Dr. Norman Geisler Claims Ergun Caner was “Exhonerated”

Dr. Norman Geisler has issued the following statement on his Facebook page concerning Dr. Ergun Caner.

An extensive independent investigation has exonerated Dr. Ergun Caner of all the false charges made against him by extreme Muslims and others and has been retained as a Professor at Liberty University. In spite of a few misstatements (which we all make and he has corrected), nothing has diminished his testimony and or…thodoxy as one of the great Christian voices of our time. I totally support him. (source)


Few misstatements?

Great voices of our time?

Go ahead, its all yours today.

HT: Dr. James White


8 thoughts on “Dr. Norman Geisler Claims Ergun Caner was “Exhonerated”

  1. Dr Geisler must know something I don’t know. I am under the impression that the investigating committee consisted of four people from inside the ministry and was headed by Ron Godwin. Perhaps I assumed that the four people were ministry employees or board members or other people of appropriate rank, but I have a definite recollection of Chancellor Falwell Jr saying Godwin would head the committee.

  2. Hi All,

    I’m listening to Dr. White’s program “Dividing Line”. Its interesting.

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  3. Dr. Norman Geisler is considered by many to be this great theologian. I have no idea why. Like Dr. Caner, he is a great story teller. :mrgreen:

  4. These guys all run in the same pack. They are of the same spirit – goats defending goats. It’s time to come out from among them and be ye separate

  5. Frankly,both Geisler and Caner take stands against what is often called Calvinism.I would not expect much from people like that. That sure does not speak well of them!One must be delusional to do so and lie to attempt to support their opposition.(and misrepresent Calvinism).Additionally, It’s sad, for neither have a view of Providence that would help them from trying to help God …by lying. Their veiw in so many areas is just inconsistent and in fact neither should be teaching anything close to a Theology Class … are out of step with all the major Baptist Confessions in this area and the Doctrines of the Southern Baptists. (that is all kept in secret ND THEY WON’T DEBATE IT…How could you……….

  6. So, Ergn Caner was exonerated from all the false charges. What about the true charges?


  7. Correction of typo: Ergun Caner.

    I have not seen a list of the corrections to which you refer, Dr. Geisler. Could you please post them?

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