My Response to Mr. Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries


I’ve decided to respond to the email Mr. Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries asked to be published on this site. Hopefully I was a bit more gracious towards him and his “response” then he was with me.

You be the judge.


I am afraid that Flashy Phil is an ignoramus.

First off my name is Phil Naessens. My friends call me “PhillyFlash” or “Flash”. You aren’t my friend Mr. Prasch. I’ll let the “ignoramus” crack go, at least for now.

If Flashy Phil had read the website before commenting he would see that most of the articles regarding Haggard are not even mine and are not authored by me but by a member of our USA team or outside contributors. Moriel is ‘Jacob & Friends’ not “Jacob”.

Well, actually all that I read was the article “Bro Tim” posted with your byline on it (source). I was referring to you Mr. Prasch and not your team of contributors. Their names weren’t on the byline and “Brother Tim” didn’t leave a link to your article.

If Flashy Phil had read the website before commenting he would see that article is a sequel to other articles on the website (one by Mike / Sandy) on Sister Ted where the issues are well documented.

Sister Ted?????? Is that any way for a Christian to refer to another male and especially a brother in Christ?

If Flashy Phil had reviewed the website before commenting he would have seen a variety of material from the Moriel missions program to AIDS orphan babies in Africa to the feeding program for garbage dump children in The Philippines, to pro-active scriptural exposition unrelated to Discernment issues, to evangelistic material oriented towards seeing Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons etc. saved. It also lists churches we were led to plant.This is what Jesus has called us to do. What does Flashy Phil do except churn out internet rubbish defendIng wickedness?

Personally I could care less what you claim to do. Big deal. Churn out articles defending wickedness? I think you should spend a bit more time reading my site prior to sending out hate filled email rants Mr. Prasch. You know something else Jacob? You responded exactly the way the Word of Faith adherents do when they are upset… know, the “what are you doing and look what I’m doing”. Nice!!!

In fact Discernment related material constitutes only a clear minority % of what is on the website. How Flashy Phil can call this “One Trick Pony” tells me that he is an ignorant clown.

Well now Jacob, I’ve apologized and repented for my “one trick pony comment”. I wonder if you will apologize for any of the name calling, poor research and bragging about what you claim to do for the Lord??

I don’t like to revile, but it is just so hard to find a euphemism for a half literate ignoramus.

Well, that didn’t stop you now did it? Thanks Jacob for demonstrating how clever you really are. Wow!

Flashy Phil avoids the issue Paul established in his Epistle to Timothy. Scripturally Haggard no longer has a good name with those outside the church so he is no longer scripturally allowed to lead a church. If he truly repented he would accept the scriptural ramifications of his sin of illegal drug abuse, lying, and having perverted sex with other men. Plainly Haggard does no care about The Word of Gd and neither does Flashy Phil.

Why Jacob, I didn’t avoid anything. I’ll place a comment I left in response to someone who knows how to make a point without talking smack.

Scripture twisting? How so? I’m not trying to sound “superior” but I’m reading it in the Greek and its obvious that is a present tense deal otherwise who among us could really be blameless? Arthur gave a great example of why he isn’t “blameless” and he is correct. (source)

I don’t care about the Word of God eh Jacob???? I most certainly do and had you of actually taken the time to read this site in general and the above comment in particular you would have known this…..or maybe not. Either way you owe me an apology Jacob but I won’t hold my breathe.

Please forward this to Flashy Phil (without my personal e mail address as I do not waste time corresponding with ignorant clowns), copy it to Brother Tim, and post t on the blog..

You knew I would respond to your outstanding email didn’t you? Bet you never thought in your wildest dreams I’d do it publicly did ya????

BTW: You are aware that “Brother Tim” hasn’t stepped foot inside a church in 30 years and has ZERO ecclesiastical accountability aren’t you? The reformers (Luther, Calvin and that crew) wouldn’t even consider this man a “brother” as he forsakes the assembly of believers (Hebrews 10:25). It makes me very happy to know that your ministry has “ Discernment related material constitutes only a clear minority % of what is on the website” because clearly you don’t have any and neither does whoever sent you “Brother Tim’s” whining complaint.

