Dr. Kenneth Talbot has agreed to publically debate Mr. Roderick Edwards for misrepresenting the Reformed doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” and replacing it with the doctrine of “Sola Ecclesia” which is revealed in his written mantra of “2000 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Just like the Roman Catholic Church in the time of the Reformation who challenged the Reformers with chanting the same mantra as Edwards, “1500 years of church history cannot be wrong.” Dr. Talbot will oppose the system of theology held by Mr. Edwards who has taken up the cause of Rome in propagating a false doctrine and promoting the cause of an apostate religion.

Thus we have a debate like unto Luther or Calvin (Talbot) and Eck & Rome (Edwards). Below are the affirmations of the two candidates.

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  1. Does anyone really believe Edwards will agree to this? If he does agree will he even turn up? Trolls such as Edwards can’t stand the light of day so I doubt this debate would ever happen. Food for thought; Jesus didn’t debate demon filled people he cast those demons out and freed the people from their bondage. I hope Talbot does the same, if this debate ever happens.

  2. Hey All,

    Roderick has responded;

    This “challenge” wasn’t an official set up debate. No dates were set and there weren’t any rules except for the debate to be filmed and aired. Roderick is manipulating his readers once again.

    Of course the little “expert” refused to accept the challenge. Slander, defamation and libel are easy to do and something Rod does quite well but those tactics won’t fly in a REAL face to face debate. Rod has been shown once again for the fraud he is.

    Brian Simmons had these words of encouragement for his dear friend, the fully exposed Roderick,

    Good points, Rod. The ‘pastorly’ thing to do would have been to say, “I’ll accept the debate ONLY on the condition that the other party agree to the stipulations.” Instead the guy accepted a debate offer which was fraudulent on its face. It’s clear to me that their motive was to force your hand, so when you declined they’d be able to paint you a coward who won’t meet Dr. T. on these issues. As you’ve pointed out, though, you were ALREADY debating him, until you were silenced and censored by one of T.’s proxies. After all that, their recent debate offer was just a sleazy maneuver to bear away the palm by fraud. I believe this is called CHEATING.

    Actually Brian, its calling out a supposed “expert” whose been defaming Dr. Talbot and others. Sorry you missed it but then you miss a LOT of things don’t you? Perhaps a return to Moss Point might help you. Your Dr. back home is waiting.


    • Hi All,

      Check out the following link. I was a witness to all of this and I have to say Dee was very nice because you should have seen the way that vile, filthy Roderick Edwards spoke to her. That served as the motivation for my VERY STRONG stand against this evil devil infested man.


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