Around the Horn!

In honor of the upcoming baseball season, I will begin a new weekly feature called Around the Horn (see here for the definition). Each Sunday I will feature links to articles written by those who are on my blogroll. After the jump see what’s going on Around the Horn!

Is Dr. James White a compromiser? Find out here.

Should the Pope be arrested? Find out here.

Is Hyper-Preterist leader Sam Frost feeling the heat? Find out here

Celibacy or purity for the Christian? Find out here

Bleeding out for a deaf dumb and blind God? Find out here

Are weak churches a sign of the times? Find out here

In the words of the great prophet Rodney King? Find out here

How does the hatred of holiness pervert worship? Find out here

Fear and loathing for sport? Find out here

The making of an atheist? Find out here


7 thoughts on “Around the Horn!

  1. “around the horn” is much bigger than baseball!
    I though you might be referring to solo non-stopped circumnavigator Jessica Watson from Australia who just sailed
    around Cape Horn a few weeks ago (she’s only 16). Another 16 year old, Californian Abby Sunderland is about to
    sail around Cape Horn in a few days. Let’s not forget Allesandro Di Benedetto, who will be going around the cape
    in a 20 foot sail boat. Look them up – follow their epic voyages!

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