Pastor Doyle Davidson is a Slandering Racist Pig!

I’ve been waiting to make this public for a very long time but I honored my friends wishes, and quietly fumed regarding libelous public statements directed at her by a drunken, racist homophobic man claiming to be a pastor named Doyle Davidson. My friends name is Ms. Isabel Nalley, a former parishioner of Water of Life Church located in Plano Texas.

Please listen to this disgusting 4 minute clip and after the jump I’m gonna hammer this drunken homophobic racist wolf Theology Today style…..

How dare this man say these things about this lady! For the record Isabel has never been on welfare and has worked very hard to raise and financially support her 4 beautiful children. For him to say such things is slanderous and I hope and pray she sues his drunken butt for everything he has…….and then some.

Did you know Davidson likes to claim other mens wives as his own because “Gawd told him to”? Yep, its true. His current wife Kathy was married to another man and now she belongs to Doyle. You can read all about that match made in hell here . While your there check out the other stories and their forum for more eye popping stories about the racist pigs other misadventures.

Doyle Davidson is a vile filthy racist slandering adulterous pig who needs to have his backside kicked but it wouldn’t take much to tip over that drunken fool. Watch him preach live sometime and you will see he can barely stand up and often needs his new little “prophetess” wifey to help this drunken fool off the stage.

As I said earlier today I don’t like it very much when people mess with my friends and this drunken punk has gone WAY too far this time. If this pig doesn’t repent and apologize immediately I pray that the Lord strikes this filthy pig dead.


11 thoughts on “Pastor Doyle Davidson is a Slandering Racist Pig!

  1. This is sad, and I personally know someone who followhims and even African Americans follow him. This is brainwashing and it’s very very sad. Isabell Nalley is not the person he makes her to be and is that godly to speak of someone like that OMG. Sad

  2. I’m not signing my real name, but Isabel knows my email address, and can tell you who I am. I agree with you 100%. I know Isabel, and remember her children.
    Besides the FACT that Isabel has worked HARD to support herself and her children as a SINGLE MOTHER….
    Let’s deal with Doyle Davidson’s assertion that women/black women just want to get pregnant by black men so they can collect welfare.
    This is probably one of the stupidest, most idiotic remarks he has made. Doyle may have a DVM, and had a brain at one time, but NO MORE.
    I have known a couple of women who did have to be on welfare/Lonestar(food stamps) for a while until they got on their feet. They were both CAUCASIAN women.
    To think that TANF, Lonestar, Medicaid, WIC, or any other Government help for single mothers, lets them live on “Easy Street” shows how truly IGNORANT men like Doyle Davidson really are. You don’t get that much govt help in Texas. These programs barely get you by.
    Note to MR STUPID, AKA DOYLE: You can only buy certain FOOD products with Lonestar. It doesn’t buy you laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, etc. It doesn’t buy you toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
    Maybe OLD DOYLE is just bitter, that he gave some food away years ago, and those “ethnics” he gave it to didn’t flock to his church, so he has an ax to grind.
    But that’s a waste of time. I wasted many years of my younger life at that Hell Hole/WOL.

    Note to Doyle: GOD IS NOT MOCKED. There was a church up North that had a huge Half-statue of Jesus, with his arms raised up. Just last week, “lightening” struck it, and burned it to the ground. God is long suffering, but His Word is TRUE: He won’t put up with sin forever. That “graven image” of Jesus was destroyed.
    Places like WOL won’t last forever: God is being patient, but there will come a day when GOD will be tired of being mocked by Doyle Davidson. I expect lightening any minute now….
    Thanks for this article and the GUTS to print it!

  3. I hope that fool is not still in the pulpit. How dare he spread lies like that. What he did was almost unforgivable. This could not have been the first time his mouth has gotten a case of diarrhea due to impaired brain cells. I’m really hoping this was a joke.

  4. Unfortunately, YE, this was no joke. Similar comments have been made many times, and this man’s lies get bolder and more vicious as his brain cells disintegrate. He calls Obama a wicked halfbreed or crossbreed, and says blacks are demonized by the MauMau spirit. He causes strife and division while sowing his elitist, dominionistic heresies. He is now obsessed with his geneology, and has started a new “cult within a cult”. He claims that God gave this land to his forefathers who came on the Mayflower (MF’s)and the “ethnics” invaded, bringing their wicked dictators with them,and raising up the “halfbreed” to take the MF’s dominion away. He claims Obama is to bow to him and his MF authority. Here is the link to his new cult. Just another ploy to prey on people’s pride in their heritage and fleece non-suspecting victims who think they are supporting a noble, patriotic cause. We will probably hear about his “ethnic cleansing” plan in the near future. HEIL (MF) DOYLE!!/pages/Mayflower-Descendants-in-the-Body-of-Christ/125820687451702?ref=mf

  5. Great to see you out and about, Steve…at least in cyberworld!

    I Thank God for the breath of life so we can all keep blowing that trumpet!

  6. Such sad and pathetic words coming from a self proclaimed apostle/profit (lol) This is ignorance, hatered, contempt, and self delusion; and only a slight glimpse of what is said over and over! Isabel, i luv ya gurl! It was great to c u a couple months ago! Im happy to have met ur daughter as well!!!!! You alright in God’s book, and mine!!! hehehe!!!!!! Hope to cu soon!!!! Hugssssssssss, Tanya

  7. He looks like Shemp from the 3 stooges and he has a gravelly voice I can barely comprehend. How can anyone stand to listen to him?

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