Answering The Modern Day Pharisees

On today’s podcast;

Roderick "The White Dwarf" Edwards

I address this article by Roderick Edwards;

And the misrepresentations created by Edwards and The Pilgrim;

8 thoughts on “Answering The Modern Day Pharisees

  1. Phil,

    What type of person would manipulate Christians with out of context quotes like I have just heard today? This was an intentional act done with the sole purpose of destroying your credibility and people hearing this should be outraged at this behavior. The Pilgrim is equally to blame but as you rightly pointed out there is no way to hold this man accountable.

    Please don’t ever stop fighting these enemies of the Gospel Phil.


    • Hey Mark,


      They shun the Matthew 18 process, even calling it “wormy”. Can you believe that?

      They (Roderick and Brian Simmons) critique me without EVER sourcing my work and they brag about publishing quotes out of context….

      They (DefConn) are nothing but unaccountable lone rangers…..and if you want to know who I’m accountable to (besides you MD) just ask the Pilgrim as I CLEARLY told him WHO I was accountable to. When the same question was asked about him he ran to his blog running his mouth like he and the other anonymous unaccountable rock throwers do on a daily basis over there at DEFCON.

      These people are garbage and need to be silenced either through their church or legally…….


  2. Hey Phil,
    I was reading that article over at DefConn on the different Jesus that different denominations worship and they forgot the one they worship. The anonymous Jesus.

    Just what is an anonymous Christian anyway?

  3. Boyd,

    These men haven’t any excuse for being anonymous. They (defcon)have turned the noble vocation of apologetics into a big joke with their fake names, holier then thou attitudes and most importantly their unaccountability.

    Phil’s on to something in regards to Edwards and Simmons being mentally ill. Would you act the way they do and sign your real name? I know I wouldn’t because those two look more and more insane and uneducated by the minute. What makes me believe these two are mentally ill is they think they don’t look foolish which is a clear sign of insanity.

  4. Phil,

    I almost forgot. Edwards is now claiming that hyperpreterism pretends to be bible based where the WoF movement is just nonsense. Really???? I suppose Edwards has never heard of healing? The WoF movement is far different then that eschatological garbage Edwards spewed for years. The WoF is a hope based heresy whereas hyperpreterism destroys ones hope. If the hp was really something to seriously consider, why are there only a handful of churches worldwide compared to the 1000’s upon 1000’s of WoF churches? Why aren’t the hp on tv? The Wof people are everywhere.

    One more clear case demonstrating Edwards insanity.

    • Your right Mark. This is beyond some eschatological disagreement. This is a cry for attention.

    • Hi,

      I feel sorry for Brian Simmons. Its obvious somethings going on with him….just watch a few of his videos. Its like watching a man in slow motion with dead eyes……very sad.

      RE has violated copyright twice now by playing snippets of my podcasts without citing and referencing the source…..if a Hyper-Preterist did that to him he would be screaming bloody murder. Highly unethical but I understand why he won’t link to those podcasts as he’s frightened some unsuspecting reader who thinks he’s a “Christian” would discover who he really is.


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