Exposing the Fantasy and Fiction of Roderick Edwards Facts

Roderick "The White Dwarf" Edwards

On today’s podcast I address accusations leveled against me by Roderick Edwards. Right click the link below and select “save as” to download the program to a portable device or simply double click the link to listen from an on site audio player.


The link to the accusations by Edwards


The email sent to me from Edwards in regards to “guest blogging” at TT which shatters his allegations that “one day he was just allowed to post articles at TT.

Roderick Edwards <rodericke@xxxxxx.net> Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 10:11 AM

Reply-To: rodericke@xxxxxx.net

To: theology.today@gmail.com

Cc: yomiadegboye@xxxx.xxx

Hello Phil & Yomi,

I am asking if you would consider posting this article as guest blog on your site. Thanks either

way. I know you & I seem to be at loggerheads at times, but I think it is just a difference of


My reply?

phil naessens <theology.today@gmail.com> Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 11:05 AM

To: rodericke@xxxxxxxxl.net


I’ll post this either later today or early tomorrow my time. This is good work. If you have similar work I’ll post that as

well. If you have similar work in other areas I’ll post that as well…



Link to where I challenged a hyper preterist to a debate;


Roderick Edwards repeatedly referring to Hyper Preterists as “Full Preterists”



14 thoughts on “Exposing the Fantasy and Fiction of Roderick Edwards Facts

  1. Here is a perfect example of how hypocritical Roderick Edwards actually is. He whined about the following video, labeling it childish;

    yet, he turns around and makes this video. He also complains when people call him “Goderick” yet the title of this video Everyone is Delusional Except Jason Bragfield……..Jason’s last name is Bradfield.

    I guess its ok to be a hypocrite when you are a super cult apologist like Roderick huh?


  2. Below is another example of why I don’t believe Roderick is a Christian. This is from his “testimony”;

    I eventually returned to the Reformed Presbyterian congregation and repented and was forgiven. I considered trying to become a member but too much damage was done and I had too much baggage to bring. It would not be fair to the congregation. I didn’t go through all these things so I could sit down and be quiet about it. For example, people who go through years of being in a cult often end up being the best apologists against the cult. Imagine what would happen if they were told to never discuss it again. So, until a congregation is willing to support and accept what God has done in my life, I can’t see how I can be a member of a church.

    This is what he said back in December of 2009 when asked who he was accountable to;

    Lastly, as for the accountability question, yes my elders know of my activities against hyperpreterism (I had a 2 hr talk with them about it) and you know what, they are perhaps even a bit more “rude” than I am, since they had actually kicked me out when I was still a hyperpreterist. Why didn’t they “respect” me? Why didn’t they “love” me in some chickified way that seems to be infesting Christianity these days. — the point is, they DID and DO love me and respect me by not validating me in my heresy or trying to proffer some alternative, personally crafted eschatology, called “Realized Preterism”.
    link to accountability answer:


    He states in his “testimony” that he NEVER claimed to be a member of the RPCNA yet publicly gives this impression;

    He says in his “testimony” that all you have to do if you have a question about him is ask him yet when he was asked who he was accountable to HE LIED!

    It’s like a nightmare. It just keeps getting worse and worse……..


  3. One more before the Mets game!

    Though I sporadically attend various congregations, it will be some time before I join one again. You often hear about “seeker-friendly” churches, well I’m looking for a church that is seeking Christians, even Christians with a past like mine.

    Yet, he claims he’s accountable to “my elders”…..who would these “my elders” be Roderick?

    Reading through his “testimony” one thing seems clear. Wherever this man goes there is “tension” and its always the other guys fault and never his.

    This statement is also interesting;

    I’ve always tried to be very open, very honest with both friend and foe. That honesty has allowed foes to attack. But you know, when I look at people, I look more at who their enemies are than who their friends are. You can tell a lot about a person by who opposes them.

    But now, let’s see who Roderick Edwards is as a person rather than just some nameless poster of content on the Internet.