As a Christian courtesy I will reply one time, even to a clown just in case he claims to be a Christian.

Thanks Jacob! Your “Christian courtesy” made my day. Wonder how your buddies you copied on this email felt about your “Christian courtesy”? Can’t wait to hear as I’m sure “Brother Tim” will fill you all in on my response to your “Christian courtesy”!

In Christ,

I’m sure you believe you are “In Christ” but is Christ in you?

30 thoughts on “My Response to Mr. Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries

  1. Hi,

    I made the following statement that Prasch has turned prophetic with his “Sister Ted” insensitive and ungodly wisecrack.

    Do I haved concerns about Ted Pastoring again? Sure. I wish he would never accept such a position and just stick with giving his testimony. Not because he isn’t qualified but because of the hatred and malice many within the professing Body of Christ has shown him and his family. (source)

    This man is in ministry??????


  2. Hey Phil,

    I think you and I share the same concerns about Ted assuming the role of a pastor or elder, which neither of us or anyone elses knows that he is planning on. He has announced or named a youth pastor and someone else to handled the needs of his group. I admire your loyalty and hope if I ever need someone as an advocate, to be lucky enough to have such a friend.

    The real problem to me is the homophobia that is rampant in religious circles. We all know that homosexuality is a sin, however to some it has become the worst sin on earth which is not supported by scripture. If everyone will please read Gal.5:19-21, you’ll find that there are 17 listed sins in no particular order, that will keep you from inheriting the Kingdom of God(If hell is hotter for gays than adulterers, it won’t be because so called Christians control the thermostat). Most of these were punishable by death in the old covenant and written by the same man who wrote the requirements for an elder. So how can one be any worst than any other? “Self ambitions”(verse 20) is just as bad as fornication, since it will prevent you from inheriting the kingdom of God, except to the self righteous homophobic crowd, which has a hatred problem, also listed in verse 20. This is the reason for all this righteous anger with Ted. If he was just your run of the mill liar or over ambitious, or as long as he was homophobic too, then everything would be just fine with the discernment crowd.

    • Hi Boyd,

      This “Tim Smith” is weird. You should see the way he talks to people via email. He just rambles on and on without clarity, making accusations and threats because he’s upset that I didn’t like the way he got personal with Ted on that thread. He’s unaccountable and that’s what unaccountable lone rangers do. I may publish these emails because they reveal a man most likely not playing with a full deck and probably not a “brother”.

      Prasch revealed himself huh but as you have stated many times he is not alone in his homophobia. I wonder if he’ll “man up” and apologize? Like I said I won’t be holding my breath.

      People who know me know I don’t like it when people mess with my friends and I’m not done with this by a longshot.

      Thanks Boyd,


    • It is the very plain fact that homosexuals do not consider homosexuality a sin…..they say it is natural and also state that God made them that way which is blasphemy!! There is no repentance from many, instead they parade their sin and now want to push it as normal in schools across the world…….thats the difference between homosexuality and adutery or other sin. You don’t often hear an adulterer shouting it from the roof tops as right and that all should be taught so! The Church in the UK and in many other nations are neglecting to tell the truth…….and the Lord will take action!

  3. Hi All,

    I believe I finally understand what Tim Smith’s real problem is. Have a look at this statement.

    Yes, Ihave many sentiments as a congregant seeking to hear out a possible calling in the ministry only to be demised by blinded corrupt preachers which were not nearly as horrendous as Haggard!!

    Lets break this down.

    He was waiting to be called to ministry

    He wasn’t called but it appears he thinks he should have been

    These preachers who didn’t call him were blinded and corrupted but not nearly as horrendous as Ted Haggard

    He felt “demised” because the blind corrupted leaders who weren’t as horrendous as Ted Haggard didn’t call him to ministry.

    Because these blinded corrupted preachers didn’t call him to ministry he left in a huff and never went back to church. That was 30 years ago.

    He comes here and decides to call Ted Haggard names, make insinuations about me only because I didn’t agree with him, and when I called him on these things he sees the same corrupt preacher who passed him by.

    He did the same thing with Dr. Miller. He was kind and cordial until he was challenged and then he got nasty and condescending even referring to him as “Dr. Willy”. He sees that same corrupt blind preacher who refused to call him.

