Even Little Kids Know Ergun Caner Should Be Fired From Liberty University!!

Today I had a lesson with one of my local students. He’s a bright, intuitive youngster and he’s always asking questions about various things. This morning he asked me the question “Why are some people stupid” and when I asked him why he emphatically stated;

Because that stupid school didn’t fire that lying man!!!!

I asked him what on earth he was talking about and he said “that man that lies about who he is”.

How do you know about that”, I asked.

I saw this on your website”.

You read my site?

Yes, I read your site because it is very funny sometimes.

How’s that?

Because you talk about things to help others and people who don’t like what you say call you names and tell you you are stupid. That’s funny to me.

OK. Fair enough. So why do you think this Caner dude should be fired?

Because if a man will lie about who he is and where he’s been how can anyone believe anything he says?

You have a point little dude. Anything else?

Jesus said if you lie you will go to hell.

Yep, He did but what if Caner stopped lying what then?

Has he stopped lying Flash?

I don’t know? He hasn’t really said.

Shouldn’t he tell people he doesn’t lie any longer so they will know when he lies again?

Yea, he should.

That’s why I say people are stupid.

You have a point little dude!

See, even little kids know Ergun Caner at the very least should publicly repent of his sins and shouldn’t be teaching anyone anything. How’s he to be believed about the big things when he’s proven to be dishonest about the basics like who he is and where he’s been.

It’s too bad Liberty University doesn’t realize this and remove Caner from his teaching responsibilities. At this point I don’t think they will and that’s the real tragedy in this whole story.


7 thoughts on “Even Little Kids Know Ergun Caner Should Be Fired From Liberty University!!

  1. The statement in almost all the stories about Caner that tells it all, as far as Liberty is concerned, is that since Caner became Dean, enrollment has tripled. Without the growth that his salemanship on a hot button issue has provided, they would have kicked him to the curb months ago when this first came up. Follow the money!

  2. Phil,

    I think in Caner’s case that would be a short story, after all, he would really only need to cover one subject, “profits from misrepresentation”

    • Hey,

      I think you could get a better education from Wiki then you can from Caner, and its free. Caner is a liar and a Van Tilian. Where have we seen that before?


      PS: I can’t take credit for the Wiki line. I saw it somewhere but I forgot where!

    • Thanks to a friend’s prodding I took another look at the site where it claimed Caner was a “Van Tilian”. He certainly isn’t but his student who wrote the blog and many of the commentators thinks he is. Who really knows but I will retract that statement and chalk it up to I should have known better…..

      My apologies to the Van Til crowd….


  3. It’s seems to me, if you hang around long enough, most everybody lies about their testimony to some degree.

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