The New Pharisaism: How Spiritual Bullies Attack the Church

There is a new e-book out which appears to be saying what I’ve been saying for the last two years or so; (source)


I wonder how many emails my dear friend Ken Silva has written to his “prayer partners” regarding this book?

I’m sure fans of Ingrid Schlueter and Lighthouse Trails will be thrilled when they read this……and I’m fairly certain author Bill Slabaugh will have his hands full with their “Christian” supporters.

There is a free preview available which describes what I’m personally going through with a couple of bullies to a tee (source) and in my estimation reads these Pharisees mail so to speak.

If anyone wants to buy it for me I’ll review it because all my cash is reserved for a very special little spiritual bully that needs to learn a lesson.

Hat Tip to the Phoenix Preacher


One thought on “The New Pharisaism: How Spiritual Bullies Attack the Church

  1. This book seems to be painting all discernment ministries with a very broad brush.

    This New Pharisaism falsely claims that New Age, Eastern mystical, and occultic practices are being introduced into most churches in America as part of the apostasy of the last days.

    I’ll admit that there have been some excesses but most of the warnings coming from the discernment sites are valid. O

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