    He hates the fact that Ted Haggard has a public ministry once again because it appears there are people who haven’t passed over Ted like Smith’s preachers did him some 30 years ago. That’s probably why he lashes out at a man he’s never met and I highly doubt he’s ever heard Ted preach or even know what the man espouses theologically.

    He most likely hates Jim Bakker and Bob Tilton (both false teachers) for the same reasons. People for whatever reason want to hear them preach and Tim can’t figure out why no one wanted him to preach.

    I believed in Tim Smith enough to vouch for him to receive free schooling through a friends Bible Academy. I believe Tim Smith has a passion but unfortunately that passion is misdirected. He wants to tell us all what’s wrong in the Body yet refuses to be a part of that Body because someone refused to call him to ministry 30 years ago. Maybe they knew something I didn’t. That’s what I get for being nice huh?

    30 years is a long time to carry that kind of resentment and hatred. Will you please join me in prayer for Tim Smith?


  4. Phil,
    There’s more to Mr. Prasch than first appears. I emailed his organization, got a staff member named Carol Champion, and got the same attitude you got from Prasch. (EEEYOWWW) They can’t seem to disagree without screaming at someone.

    I have to say, I wouldn’t trust Ted H. as far as I could throw him and two small goats in a sack. Prasch is correct in my opinion. Among unbelievers who remember who he is, Ted is a joke. It’s a judgment call. That’s how I’d call it. Enough said about him. Prasch, though, was out of line. And you know me. I’m not one of the Tone-Nazis. Honest criticism, calling a spade a spade is often appropriate. Prasch was just angry and gratituous. I’d have nothing to do with him now that I know a little more about his organization.

    Carol Champion’s emails were so bad I asked if I could publish them so others would know what sort of organization they had over at Moriel. Didn’t get an answer. Madjun that…

    Prasch, however, is possibly a false teacher. I say “possibly” because I want to do a little more digging. What I’ve gotten so far is that he’s into a kabbalistic hermeneutic. It’s kind of a Jewish sort of gnosticism/mysticism. He takes a reference from Chronicles to “prove” that the Midrash is authoritative and thoroughly reliable, if I understand him correctly. I’m not sure yet and if any of your readers have knowledge about this, I’d like to hear.

    Before I caught on to this little twist I contacted them to see if they minded me linking to them, assuming his overreaction to you was an anomaly in the heat of the moment. I was impressed with their scholarship. Foolish on my part. I jumped the gun before I knew enough. That lead to my contact with Champion. Carol corrected me for calling Gentile believers “only grafted in” to the assembly of God’s people. Champion said such talk implied an inequality and reminded me that all believers were “co-equal in Messiah”. I responded back to remind Carol that Paul said Gentiles were “wild” branches and that Jews were the “natural branches” and “the root”. Paul also taught the co-equality in Galatians 3. Thus if Paul used that terminology without intending inequality, I should be allowed to do the same. I provided the corresponding passage from Romans 11 where Paul said these things.

    Champion’s response was to be nasty, lie about what he/she said (I don’t know if Carol is male or female), and tell me he/she wanted to have nothing to do with me.


    Phil, your apology/retraction was gracious and honest.

    Finally, guess who his temper reminds me of. I’ll give you a clue: His initials are KS! Am I right? I’m right. Say I’m right.

    In Christ,
    Phil Perkins.

  5. Hi Phil

    Yes, just like Ken Silva. Moriel even links to him

    Being “grafted in” is something we learned in Sunday school. I guess “Carol” was sleeping that day. Imagine that.

    I didn’t write to Prasch your student Tim Smith did. Smith is just as nasty. Smith also claimed to me a couple weeks ago he is spiritually accountable to you. I’m sure he’ll rescind that after reading your comment if this hasn’t already happened. He seems to change his tune fairly regularly. You’ll most likely end up on the pile with all the other preachers that Tim doesn’t like. Oh well.

    Have a look at this link

    and you will see Prasch likes to get nasty with folks who dare to disagree with him. There is a TON more out there regarding Prasch and his teachings.

