If you have an Internet business or rely on the Internet for business purposes what plans have you made to survive in case Obama does decide to shut it down?

What would you miss most about the Internet if it was shut down? What would you miss least?

How would your life change? What would you do with the time you use to spend surfing the net?

There are some who fear shutting down the Internet would stifle free speech. Do you agree with that?

This should make for an interesting discussion!


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  1. I also read ‘somewhere’ Obama will cause the sun to collide with earth. People… Really???

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