Love Your Neighbor as Yourself? Yea…..Sure

There are days when I wonder what happened to this world. After reading the story in the link below today is one of them.

I wonder if any of the people passing by or those who stopped and stared while this man lay bleeding to death were Christians.

Whatever happened to love your neighbor as yourself? These days it seems more like love yourself and to hell with your neighbor.

At least that’s the way it seems to me.

Any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself? Yea…..Sure

  1. Hey that love your neighbor stuff was referring to that nice lady next door, not that drunk puking on the sidewalk! Poor and hurting people obviously don’t have any faith or they would be prospering like us christain people, right?

    I hope those avoiders friends in the video, recognize them, and give them some grief.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    How are you?

    What you have stated here is very interesting but do you have any actual proof of what you are insinuating in regards to Paula White?

    While I’m not legally responsible for your comment we don’t do insinuations around here. Please present FACTS before you say such things as without them you are breaking the 9th Commandment.


  3. Christians sometimes expect the world
    to act like other than the world.

    But they are the world. And society
    should grow darker. But Christians
    still have the opportunity to be
    salt and light.

    In the story that Jesus told, the neighbor wasn’t the person that lived
    next door.

  4. Here is Senior Pastor Paula White on Twitter:

    Hey guys .. Just landed in Denver! Join us tonight. I am ministering at The Potters House (Pastor Chris Hill) at 6:30pm! I am EXPECTING!

    9:56 AM May 7th via Echofon

    WHAT ????

    • Hi,

      I deleted the end of your comment because she used up all of her characters in the message. I highly doubt that Paula is “expecting” anything other then lots of cash……she is not that stupid to announce such a thing there.

      BTW: This is the 3rd comment from you with the 3rd handle and 3rd email address…..what gives? Do you hate her that much?


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