    You should have sent Prasch a donation rather then offering to link to his site. I bet he’d call you “Bro Phil” then.


  6. Phil,
    Tim Smith? I didn’t make that connection. We haven’t started classes together. Spiritually accountable to me? I’ll have to speak to Tim about this. We haven’t even spoken in 3 weeks.

    Good grief!

    Anyway, reading a bit more on Prasch, his deal with the Midrashic interpretation goes something like this: If all you have is the historical-cultural-contextual method of interpretation (the common sense method which simply centers on figuring out the intent of the author) you can’t understand the Scripture. Well, except for the epistles. They’re an exception of some sort. Prasch, if I understand him, believes that one takes certain images as symbols and this is communicated to us through the Midrash Rabba. The literal sense intended by the author is just the first layer of several layers of meaning and it’s the least significant, it seems. The Bible codes are a type of this sort of thing. It’s all very wacky. It seems to me Silva should discern this. I’m sure bring this up to Ken would be just another way to make Silva angry again.

    I’m not yet sure about all this, but will look into it more.

    Another thing about Prasch is his claim to be a “Hebrew speaking evangelist to the Jews” rings hollow when you find him selling holy land tours. What is an evangelist doing running a side business like this? He isn’t trading on Christ is he? But then this sort of thing is common these days–so much so that it no longer strikes most as a bit shady. Lots of preachers make dough when to Gaza they go.

    In short, while he takes a public stance as a biblical conservative, and while he claims to view the Bible as the final authority, he says you can’t understand the Bible without knowing how to do this Jewish kabbalist method. In other words, Gentiles have to ask him for the key or they couldn’t possibly understand the deeper meaning of Scripture.

    You have to get beyond the surface with Prasch.

    Phil Perkins.

    • Phil P.

      Here is a screen shot from my admin of a posting I didn’t publish

      I’ll email you later and send you many postings he tried to leave which demonstrates why I will no longer communicate with this man.


  7. Phil,
    Okay, I’ve done a bit more digging. I hope it doesn’t bother you that I keep commenting here as I’m digging and learning about Prasch.

    I mentioned Prasch takes a passage from Chronicles to “prove” that Midrash is authoritative. This is pure hogwash. The passage is II Chronicles 13:22 in the English Bible. 2 Chronicles 13:22 NASB says, “Now the rest of the acts of Abijah, and his ways and his words are written in the treatise of the prophet Iddo.” “Treatise” reflects מדרש in the text and that is pronounced “midrash”. It’s the word for what is now called “Midrash”. Thus, according to Prasch, the Midrash is reliable and important to biblical interpretation.

    Four BIG problems with Prasch’s claim:
    1. Referencing a document doesn’t indicate it is reliable in every way. If one writes that the rest of a story can be read in such-and-such newspaper, that isn’t a statement that every article and editorial in the newspaper is correct.

    2. Referencing a document in another document doesn’t in any way mean the first document is an allegorical key to understanding the second document. Think of a newspaper again. If I say one can read more about a certain subject in said newspaper, that doesn’t mean one can’t understand what I’ve written apart from some esoteric thing in the cited newspaper! It’s ridiculous.

    3. The passage in question (II Chronicles 13:22) doesn’t reference the Midrash because the Midrash didn’t exist yet. The earliest we have evidence of the Midrash is from the first century BC, centuries later. The Hebrew word מדרש (from דרש meaning to seek or investigate) means a study, a dissertaion or essay, or the Midrash. Since the Midrash didn’t exist then, the Midrash can’t be what the author meant. This is very significant to understanding Prasch. Prash is brilliant and well read. He knows better. He’s lying.

    4. The Scripture itself tells us we don’t need a special, mysterious key to understand it. The old guys had a number of sub-doctrines as part of the doctrine of Scripture. One was the doctrine of the perspicuity of Scripture. That’s a fancy word and all it means is that Scripture is well written and understandable on the whole. (It doesn’t deny there are dark passages.) That doctrine came from passages like the beginning of Hebrews, II Timothy 3, and Jesus constant reminding the religious leaders of His day that if they had just read the Scripture, they’d know essential things. The Scripture tells us it is for all of us to read and comprehend with or without the help of Mr. Prasch.

