Jim Bakker Renounces the Prosperity Gospel For the Second Time?

In the video below, Jim Bakker is heard powerfully renouncing the prosperity gospel, which in reality is no gospel at all;

Bakker said the very same thing in 1996 in his biography, I Was Wrong. In chapter 48 Bakker talks about his realization that the love of money was wrong and that he was wrong for teaching such things…..

So what happened here? Paula White is definitely a prosperity preacher.

So now, at least according to the video in the opening post, he’s flying straight, or so he claimed at the time…..but look who’s going to be on the Jim Bakker show in April? Why its none other then Kenneth Copeland! He’s a prosperity preacher as well!


That’s the real Jim Bakker folks. He can’t stay away from the prosperity people because its in his heart….what a shame!


19 thoughts on “Jim Bakker Renounces the Prosperity Gospel For the Second Time?

  1. Well, that goes to show you he will do ANYTHING for money. You know I wish I was taping off the moment he said that God told him the H1N1 virus was going to do us in because, according to him, we were going to be hit by those 4 lovely horsemen who were going to bring disease and death. It was a convenient ploy since we already knew about the virus but as the months went by and the virus didn’t live up to his expectations, he broadened his message to include a number of diseases and that it could happen someday. Oh well, got to follow the money. I bet he made lots of money scaring folks into buying survival food and the pandemic book he’s been pawning.

    THOUGHT! If we are all concerned about this guy being on the air, maybe we should contact the companies that give him the goods to sell and complain.

  2. I have always heard, “there is no honor among thieves”, but there does seem to be a lot of camaraderie.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    People have been asking me who the woman in the video was and because I’ve been too busy dealing with Pharisees and serpents of hell I didn’t follow through but fortunately one of our regular readers knew who this lady is.

    The woman’s name is Monica Dennington and she is from Tic Toc Ministries. While we agree with the conclusions Tic Toc Ministries has reached in regards to this particular video Theology Today Apologetics Ministries DOES NOT AGREE with the majority of their other conclusions in regards to their various theological positions.

    Thanks D.S. For bringing this to my attention.

  4. I watched the video last night entitled “Jim Bakker Renounces The Prosperity Gospel As A Lie.” I was surprised that Jim Bakker was finally speaking the truth and admitting that the movement he helped get started was wrong and not in agreement with the words of Jesus.

    A very special person that I sent the link to said that she didn’t get to see the video because it has now been pulled by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. I went to where I had posted the video in a PM and, indeed, it now says, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Kenneth Copeland ministries.” I’m posting the embed code here to see if you can at least see that much.

    This shows you the level the evangelical “Christians” will go to in order to silence the truth. What Jim Bakker did in the past was reprehensible, but to silence his admission that he was wrong is far more reprehensible. I know Jim Bakker’s message hurts the profit of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which is most probably why it was really pulled.

    If you are a fan and supporter of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you might want to reconsider your stance, re-read the words of Jesus as Jim Bakker suggested, and consider what it is you are supporting. I’ll guarantee you, Jesus would not approve of this move by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. May these “ministries” which are in things solely for profit and power be burned in hell.

  5. Phil,
    I was referring to the YouTube video entitled, “Jim Bakker Renounces the Prosperity Gospel As a Lie.” Click it now and check it.

    Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,


  6. I think they all come from the same mold but I am confused, why did Copeland ministries take it off? I do know Copeland’s daughter has been on Bakker’s program recently.

    • Hi Ralph,

      The producer of the video took a snippet of a message Copeland delivered and failed to cite and source the original. Had they of done that it would have been considered “fair use”. Now the video is history. Too bad because that video hangs Copeland and that’s why he had it removed.

      This sort of thing happens all the time. In fact its happened to me. Its easy to take a 20 second snippet of an audio or video and make someone say whatever you want them to say. That’s why I was forced to copyright everything.


  7. Sorry to hear about people taking your stuff and using it for their own purposes. They must take lessons from Bakker cause he does that all the time. I still wonder how they got away with using clips from apocalyptic movies like “Independence Day” and “Armageddon” to promote their “end of times” survival food sales. You know just the shear fact that they would steal footage alone makes me doubt their motives. Of course, to be fair Universal could’ve given them permission to use the footage but I extremely doubt it. I am a filmmaker and if I saw my footage being used for something like that I would be appalled.

    Thanks again for your blog…I appreciate hearing people’s comments


  8. These false prophets and promoters surely do not believe what they preach. Bakker, Copland, White and just about all of the majority of these “i need your money and God commands it” preachers must know they are going to burn in hell for eternity. IF they truly believe. I think the majority of these predators are athiest, they surely could not do what they do and not understand the price they will pay, if they were true believers.Bakker & his minion have driven more people away from Christ, not to him, because of thier greed & lavish life styles. These are not people of God, they are self promoting con artist that preys on those that want a relationship and closeness with God. Ironically, they bring division in the House of God and turmoil in the relationship of believers to one another. They are and will continue to lead many down the road of false doctrine & deciet.

  9. I sure would like to see a copy of the canceled check from White that she made out on the freak show and ole Jim gave himself a big check, from his savings. You know thats bull because Jim knows the IRS is after him for unpaid taxes, there is no way he has anything in his name. LOOK people, if you want to give for the sake of Our Lord there are many in this world that suffer, are hungry, have no shelter or cloths or shoes, An empty stomach cannot understand a God of love, a soul living in the gutter does not want to hear of a Lord that cares for them & a mother holding a starving & dying child cannot understand a God of mercy. The world is suffering and paying for a new car or boat for some false prophet is not the way to get closer to God and his Word. You applause the deciever & ignore the suffering, that is the sign of someone lost.

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