My mom use to tell me lots of things. When I was a kid I use to say the word “never” quite a bit. Anytime I would  say the word “never” around her she would always say “never say never” son. I would still keep on chirping that tune and the funny thing is I usually, at some point in my life, wound up doing the never I said I wouldn’t do.

Yesterday I broadcast a short audio regarding a statement made by Roderick Edwards. It was very clear what he said and offered a link to his actual statement. Of course he responded and below is a portion of his response.

Notice how he said he “never” implied what he implied? Now have a look at the statement I told you about yesterday.

Two completely different statements aren’t they? He added some extra words to his previous statement, the one that he made just a few days before. He added words like “why” and “if” to make it sound as if my friend Paul and I were misquoting him.

This is what wolves do when they are caught red handed. He knows what he said yet still has the audacity to say that he “never” said or even implied what he clearly stated. It’s in black and white and permanently recorded for all the world to see.

What does Roderick Edwards really believe? It doesn’t really matter much as his story changes depending on the circumstances. He has a long history of revising history so my best advice to you is to not believe a single word that man says because you really don’t know what to believe. I’ll give you another example below of what I mean here.

I have DOZENS of reasons why I walked away from HIM but the main reason he no longer writes here is his claim that Hyper Preterism was a bigger deal then someone denying the Virgin Birth and the Trinity! See the link below and read the comments.

You see. More proof that Roderick will say anything at anytime anywhere to anyone depending on the circumstances. That’s what wolves in sheep’s clothing do.

I know what my mom said about never but I can say with 100% certainty that I will NEVER trust Roderick Edwards and neither should you.


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  1. Hi All,

    You gotta love this.

    Ugh, now Vince is out right lying. Hyperpreterism or not, I despise lying and try not to do it myself and welcome people calling me out if I even appear to be lying.

    I wonder if he laughs when he types this stuff. If he doesn’t then he is even more pathetic then I thought.

    And it just keeps getting better, or worse depending on your point of view.

    But now it seems Vince quietly deleted the reply. Hyperpret or not, I really despise dishonest people. Vince is being dishonest. Why did Vince remove his response??????????

    He doesn’t even get the irony in this does he? Edwards, you are that man!!!


    • Hey All,

      Check out Rodericks reply;

      NOTE: PaulT and Phil Naessens are bitter men who are upset because I called out their hero, Ken Talbot for his giving away a free tuition after Dee Dee Warren posted an article for him. I’m sorry that PaulT and Phil Naessens continues this campaign of hate, but that’s who these men are. If you would like to have more information or would like to question me further about ANYTHING, unlike PaulT and Phil Naessens, I will answer any question you’d like to ask. Simply contact me via this form: Contact Form. Thanks

      He’s hilarious. Bitter? Please. Edwards is a mess. Tell you what? Ask Roderick which church he belongs to and who his elders he claimed he was accountable to are and let me know what “Mr. Honesty” has to say.


  2. Hi All,

    Take a look at one what one of Roderick’s fellow Hyper Preterists had to say about him.

    Now, as for Rod,  I have found it strange, that he walked out of the Preterist movement, cause why?  Who knows where he went, or what he was spreading about what and how we believe, but to come back one day, to be a part of 4 brothers in Christ, fighting with one another, is mind boggling.  Rod, your words are flowery, but I think you are a trouble maker.  Sorry, just my opinion.

    Yep. That’s our dear friend Roderick. Everyone knows this but Roderick and maybe one or two other people. Tragic but true.


  3. Hi All,

    I think its time to put an end to this “quid pro quo” nonsense Roderick has been spouting once and for all. I’m not an attorney but I am very, very VERY close to one who is.

    Dr. Talbot QUALIFIED his reasons for giving Dee Dee Warren that scholarship.

    Since you alone have taken the time to find out some things about myself and the 34 years of ministry and 29 years in the Seminary, I would like to make you a one time offer. I will offer you a ‘tuition free Presidential scholarship’ towards the Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree program. You will need to buy your own books and the lecture CDs for each course (there are twelve courses). I want to do this for three reasons: (1) I want you to become even better at what you do in this apologetic ministry. You are good and I want you to be one of the best. I consider this a good investment for the Kingdom. (2) You can report on WTS and what we are teaching first hand rather than having Whitefield and myself continued to be misrepresented by individuals who have never met, and do not know me or anything about the Seminary and its work and ministry. (3) I would also like for you to have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Gentry personally, as well as, other professors, ministers, and graduates who have been battling for the truth of Christ and the Scripture that have been my friends and colleagues for many years. Whether you accept this offer or not it will not affect upon our continued dialog.

    Roderick has once again been selective with his quoting, a habit of his. Perhaps this is the reason why?

    Hmmm, Don’t you find that odd? Why didn’t you write me back??? Why did you share my email with hyperpreterists who claimed YOU asked them to respond???
    Dr. Talbot, don’t you think I at least deserve an apology??? That perhaps you handled all of this in the wrong manner? Probably what happened is that you already knew about Sam Frost’s hyperpreterism & so you knew who I was referring to, so you contacted Sam & he lied (as we caught him red-handed doing here) & told you all sorts of things about me that made you think I am just some nut. So, you thought you’d just let Sam handle it.
    Dr. Talbot. My original questions still stand. Whether your instituion does or doesn’t hold to the WCF doesn’t change the fact that your institution WAS allowing a hyperpreterist to help design your programs. I was just asking about the validity of that. I don’t need to know you personally to ask such a question do I???

    Dr. Talbot failed for whatever reason to write Roderick back and apologize for not doing so and this is the reason for all of this garbage. Just another in a long line of vendetta’s Roderick carries out under the guise of Christian Apologetics.

    I suggest the bitter one is you Mr. Edwards.

    Case closed!


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