    Interesting, huh?

    Phil Perkins.

    • Phil P,

      Take all the room you need…..

      Allegorical method is how Mark Driscoll interprets the Songs of Solomon. Some of his buddies on his link list decried this but if Prasch is consistent then he teaches the very same things, correct? I wonder what Silva and Ingid Schlueter think about this method of interpretation?

      This could get interesting!!!!


  8. My guess would be that many conservative, Bible-based Christians get fooled by Prasch because he seems to orthodox at first glance. So I don’t blame them. I’m going to send emails warning them. If that makes them hate me, oh well.

    Phil Perkins.

    • Hi Phil,
      I was hoping you would be able to supply me with Jacob’s E- Mail as there is a whole bunch of stuff I’d love to point out to him that is absolutely hogwash.
      Where did this guy get his theology?
      He has absolutely no clue as to what he is saying.
      The bible says meekly instructing those that apose the truth if God peradventure wil give them repentance.

      Yours in Christ
      Kenneth Groenewald.

      • Hi Kenneth,

        Sorry but Prasch didn’t want me to have his address. He was contacted by a mentally ill man worshipper from Oregon after becoming upset with me for not allowing him to post a link to Prasch’s rubbish on my site.

        Emailing good old Jacob would be a big waste of time. He won’t listen to anyone.

        Good luck with him.


  9. Poor Ken Silva. Just can’t get a break. Start talking about Jacob Prasch and end up at Ken. 🙂
    I needed a laugh to day. Thanks,

    Jacob Prasch can be mean and nasty when he is disagreed with. I have seen it before on the internet.
    Thanks Phil N and Phil P for being different.

  10. I have an old Mac computer Ken can have. It has a lot of information I have saved on it. Emails, emails, emails and more emails; articles by Ken, articles by you and articles by Phil Perkins, articles on the internet disproving claims………………

    It’s just a wealth of information.

    I wish I hadn’t clicked on the link above. Every time I read affiliated with the SBC I want to pull out my hair.

  11. Hello,

    I will leave this one reply, and with a hopefulfulness that Naessen’s will not delete it.

    Phil Perkins, by the way, no need to be concerned with Naessen’s suggestion that I would speak to you with the same tone I have with him simply because you have a pattern of speech and behaviour that is not of a provoking or antagonizing nature, that bring’s forth uncomely christian lambasting one to another..I have no belief in it or regard for it.

    However, my shortcomings is simply if a rock is thrown at me, I will simply pick it up and throw it back..If you treat me with respect I will do the same. Unfortunately I am not at the place in Christ where I can turn a cheek to often before it becomes a heated dispute as I have with Naessen’s in only the regard to HAGGARD, which is the topic.

    Now with Prasch..I appreciate the key issues you brought forth on Midrash…It is very revealing, and I am doing a study on it as I am speaking and I do find thanks to you taking the time to appropriately explain with a tender, sincere unprovoking voice demostrate that indeed there is some serious issues with the Midrash concept.

    For what it is worth I can no longer recommend Prasch for the very reasons you brought up, and I know many more exist. Unfortunately, this is another proof that even a little leaven will destroy the entire heart of Christ’s redemptive work and all that applies to it.

    The whole article is on this link, however the excerpt I copy pasted pretty much say’s it all without any need for further examination.. A little leaven is all that is needed for complete destruction..

    Yes Phil Naessen’s is correct by not promoting Prasch’s cause if this kind of interpetation is demanded..For that would nullify what John exhorted to true believers, that no man needs to teach us, for we have an unction from the Holy One, who will teach his children all things.

    I thank “Phil Perkins” to care enough to explain versus lambast those who are innocently seeking the truth as I am. No worry Phil Perkins, I have alway’s treated you with respect for one reason..Not because you are a wise scholar and well educated, but for one reason and that is because you treat with respect and you offer up a tone of communication that honors a tender spirit as opposed to a contentious spirit that stirs strife and anger amongst the brethren..Bless you again Phil Perkins.

    Apparently Prasch believes without the midrash intepretation christians will fall short of the whole truth of God’s word.

