Todd Bentley Ordained by Rick Joyner

Well, it’s official. Todd Bentley is now Reverend Todd Bentley. Guess the “restoration” is over and Todd is free to do whatever he wants, including revealing the long awaited “doctrine of divorce” he promised us all months ago. He still hasn’t published this yet.

Check out the summary of the “service”

Leonard Jones and Samuel Gatlyn lead worship with the songs “Battleground,” “Crucified With Christ,” and “Treasure.” Todd Bentley speaks a prophetic message for MorningStar about recovering and regaining what was lost, and advancing to greater things. Using a contrast of Biblical examples and the history of the Heritage building, Todd charges us to “pursue, overtake and conquer all.” The service ends with prophetic declaration and intercession by Rick Joyner, Marianne Hardiman and Todd Bentley.

Pursue, overtake and conquer eh Todd? That sorta sounds more like his love life then his “ministry”. Go to the link below and hear Todd claim he healed someone with stage 4 cancer;,103

Bentley sure is a big dreamer……..wonder what he’ll dream up next?

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    I’m lost for words……..Phil, my husband and I were involved in a pentecostal church (C3 Oxford Falls Sydney) for 22 years. We had a lot of the latest “fads” come through during that time. Rodney Howard-Browne, T D Jakes, Steve Munsey just to name a few – the scales fell off our eyes and we left. Sadly our son is still ministering there as a pastor on staff, and one of our daughters along with her husband and children still attend. They see problems but they become so involved in the church “community”, they don’t want to leave. We have become disconnected from long-time friends, because of our new reformed biblical world view, but are happy to “cop that on the chin”.

    I’m still reeling from shock, looking back at how the Lord brought my husband and I out of this, when the others are still there. Outside of church we have a wonderful relationship.

    I pray for them of course, but how would you approach your family in a situation like this?

    • Hi,

      I’ve been where you are Teddy and I’ve been in your son’s shoes as well. It’s not much fun is it?

      The best way to approach your family is to invite them to come and worship where you do and allow the Holy Spirit to do His job. Confrontation in these situations rarely works but if you feel that is what you should do please remember the words of Peter;

      15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

      I would also pray for them and ask your present church to pray for them and you as well.

      Hope that helps and I’ll be praying for you.


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