The Unfair Persecution of Todd Bentley?

This video below was a “challenge” to my YouTube videos regarding Todd Bentley. This “response” is a joke. This guy is comparing physical violence against Christians with a public rebuke of Todd Bentley.


4 thoughts on “The Unfair Persecution of Todd Bentley?

  1. Phil,

    Like Deborah said there are no words…. The unspeakable suffering of missionaries and pastors is being compared to a few jeers at a TB? Mockery of all that is precious. I cannot believe it. The guy who made that video is clearly not heartless but he is brainless. He should go back to his cornfield because the yellow brick road has made him nuts.

  2. Wonder why that guy didn’t post a persecution video when Bentley said God told him to kick a woman in the face with his biker boots?

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