Dr. Ergun Caner Out as Dean of Liberty University

Dr. Ergun Caner, Dean of Liberty University, has been removed as Dean for, as the press release states “factual statements that are self-contradictory” concerning “dates, names and places of residence.“ You can read the story at the link below.


It’s interesting to note Caner gets to keep his job as a professor. I guess re-inventing your life story (read lying) is hunky doorie at Liberty.

I wonder if Caner would have still retained his position if he engaged in a homosexual act?

Any thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Ergun Caner Out as Dean of Liberty University

  1. Sounds like the ancient practice of Evangelastics, the practice of stretching the truth for effect.

    This is something to be expected from someone who is AFFILIATED WITH THE SBC. (For Debbie!)

    Phil Perkins. PS–How are you, Debbie?

  2. Tis a sad state of affairs when an institution like Liberty takes the easy way out. I wonder if he will be teaching apologetics as in defending the faith against Islam.

  3. Hey Phil,

    I hear ya, in addition to this they through their surrogates attempt to make Dr. White out to be the bad guy. Truly a sad indictment on an institution that at this point should be a beacon.

    • Hi,

      I think its only going to get worse for Dr. White and others as some out there believe Caner was “exonerated”. What you are witnessing is normal behavior for some within the SBC.

      I’m not completely convinced Caner will be in a classroom this fall. I have a feeling this was a “save face” deal for both parties. We’ll see.


  4. Folks, if you think Caner is a blight on the SBC, you’re wrong. The SBC is an entire mess. I was SBC. There is so much compromise in the SBC, it’s horrendous. I’ll give two examples of men in the SBC who have been in continued sin, but were retained because they brought in the numbers.

    1. Charles Stanley. He denied the exclusivity of Christ in 2001 declaring that God would not send someone to hell simply because they hadn’t heard of Christ.

    2. Billy Graham. He defrauded many as far back a the 1940’s and 1950’s. He promised conservative Christians that he wouldn’t take any money from liberals and he wouldn’t associate with them. He did both. He started by taking charitable contributions from mainline Protestant churches for his campaigns secretly. By the time it was over, he had liberal preachers and Catholic leaders honored at his rallies.

    There is one criterion to be accepted at SBC it seems. Be “successsful” or support those that are. As long as you do that they will turn a blind eye. If they did the right thing and fired Caner, it would be an admission. I’ve seen that, too, in SBC. They will cover up whatever they have to in order to defend the SBC brand.

    As to Liberty being a great Christian institution, NOT! Liberty has had to be part of these compromises, too. They’ve been in the SBC and they’re close to the all the top leaders. They’ve had to know pretty much all this stuff and gone along with it.

    Scripturally there is one great institution, the assembly (church). Jesus promised to build that, not all the other stuff we seem to think are indespensible. All the demoninations, schools, and all the bigwigs are building their own little kingdoms. Proof? Look at two things. 1. They are money-motivated. One could hardly think of Jerry Falwell without thinking of some pitch. 2. The nepotism is mind-boggling. When one of these “leaders” approaches his retirement, it’s time to find who the next leader will be. Who will God call? Who is the Joshua for this Moses? Well, lo and behold, it just so happens IT’S HIS KID!!!! What a coincidence, huh? Falwell’s kid did it. Jonathan Falwell, John MacArthur Jr., Richard Roberts, etc. This sort of thing NEVER HAPPENED in the four thousand years during which Scripture was writeen, but it happens all the time these days. Hummmm…..wonder why….

    And here’s a bombshell that came about a year ago. Al Mohler is proud to have everyone know his school now offers doctorates in “spiritual formation”.

    There are sincere folks in the SBC pew who don’t know these things, but the SBC leadership and the SBC schools are as corrupt as you can get. I know. I taught in one until I found out who they really were and they found out who I really was and never the twain shall meet. For instance, OBU (Oklahoma Baptist University) and YBC (Yellowstone Baptist College here in Billings, MT) were using Howard Clinebell’s text on pastoral studies the last time I checked. Clinebell’s book openly advocates for “alternate life styles” that include “cohabitation (living together), trial marriages, group marriages and communes, gay marriages, open marriages, and swinging.” He gives advice as to how best to counsel folks in this sort of thing and charaterizes them this way: “Some are searching more responsibly for ways that are more humanizing than tradition marriages traditionally are.” (Quotes from Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counselling, Howard Clinebell, page 275.) Yes, swinging and gay marriage may be “more humanizing” that God’s plan.

    Yes, that’s your SBC. It’s no secret among the leaders and now some of you know it, too. The excuse the leaders use is that the SBC is a loose association of independent churches. This is a lie. They may be independent churches to an extent, but when this sort of thing is known, the association ought to be broken, according to Scripture. AND it’s not unheard of to have a church disciplined in the SBC and there are requirements that must by met. If you don’t meet the requirements, you’re out. It’s just the scriptural requirements that don’t seem to count.

    Phil Perkins.

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