Benny Hinn Speaks About His Divorce

I wasn’t going to even mention the news that Benny Hinn and his wife of 30+ years are getting divorced but you need to see this video as it is excellently done by RINGO4LIFE. He absolutely nailed Benny didn’t he?

RINGO4LIFE made a great point about “sowing a seed” to restore his marriage. If he hasn’t then you know its a fake and if he does and it doesn’t work its still a false teaching because God hates divorce.

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6 thoughts on “Benny Hinn Speaks About His Divorce

  1. The video is good but I have problems with the guy who calls himself RingoTV or Ringo4Life. I have read comments from others who say that he is following the teachings of the Black Hebrew Israelites. If you look at the comments on this video you will clearly see his opinions on who are the real Jews.

    Also he doesn’t believe Mary was a virgin. I have seen this comment before on another of his videos when he was confronted with this belief.

    I found a video on You Tube called The Virgin Birth (response to ringo4life and ms.andersus7) by carteldw.

    You Tube is one messy dangerous place. Sometime people look ok on their channels but when you dig deeper they start to smell a little funny. If someone hides their subscription and friends list I become very wary. Sometimes you don’t know who they are watching until you come across a comment they have made on another video.

    My comment on this video…spin,spin,spin……….I am dizzy from all of Benny Hinn’s spin.

    • Hi,

      Thank you! You’ve given some great advice and I for one say thanks!

      I never read the comments on these videos. I watch them and if they are sound bible wise, and I believe this one is, I post it. I’m going to pay a LOT closer attention to this from now on.

      Thanks again for the admonition here Deborah!


  2. I don’t see anywhere how Benny got “nailed” as you say he was. He said he was clean and holy and so was his wife. Benny said he had no idea why his wife filed for divorce. What do you mean Benny got nailed?

  3. Are you saying there are no miracles today? What miracles can you claim today in the name of Jesus’ or God’s power?

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