Davi Silva Publicly Confesses to Lying

World renown worship leader and evangelist Davi Silva has publicly admitted to lying about himself and his experiences. Apparently he’s been lying since his early childhood and you can read his confession at the following link;


That took real courage.

This paragraph from his retraction really stood out, at least to me;

Since August of 1999, I have been ministering along with Mike Shea all over Brazil and in other countries, as well. During all these years, I shared many testimonies – including my Down syndrome healing testimony – dreams, visions, various supernatural and out-of-body experiences.

Well, I have included lies in almost all of these stories. Some of them are complete lies. There is one story in particular I have stolen from a brother in Christ who has had the experience I always said was mine. There are other testimonies that are mine and are partially true.

I have lied to my family, to my ministry, to the church of the Lord, and others who don’t know Jesus, yet. I am writing this text, and also posting a public video, because I have been telling these stories, since 1999, in Brazil, during trips to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. I would tell them at our seminars, leadership meetings, apostolic and prophetic conferences which would gather people from all over the world. These testimonies have been recorded in CDs and DVDs, bought and spread through places only God knows. People, who have listened to my stories without knowing they were lies, have written about them in their blogs, magazines, and books. They have been interviewed – so have I – on the radio, on television, and ended up passing on both the true and, unfortunately, the false parts of my testimonies.

Incredible huh?

Would you be able to do what Silva has done here?

Again, that takes incredible courage to do what this man has done.

Lets all pray for Davi Silva and those who find themselves in similar circumstances that they have the same courage to do what’s right before its too late and they are forced to do this by whatever means necessary.

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21 thoughts on “Davi Silva Publicly Confesses to Lying

  1. Wow! Kudos to Mr. Silva for his repentance and truthfulness.
    I just learned something recently from hiscrivener during an exchange on the Wall about a totally different subject, concerning Proverbs 6:16-19. One of the seven things God hates is a false testimony(witness). Sometimes zealots(and crooks) think the end justifies the means, after all exaggerating your experiences is winked at, because your goal is such a nobel one. Wrong! What a sham the WOF has made. Blessings in the Bible such as a good crop or an extraordinary increase in your flock(Jacob) were from God. Now blessing are when money is taken out of some poor souls pocket and put in yours, and they testify about it all day long and the church world loves it so. We are a wicked generation.

    • Boyd,

      Well said my friend!

      This type of repentance and public disclosure rarely happens anymore. A good indicator of being a Christian is how they handle being approached and confronted with the sin in their lives. This is a good sign that the Holy Spirit is present in this mans life.

      Its too bad this isn’t seen very much anymore…..


      BTW: Did you see the 20 inning marathon between the Mets and the Cards?

  2. I did! The Cards had the bases loaded with no outs in like the 12th or 13th inning and didn’t score. They blew it. I think Bay struck out like six times and the Mets walked Albert 5 times.

    • I saw it too! Bay’s struggling right now and Reyes was like 0-7. Walking Albert is a given…..the guy is a beast! Just finished watching the Metsies tonight and they won! 146 games to go!

  3. The real lie is the false gospel that he hgas been peddling. A pure arminian “salvation by works”

  4. This is encouraging. The apostolic
    and prophetic movement that I am aware
    of is false. Elijah List, Rick Joyner,
    C. Peter Wagner, etc. Apologist Sandy Simpson says that apologies are not enough from this group of frauds,
    restitution needs to be made also.

    Dutch Sheets gave somewhat of an apology concerning Lakeland and Todd Bentley. But the whole group is way off.

    Bob Jones has sort of mentored younger
    people in his angel heresies.

  5. And Jeff Jansen’s angels, but actually these men are pawns. Jan Jansen has informed me that if a prophetic word is not encouraging, it is not of God.

    See Jeff’s site from here:

    Some of the higher profile people Jones has influenced are Mike Bickle
    and Rick Joyner.

  6. Here is a good 1 on deceiver John
    Crowder. “Bartender Angels.”

    I have seen Bob Jones, Rick Joyner,
    Francis Frangipane, Mike Bickle and Todd Bentley speak in person. They are all treated like spiritual “gurus.”

  7. Does Crowder have Turret’s syndrome? He will have to account for that garbage one day.

    Proverbs 15:2 The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.

  8. Are we supposed to call people on it when they exaggerate/lie about their testimony? I mean, really, the majority I encounter seem to tacitly endorse each others’ invented stories. I’m fearful if I say “I don’t believe you” I will be viewed as “in league with the Enemy”.

  9. Sarah, Jesus called out puffed up people continually. He too was viewed “in league with the enemy”. The Jesus in us is the same One who walked the earth and boldly proclaims “I don’t believe you” when people bear false witness.

  10. i have been guilty of this just to fit in ,,and i repented of it too !! im not perfect but im on my way to being honest

  11. One of the greatest things that testifies to the Mercy of God is that Jesus covers us in our weakness (example? His death on the cross was “covering us in our weakness” by His death, blood).
    And that is what we are called to do – and “greater things than these…” The body of Christ is sick – because it is disjointed – there is too much division.
    We have the power of life and death in our tongue – it is a gift of God. We must use it to speak LIFE to the body of Christ.
    We are all connected. If we criticize or speak death to others in the body of Christ – it affects us.
    When the Lord gives us grace to receive information about another person,ESPECIALLY when its something “negative” or needs correction – it is ONLY TO SERVE that person and – in a greater way – SERVE HIS BODY. We must wait for scripture – to come into agreement with HIM – to speak life and destiny – HIS PURPOSES – for that person. That changes things, whether the person hears it or not.
    For we all are partakers of His Grace.

  12. So bummed. I thought his testimony of being healed of DS was true. I have a wonderful young son age 3 with DS and had given up praying specifically for his healing. Sad that this part of testimony isn’t true.

  13. Hello JD,
    Although his testimony is not true, I must say that I also feel sad BUT I heard there are children got healed from DS in the Presence of Jesus. Please do not stop praying to your son Please check out some solid/good biblical based GOD’s servants who has a gift of healing, bring him to the healing services and put him under the healing anointing. Let he LORD touch your son….
    God bless you…

  14. God Bless you Son of God 🙂 I pray that after this true repentance that you will begin to experience the Supernatural!!! And that God will use you in the Seer anointing 🙂

    Myisha a Seer after Gods Heart

  15. It is so sad that we can judge one another in the Body of Christ so harshly, when we all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Yes, it was wrong what the man of God did, but he has repented of it. Now my bible tells me as far as the east is from the west God remembers it no more once you’ve asked for forgiveness and have repented (turned away). It is under the Blood of Jesus, but you always have that self righteous group that says I remember when. If God remembers it no more why are you still holding on to it. We have only one judge and He is a righteous judge. There is none good but the Father. I am praying for all of my brothers & sisters in Christ.

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