    Here is an excerpt I found as well from what appears to be a fine scholar in biblical interpetation:

    Here is the whole link:

    Last year in our correspondence with Mr. Prasch, we asked him the question:

    1. Can a group of sincere, literate, English speaking people in isolation from the rest of the world, come to a COMPLETE understanding of ALL that God deeds to us through the Bible, if all they have in their possession is a KJV without notes (without Midrash, without Eidersheim, without Josephus)?

    Prasch answered: “my answer to your first question is no.”

    I have friends who express a high regard for Jacob Prasch. I have read other articles by Mr. Prasch that I recommend to others. Therefore it is difficult and somewhat painful to make this report. I wish he would just drop the word “Midrash” from his preaching and teaching vocabulary.

    The fact is, it only takes a little leaven to leaven the whole lump, and Jacob’s goal of bringing Midrash into Christendom is the leaven which I must denounce because it smacks of nothing less than the error of priest-craft, in which he presents himself as the expert that we need to learn from before we can rightly understand our Bible. His error also plays well into the Apostasy of Christendom wherein the foundations of our Faith are being systematically called into question and then destroyed.

    I have no evidence that Mr. Prash is conspiratorially working with any segment of the Hebrew Roots movement, so it could be that he is just an unwitting tool of those Judaizers and they will not be content with Christ’s “one new man” (Eph.2:15), unless that man is Jewish in culture, tradition and religion.

    In any case I think that we had better GET THAT CAMEL’S NOSE OUT OF OUR TENT!

    Report by Richard Engstrom

  12. Tim and Phil,
    This started with Ted H., right? Now we’re talking attorneys?

    If I have this right, the argument started over Ted Haggard and whether or not to trust the guy in ministry. Remember Acts 13-15?

    Just like Paul and Barnabas regarding John Mark, one believes Ted and the other doesn’t. Is this an essential doctrine? No.

    Both of you want to obey God in separation from false teachers and so-called believers who remain in sin. That’s an essential doctrine (Hebrews 12:14). The concern is whether or not Ted is actually repentant and qualified to pastor. That’s not essential doctrine. It’s opinion. It’s similar to the argument between Paul and Barnabas. Paul was betrayed by John Mark and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Barnabas believed Mark was really sincere in his determination to do the right thing next time. In the end the apostle was wrong.

    Please, please, please, step back and stop. Don’t let the heat of the moment take you into things you can’t undo. For the sake of God and his people one of you ought to be the big man about this. God WILL reward you. It would be both sad and harmful for you two to part ways. As far as I can tell both of you are orthodox. I know that both of you want to do the right thing. I also know that at least one of you has some extreme circumstances in your life that would cause anybody to be deeply pained. I don’t think well when that happens to me. Be patient with each other for Christ’s sake. None of this is about any of us. It’s about God, right?

    There are certain things we must never fight about. We are never to fight about little lexical things (Acts 18:15, I Timothy 6:4, II Timothy 2:14). We don’t fight about personal preferences (Romans 14). And we don’t fight over matters of opinion (I Timothy 6:4).

    These are things I refuse to fight about. At times we need to refuse to fight even when we know we’re right. For instance, we’re to be patient with those who don’t know much because they are new to the faith or weak in the faith (Romans 14:1). This may surprise you, but I often hold my tongue (or unplug my keyboard) simply because I know the one with whom I speak isn’t ready mentally or spiritually. And this happens often. Jesus did it, too (John16:12).

    I have my opinion on Ted. I’m convinced. I can tell you all the reasons, too. But since I’m not responsible for the folks he’s going to affect and I can’t do anything about it, I’ve said my piece and time will tell.

    Isn’t it interesting that, in the case of Paul and Barnabas, THE APOSTLE WAS WRONG. He was actually wrong twice. He was wrong about Mark. And that proves he was wrong to be angry with Barnabas. Here’s a case where both of you can be smarter than Paul. You can be better men than Paul and Barnabas were!

    What are you waiting for?

    You have nothing to lose and a brother to gain. Be wronged for Christ. Was He not wronged for you? For me? For all of us?

    Phil Perkins.

