Rapper, Preacher or Pimp?

I saw this video on Facebook today and it’s definitely a “must see”. The lady being interviewed is from rapper turned Pastor Mason Betha’s (Mase) church, El Elyon International Church. Her story is one I hear each and every day from people who have been taken in by hirelings like Mason Betha.

Did you hear her say she was encouraged NOT to go to college?

How about listening to this young lady relate how she used to question herself on what she was doing wrong because the get rich quick scheme her pimp Pastor was teaching her wasn’t working? She never thought for a second, until it was too late of course, to question her Pastor or to search the Scripture for herself to see if what Betha was teaching lined up with God’s Word?

This gal even missed meals so she could “tithe”.

It’s frightening isn’t it?

Hat Tip to D. Phillip Veitch

7 thoughts on “Rapper, Preacher or Pimp?

  1. Well, it goes to show you…this is all a cover. They use the scripture about the knowledge of man is at enmity with God or something like that to justify the college issue.

    • Hi Ralph,

      Yea, “man’s wisdom” vs “Gawd’s wisdom”…..I’ll be talking about a man who actually believes these very things on this weeks podcast which will be the 2009 year in review, posted tomorrow on the 3rd anniversary of this blog.


  2. Me, myself & Irene

    Good grief is there anything that comes out of her mouth that doesn’t speak of herself as being preeminent in her life?

    Vanity, vanity, all is vanity & vexation of the spirit when you are the god of your choosing.

    The famine of the word seems to be here;

    Amo 8:11 ¶ Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

    • Hi Vaughn,

      Perhaps the reason she’s talking about herself is because she is being interviewed and asked specific questions about HER!

      I suggest another viewing of the video, whatchu think?


  3. It’s still man-centered if you ask me, count the times that she says me, my or I. I know that this is a retrospective point of view. Can’t you hear the me’s my’s or I’s?

  4. Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t the point of folks being a Christian is to let people know that life isn’t going to be what you may think it will be, while viewing life through your rose colored glasses?

    That growth is for our benefit that we may better glorify God, somewhat like prayer or the purpose thereof. Which is to condition us to be better able to accept what may come our way?

    I listen very attentively to what people say, and notice that a lot of people mostly women like to play the role of victim in the things that we go through. How then does it become a testimony until you can flow with a litany of solutions, instead of the barrage of this, that & the other happened to me?

    I want to see this from your point of view, but when we constantly come with the pacifiers, when do we go from milk unto meat?

    I’m also wanting to go and count the me’s my’s or I’s of this conversation as contrasted with It was because of God or in effort to help my brother, sister or friend so that they wont have to endure the things that I did.

    We in the body of Christ have to get past the man in the mirror, so that we can be a help to those around us. That is when we can be of service to others. Ignorance allowed this to happen. Lack of knowledge abounds in the church and with that said, we can only expect the same for countless others because they know not or love not the truth, and can be easily pimped into doing what’s described by her, Instead of the prescribed thing.

    I hate that this sort of thing abounds, but I’m still wondering where’s the growth, simply by the way that she speak so much of herself. If her resources weren’t depleted she would probably still be doing the same thing. Naming it and claiming it, instead of searching out the real will and purpose of God for you. Which by the way, is plainly written in His word for you.

    I’m presently thinking of those that wake up from being deceived, never to step foot again into a House of God.

    So I’ll stand behind my first post in reiterating the fact that there is a famine of the word in the land, knowing that people are deluded because they love not the truth. Therefore the pimps get over because folks know not the truth!

    This is sad. The fact that Mase is a disciple of Creflo explains alot, all that glitters aint gold!

  5. we overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb. I pray this young lady turns away from man and towards Jesus.


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