What Shall We Do With This Church?

People often tell me they don’t go to church because they can’t seem to find one that faithfully teaches the Word or has other problems they don’t want to be a part of. That’s fair enough. The last few days I’ve been reading about a church that is, quite frankly, a mess.

I’m afraid to name this church publicly for fear the ODM’s will tar and feather these people, vilify the Pastor and label it a “clown church”. Some may even call for the church planter to be fired for incompetence! Perhaps the Pastor of this church will be labeled a “goat herder” or even be called a “fake pastor”

  • This church has divisions

  • This church has mans wisdom confused with godly wisdom

  • This church is a very carnal

  • This church has problems with immorality

  • This church and its members are constantly suing each other

  • This church and its members have a problem with fornication

  • This church has problems with marriage and divorce

  • This church fails to understand the roles of the men and women

  • This church abuses the Lords Supper

  • This church doesn’t understand how to use their Spiritual Gifts

  • This church lacks love

  • This church and its services are out of order

  • This church has wrong teachings

  • This church and its members refuse to give

For the record this church isn’t a Purpose Driven Church nor a Seeker Friendly Church. Rick Warren is off the hook this time.

This church isn’t or wouldn’t be considered Emergent so leave Rob Bell and Brian McLaren out of this one as well, OK?

Does this church resemble any church you have ever been a member of or even visited?

Would you consider the above church a Christian Church? Would you consider the folks who attend this church Christians?

If you were a member of this church would you leave it even though its the only church within 100 miles?

If you had the ability to rebuke this Pastor would you? Would you start a blog condemning this particular church and vilify the Pastor and its congregants? Would you write a letter to the denomination demanding the Pastor be fired?

Without question this particular church has SERIOUS problems that couldn’t nor shouldn’t be ignored. I’m certainly not making light of these problems but I’m curious about what you dear reader would do if you were a member or even a visitor of this church.

What would you do?

I’m all ears……


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  1. Well this pretty much describes the majority of local churches I have attended or visited with the exception of being a 100 miles from the next one. They are mostly within walking distance from each other(I live in what is called the Bible Belt. Most of them don’t read it they just carry it.). I think before you can answer the “what should you do question” you have to answer another question. Is any church better than no church? Or in other words is membership in a local body a requirement?

  2. I pastor a small church, mainly elderly members. We try to worship in simplicity. Preaching, praying and singing spiritual hymns. About the same as when our forefathers came over from Wales in 1690 and settled in Delaware.

    I say this only to point out the real problem with modern churches. They simply try to do to much, add to much to their so called worship service, add auxilaries (sp) to the church, embrace free will and other arminian doctrines, etc.

    That being said our little flock still bears some of the faults you mentioned.

    Your unworthy servant

    Elder Frank Thomas

  3. I went to 1 of these new emergent churches around 1999 to visit. They
    were playing the BG’s music before the service. (1970’s group)

    The “pastor” died when electrocuted
    in Oct 2005 during a baptism at University Baptist Church, Waco, Tx.

    Many people are leaving organized religion for something more real as
    some Barna polls show.

  4. Phil wrote:
    What would you do? I’m all ears……

    Phil N. well describes the Corinthian
    church above. But other churches were
    involved in other truth errors as well.
    Add up all the recorded church errors
    addressed in scripture, multiply by
    3 to 5 times and you come closer to
    western church errors.

    Paul wrote a letter (s). But today it takes many articles to address so much

    He turned someone over to Satan in 1 Cor 5. And also gave people instruction not to associate with such people involved in certain acts.
    1 Cor 5:9-13 Do not associate with the covetous, etc. (if they call themselves a Christian) Church discipline is sometimes seen today but
    it is rare.

  5. Hello,

    I have thought through this pointed challenge, and all seem to have enough introspection on this blog to confess this is apparent if not rampant in all churches..

    Two things I would interject which of course is not complete but something to ponder;

    1. Churches do not screen their believers, therefore most churches or at least many are loaded with non christians, hence the liklihood of immorality…

    2. Sin will alway’s be a constant fight and struggle, and most churches do not preach about the hold and struggle sin has on all of us, which include the hardest kind …Secret Sin…thoughts of lust, hatred, revenge, greed, self guidance etc, etc, etc!!

    These things live in all of us as christians!!

    I feel a better litmus test to determine if a church is walking in the Lord or not is based on DOCTRINE!! True Doctrine that does not compromise the big question which is “Who do you say that I AM”
    The Doctrine test is the test to determine if the leadership and congregation of this church is serving the correct Christ or is it serving ANOTHER christ, or ANOTHER GOSPEL OR TESTAMENT such as warned by Paul in Galatians 1:6 and corinthians…

    Paul say’s I do the things I would not, showing even him struggled with the urges of sin DAILY!! So, if it is a sin test we all fail and there is no real church!!!

    However, if we follow the right Christ based on the right doctrines in the WRITTEN WORD and we then are IN Christ and are His workmanship!!!

    In the last day’s many will wax cold, and the love for the TRUTH will wax cold and many will fall away to another god…not knowing they are following a substitute christ for the Written Word has lost it’s appeal among the brethren..


    • Hi Tim,

      You said;

      1. Churches do not screen their believers, therefore most churches or at least many are loaded with non christians, hence the liklihood of immorality…

      How would you go about screening “their believers”?


  6. I have actually been in churches like as a visitor and as a member.

    RUN! There are some decent churches out here.

  7. Hi Phil,

    Hope you are well friend : )

    I guess I didn’t do a very good job of explaining my viewpoint..Let me say it this way:

    I believe the bible teaches we are to let the wheat and chaff grow together…However by doing so the chaff..which is the non christian for whatever reason will tend to sin more than the true believer that possesses the Holy Spirit..

    Due to this possible fact the witness of the outward church will be affected skewing the curve more downward versus if all were true christians the curve would look better if non christians were screened out of the equation when judging or testing what a modern day church looks like today..

    I don’t know if I did a better job of explaining…but keep questioning me until I give a clearer understandable answer..

    By the way Phil, do you have PHil Perkins email address.?? I want to write him a thank you letter for his time and kindess he showed me on our phone conversation..I really desire to take his courses as soon as they become available..

    Take care, Tim

  8. wow sounds like church at corinth paul had his hands full ”never the less the seal of God stands sure and let every one who names the name of christ depart from sin” (i cant spell iniquety)

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