  13. Ok Phil Perkins,

    First, I want to state a former point..and that is I felt accountable to you Phil in my own heart..If you were to offer me classes that would cost me thousands of dollars, not to mention just the time you are putting into it yourself, I felt it was a no brainer at the instant I “accepted” your more than gracious offer that in my heart is worth more than money can buy puts me by “DEFAULT” under your leadership as an elder, a brother and for sure a Teacher,,God’s teacher..

    In my heart, even to this day and hour until I hear from Phil he changed his mind in discipling me in the Hebrew in Greek I am still compelled in my own spirit, that I am accountable to Phil..It’s by default that I am..It does not need to be etched in stone.

    I am a sheep, and I hope not a blind sheep by the grace of God only..I am definitely NOT a teacher, and I am afraid to be one due to such an accountablility to Christ and his Word that he bled and died for..I believe a teacher probably has the greatest reward, however with one of the greatest accountabilities to Christ, for the direction that sheep takes due to the counsel of that teacher will not only fall on the sheep but evenmoreso on the teacher..

    I said that to say this, if that be the case, and I believe every word of God, then out of just human respect I owe my loyalties to Phil Perkins for the teacher deserves at least in the payment of heart tender submission in the sense of all things according to the directive of God’s word, for reproof, correction, rebuke, and all else…

    So, who is lying Phil Naessen’s asks…Well I hope I have answered the question..Phil has the right not to want to be the one I am accountable to, however, I have deemed it in my heart I will submit to his suggestions and correction anyway…so, it doesn’t have to be formal..hence, why I do believe in the scriptural command we are to submit to those who are over us especially…I may not have a formal organized elder, however, I do seek out those I respect and believe can lead..and without question I evenmore feel my convictions are correct after reading Phil’s heart felt post…

    Phil, Thanks much, ..That may as well been Christ himself…I am so humbled and warmed by your exhortation if not stern loving direction…It brings me to the cross, and am so touched by all your words brother..Wow, not only can you expound on God’s word but your application is so moving..

    Yes, I will submit to this authority Now..It is from Christ Himself and He has spoken very loudly..I am first sorry to Christ for choosing to go toe to toe with brother Phil Naessen’s…I thought I was being man enough by saying in my previous post that Phil Naessen’s was on target..however, I didn’t feel the want to to apologize because his tone to me was so foul..

    With that aside, I want to be the first to apologize and reconcile to Phil Naessen’s..This brother is a paradox to me and he has brought a teacher to me I have been praying for for years, which is Phil Perkins, and at the same time Phil Naessen’s has brought to me my enemy in the flesh who have been prepared for years to conquer, and unfortunately, Phil Naessen’s brought this demon of sorts to my door step at the same time..

    In any event, it doesn’t matter, when viewed through Phil Perkin’s message stated so elequently and lovingly..Only the Holy Spirit can move like that..I am convicted of my harbored ill will and desire to go to whatever length my adversary would take me. IN any event, I would never go to lawyers over this, or over comments made against me in any blog…for the reason’s you mentioned PHil and also, the practical issues is non sense to me..The only lawyer I could get was a defense lawyer..

    In any event, I will submit to Phil Naessen’s demands and remove, retract and reinstate my position with him..I will go to the blog site and make a rescinded comment and also state that Phil Naessen’s is my brother in heart as well not just deed.

    Phil Naessen’s, I truly apologize to you for provoking the issue of Haggard with you and I have stopped doing so in writing, and now I will stop doing so in heart as in true repentence to Christ which I owe him, and in true repentence to you which I will owe you until you are satisfied with all my amends to you in heart as well as deed, so you will see it came from genuiness and not a phony spirit..

    Please forgive me Phil Naessen’s…I should know better to not provoke a brother especially who was an integral answer to prayer in PHil Perkins..I guess I have more pride than I want to admit to, and I guess I have more hatred to the word of faith preachers than I realized, and being insensed a brother would actually give one I hate a break…I repent of my hatred to, which will take time to get to a point of true genuiness,,but this is a start..