    Well, since we’ve caught him in another contradiction I’d say he should try harder to be honest because he failed here….and yes, we have an even clearer picture of who Roderick Edwards is thanks to his “testimony”…



  4. Hey Phil,

    sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you haven’t heard, I’m in training; long haul trucking. I don’t get online as much as I used to.

    Anywho, for some background on the “delusional” bit…when Vince forsook preterism, rod got all mad that people like myself would still befriend Vince, because few prets like rod. Rod still does not understand that our hostility towards him has nothing to do with what he believes now or then; but it has everything to do with the person, Rod. So I asked the question…why is it that former prets are still getting along wig some prets? Apparently then, everyone but rod is the problem.

    What’s interesting is that he actually sees the problem. he’s been censored and even banned from an antipret forum. On another forum that he stalked me on, he wrote a piece acknowledging that he seems to create a lot of trouble. But instead of seeing himself as the problem, he bragged about what a “man of principle” he is.

    The forum locked that post up too.

    He thinks he’s God’s gift to the church. He repeats the same wiki studies over and over again…he thinks he speaks for christianity….he thinks he speaks for the reformed. I’m glad Dr Talbot called him out on that.

    He’s nuts. People will be better off just staying away from him. I try, but he follows me around. I’m down to one site where he is still allowed to stalk me. Hopefully that will end soon.

  5. By the way, I have made these observations about rod since day one…around 7 years ago. It was evident in his anti-pastor/elder teachings. People who reject authority only replace it with their own, and there’s the rub. Rod is runnin around telling everyone how they should be doing things and when you cross him, look out. I’ve experienced it when he was still a pret, Dr Talbot has experienced it, Gary Demar, etc.

    He wants to be the center of attention.

    • Hey Jason,

      Long hauling eh? At least its a job that will allow you to keep your family fed!

      Roderick is gone. He’s so far out there it will take a miracle to bring him back to reality. He hates anyone who professes Christ and he has to because he hates Christ. He’s an attention seeker who lives in a fantasy world he’s created all for himself…..IOW a cult of one.

      Thanks again for the technical advice when I began podcasting. I appreciated it very much!

      Stay safe on the roads and if you ever leave the HP behind let me know and I’ll help you get a job because I’m convinced you were a helluva youth pastor back in the day!

      Take Care,


  6. Phil,
    I saw this,

    “I’ve been following along with the Sharon Nichols disaster. And oddly enough here is where I’m going to agree with Dave Green, Ed and Mike — Sharon CAN’T keep straddling the fence. Either hyperpreterism is NOT Christian or she must consider hyperprets brothers in Christ. What has happened here is following the uninformed counsel and example of Dr. Kenneth Talbot she and people like Phil Naessens and even Dee Dee Warren are now trying to straddle the fence. Ironically enough, poor Sharon is propped up on the front lines as the good doctor has all but went into exile.”

    I’m not sure how the conclusion was derived that Sharon is straddling the fence. As far as I can tell she skewered Green for his poor scholarship. When was the last time you saw that type of reasoned logical exposure of the fallacious nature upon which the hyperpreterist build their case come from Rod or Brian? I wish more X hyperpreterist had her testimony, at least she can articulate the reasons why she recanted.

    I just don’t get the fallacious charge that you, Dr. T or Dee Dee are sell-outs. I haven’t seen where any of you have compromised on one thing. Last I checked in the dictionary eating tacos isn’t compromising although given the company may lead to indigestion. You skewed Bondar based on sound biblical grounds and Dee Dee, well, I don’t think “pretblah” is a term of endearment.

    Why would anyone knowingly make false representations? Rod owes each of you, an apology.

  7. Phil,

    Is it “Fenley” or “Fenely”, that is the question!

    The “Old” Guard has stooped to a new low, it isn’t bad enough these boys seemingly are throwing in the towel against the hyperpreterists claiming, “This latest batch of former H.P.’s is now beginning to realize, however, that the Hyper-Preterists still have the upper-hand when it comes to exegesis.” http://preteristnews.com/ I guess it makes sense to this “apologist” that hens resurrect their chicks. Got any idea why it is taking Sullivan weeks to address my argument? No, we don’t need to go there.

