It Isn’t Pretty Is It?

On Friday I wrote an article about the consequences of unethical blogging where several people had suffered due to an unethical blogger. The open unrepentant sin of one man led to a whole host of trouble for those who were involved with him either directly or indirectly whether they knew about his sin or not.

Take a look at the screenshot on the left. This is a portion of an article from the website of Brian Simmons and Roderick Edwards. You’ll need to click the image and at the bottom you will see my name “tagged”. Now read the posting and ask yourself what in the world do I have to do with this article??? (source)

I don’t reject Sola Scriptura. I’m not a Hyper Preterist or even a Preterist for that matter. Perhaps the paragragh below will help clear this up;

It has always puzzled me how cults like Mormonism, JWs and Islam became so entrenched in our society. The obvious flaws in these cults should have doomed them from the start. But seeing not only how hyperpreterism has gained acceptance by sometimes otherwise well-intended folks but also how hyperpreterism often gets treated with kid gloves by supposed “Christians” while those same “Christians” attack those who REALLY oppose hyperpreterism — I can now see how cults have been able to fester.

I admit I’ve been hard on Roderick. He claims to be a Christian but he hardly acts like one. I use his own words to demonstrate this. Same thing goes for Brian. Last week Brian informed me that he and Roderick were the ONLY ones REALLY fighting HP and why should they have to stop everything to fight with me (Phil)? To be fair to Brian he did say he appreciated the fact I was “starting” to fight HP which is absurd as this topic has been brought up several times during the last 14 month’s but whatever……

If you noticed the image Roderick displayed on the top left of his posting it’s most likely a reference to a posting done by Dee Dee Warren (source) yet her name was never “tagged”. Why is that I wonder? Then he makes the following statement;

But wait, we hear from Sam Frost M.A.R and editor of A Student’s Hebrew Primer for Whitefield Theological Seminary (I mean, hey, shouldn’t WTS be proud that it had a hyperpret doing this work for its future “Christian” students?)

While the above statement may be true what does that have to do with anything? Was Mr. Frost a poor editor? Are there errors in this primer Frost edited? Would Roderick be able to point those errors out? More importantly why didn’t Roderick “Tag” Whitefield Theological Seminary or WTS in his post?

Yea, you’re seeing it to huh?

This is personal with Roderick. His lies and unChristian behavior are cited, sourced AND in context for anyone who cares to search this site using “Roderick Edwards” as a keyword. He was given the chance to correct the charges against him and he even asked me to be specific (source) and when I did with just one instance (source) he never returned.

I suppose in his twisted line of reasoning I’m to blame for his poor choices. It sure seems that way doesn’t it? Rather then deal with his own problems he prefers to attack me with garbage like he did on another site just the other day. The moderators wound up deleting the entire thread, a thread BTW that I HAD NOTHING to do with.

This is what open unrepentant sin looks like my blogging brethren. Rather then deal with the MOUNTAIN of proof that Roderick Edwards has adopted a sinful lifestyle he chooses to lash out at others who want him to practice what he preaches AND to actually BE a Christian rather then just profess to be one. Of course he wouldn’t have these opportunities unless people allow him to and that list thank God is decreasing daily.

It’s time to return to real Christianity Roderick because your version isn’t pretty.


9 thoughts on “It Isn’t Pretty Is It?

  1. Yeah, I’d say your speculation regarding the intended target of the unmentioned but alluded to degraded site is spot on. I thought Rod stated he was leaving the fight.

  2. Hi All,

    Roderick made a nearly identical posting here with the following addition;

    But wait, we hear from Sam Frost M.A.R and editor of A Student’s Hebrew Primer for Whitefield Theological Seminary (I mean hey, shouldn’t WTS be proud it had a hyperpret doing this work for its future “Christian” students?? Maybe WTS should place that on the front of its website? “We had a known heretic editor our materials for you”)

    Yea, like I said. This isn’t fighting HP this is Rod using another site that isn’t his to attack people who disagree with him in the guise of “defending the faith”.


  3. One had better hope that Roderick never cites to Thayer’s Lexicon (Thayer was a unitarian) or to Eusebius (another Unitarian)…

    As far as the personal jab, *shrug* Whatever floats his boat. He is quacking like a very odd duck.

    • Hi Paul,

      Where was the first apology for there to be “another one”? Super cult apologists like Roderick don’t believe they do anything wrong so apologizing is the last thing to expect from him. I expect more of the same from him. Nothing has changed with Roderick since he left HP (except maybe his doctrine)and in fact he’s most likely gotten worse…..what a waste but the Apostle Paul told us this right?

      1Corinthians 11:19

      No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God’s approval.


  4. Phil,

    I hear you, but from the link, “One more thing and I shall leave the topic of hyperpreterism behind. I do want to apologize to my readers that have been following this topic for the last few years.” He is still following the topic.

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