    Phil Naessen’s, I can repent to you from the start without a process as it is in Haggard..You have denounced many of my enemies and I should be thanking God for that..I guess I was spoiled in God’s house, and sending back the desert to the Chef, when I should have eaten it graciously…

    I see a spoiled side in me, I was blinded to…I have blind sides and am thankful something like Phil Perkins statement, can make me open my eyes..I am very sorry Phil Naessen’s. I will do what is necessary to bring back the peace that I apparently stole from you..That peace, was given to you with a great price, and I have meddled with God’s work in you Phil Naessen’s..Please forgive me..I am wrong in this area..100 percent..

    This is your blog as well and ministry..and I was an uninvited guest…but I still got a very serious prayer answered because of your ministry..To show somewhow my truest of apologies, please send me the name of your favorite restaurant so I can buy you and your wife a fine dinner…That would give me some satisfaction knowing The devil lost again trying to stir strife among the brethren who have a common enemy.

    Thanks Phil Perkins for the true conviction..I have been moved by God’s touch to make these apologies and amends..

    Bless you brother Phil Naessen’s and I hope you will accept my gift as proof or a true token of my truest of apologies…I can tell you Phil God does move on the hearts of the brethren that are not associated with a formal church, and many times can be corrected even more I am proof of that fact..

    I will send your gift of reconciliation first thing Monday to the address in Greece..

    Bless you both and thanks for caring enough and allowing the Spriit of God to do His work of conviction and reconciliation in my heart..


  14. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Things actually went south so to speak after Smith brought Prasch into the mix. Smith asked me what I thought about Prasch and of course I told him. That’s when things went downhill.

    @Tim Smith,

    Sure, I forgive you and hope you forgive me as well for not being as patient as I should have been with you. I also apologize for calling you a punk but when I saw that comment you left at that other site I saw “red” so to speak. Thanks for admitting that was you who left that comment.

    Just for the record, and I’m not picking a fight here but Haggard was NEVER a WoF preacher.

    Thank you for the offer of the gift but this isn’t an altar where you pay a penance to however if you feel strongly about donating something please consider a gift of an ESV Study Bible that I will give to one of the guests this summer at my tennis academy. I give them away as gifts to all the guests during the tourist season and people seem to like them as they are easy to read as English is a second or third language for most of my guests.

    Take Care,


    • Thanks Brother Phil : ),

      I know Haggard is not a wof but a staunch evangelical, and president..but you know what I meant.

      Thanks for accepting my apologies and forgiving me. I can’t forgive you for you gave me a prayered for friend found in Phil Perkins which I am eternally grateful!!

      I made the amends on the antithesis site and stated I was ashamed it was on a site that did not represent my beliefs unknowingly..another blunder of regret and shame..I have asked them to pull the post, however, I gave account for my sins and wrong doing pubically in a ungodly forum of all things…

      Love you bro, and I really want to break bread with you and your loved ones..Was planning on purchasing a gift certificate at the finest in Greece…I will make the donation to your tennis kids…Nice sacrifice on your part, however, a repentence without showing it on my part falls short..

      I took peace from you that money can’t buy..IN any case I am at peace knowing you truly forgave me!!

      I wish you well with Ted, and I have found it in my heart to pray for him now…

      Thank you Lord!!

      Tim 🙂

  15. Hey Phil,

    It will ship the 28th.

    Also did you know this comes with a free download of the whole ESV bible if you purchase the physical one?

    If you don’t know, and I assume you do here is the link to get the download..It has many more cool features including voice overs if you want to listen versus read.

    Let me know if I need to do something on my end to make sure you get the download version free as well..

    Here’s the video presentation that includes the info on getting a free download of the ESV.

    • Hi,

      Thank you. It is much appreciated. I will give it to one of the adults as I’m not allowed to give them to the Greek Orthodox students due to the anti-proselytizing laws here in Greece.

      I went over to the hate site and see he deleted all of your posts. The fella is a strange one. Its weird that I get hammered for protecting a sheep, and one I don’t even like very much. I just don’t like the whole anonymous bashing deal. Its unfair.

      My hope for you is that you are able to find a church where you can serve. It sucks doing Christianity alone and it isn’t meant to be that way. If you are near Phoenix Oregon I know a Pastor there who actually specializes in folks who have had a hard time with Pastors. If you are close let me know and I will put you through to him.

      Take Care,


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