    Anyway, that isn’t the worse. The “Old” Guard points out in follow-up comment regarding my rebuttal of the hyperpretersts eisegesis mind you, instead of dealing with my argument, noting I misspelled the name of the hyperpreterist. He does this all the while repeatedly misspelling the name of another hyperpreterist Fenley as Fenely, http://preteristnews.com/2010/06/01/ward-fenley-lack-of-balance/ in his most recent posting.

    Hey, if you don’t know why the hyperpreterists are wrong and indeed don’t believe they are employing eisegesis nor have the ability to point out their eisegesis, I guess all you can do is point out a spelling error. However, if you are going to address spelling I would think you should first have your own house in order. But, we are dealing with the “Old” Guard, after all.

  8. Phil,

    I don’t think the “Old” Guard has a clue as to the who and what of God

    This is why I believe that if someone is trying to see where the “leading” group is in the movement, it is presently with the PretCosmos group. Green and company were even brave enough to take on Frost, a co-author of their book when Frost started promoting an eventual end to humanity and for promoting a Clarkian/Talbot influenced, philosophical “Hercules-like” God who can’t know all things.

    It appears he doesn’t understand all things are made by God. The more I read the “Old” Guard, the more I understand why he never develops a positive case for Christianity based on Biblical grounds. He doesn’t comprehend the basics.

  9. Phil, I’ve mentioned here how my intersecting with Rod was down to one site; one he followed me too…well, guess what? They banned him!! Haha.

    After attempting to discuss this infinity issue with ole anti-pret buddies of mine, ole dwarf here appeared out of nowhere and tried again to get me censored on this site that I’ve been on for around 6 years.

    A very vocal antipret said this to rod:

    “No one’s “patting Jason on the back” in this thread, Rod. We’re having a discussion.

    Speaking for myself: Neb and I have talked privately and I’ve given the public gist of those comments here on the forum: I believe he is in serious error and his view is heretical (it separates him visibly from fellowship with any local body), but based on my interactions with him, I believe that he is a brother and the Lord is working to change his heart on the issue. His very issue in this thread and the fact that he has publicly brought it up to people he KNOWS disagree with him are evidence, IMO, of that.

    So I’m going to warn Jason as a brother and engage him in convo. Several people here are doing the same thing because we care for our brother and long to see him come back to a regular fellowship with his family.

    Something that continues to floor me about the doctrines of GRACE is the GRACE aspect of it. God is extremely patient with me and my sins….as He is with others. Part of letting the doctrines of grace impact you is to learn to extend that same patience to others. (as a side note: There are some on this board I *have* extended that patience to and they haven’t changed, so now I dust my feet off with regard to interacting with them. Nebby isn’t on that list.)

    When the theology you claim to espouse comes home and affects your relationships, then you’ll find yourself interacting with people a lot differently, Rod. Right now, even people that used to associate with you whom you agree with theologically don’t want anything to do with you (i.e. Dee Dee). You’re a wealth of knowledge, but lacking heavily on the application of that knowledge to your daily life and your interaction with others. It hurts your argumentation and it also makes it harder for those of us who DO spend time patiently working through these issues with those on the edges of the faith, because responses like yours only serve to stir up anger, resentment and distrust.

    Warning YOU as a brother as well. Your life and doctrine don’t match up. Examine yourself.

    (what is the world coming to…who ever thought they’d see me on a forum defending King Neb….)

    and of course, rod whined like a little girl. Here’s a guy who is supposedly all about open rebuke, and he would have none of it, not even from
    other antipret orthodox reformed men.

    A couple others told him to take a hike. Next day he was BANNED!!

    I love it! I am now rod-free. This is a post-stupid era for me.

    I’m not on any sites where he can interrupt with his slander and I’m done reading pretcosmos.

    Ahhhh, freedom.

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