The Consequences of Irresponsible Blogging

One the 15th of February, 2010 Terre Brown, a member of Water of Life Church in Plano Texas whose pastor is none other the Doyle Davidson, offered this note on her FaceBook account; (source)

Terre Brown: Deception by David Norris and Steve Lumbley has been Exposed

I noticed an unusually high traffic flow coming from the above link and upon reading the article I wrote the following reply to Ms. Brown;


Please add the following links to your article; The podcasts listed are the best exposes BTW.

Also please be advised that the title of your article is incorrect……there was NO deception from Steve Lumbley.


Phil Naessens

I found the following reply from Ms. Brown in my inbox this morning;

Oh, the title of my article is not incorrect, sir. I meant exactly what I wrote.

God Bless you,
Terre Brown

Exodus 20:16

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Now we have a big mess here and the reason? One man’s deception (Dave Norris) has caused this lady to falsely accuse Steve Lumbley thus breaking the 9th Commandment.

Here is one of the things Brown stated from her note;

Our praises are executing vengeance and punishments upon people as described in Psalm 149! God is exposing the liars and catching them in their own nets! Psalm 35:7-9 says “For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul. Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall. And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.”

Thanks be to God, AMEN!!!

This is interesting in light of the following link;

At least this explains why Brown needs to disparage Steve’s character. Of course NONE of what she’s insinuating about Steve is true but that doesn’t seem to bother her. I’ll repeat her reply once again for the learning impaired at WoL.

Oh, the title of my article is not incorrect, sir. I meant exactly what I wrote.

When corrected she refused to change the title of the article and willingly and joyfully continues to break the 9th Commandment and bear false witness against a brother in Christ…….but considering what Steve and Norris (yes Norris) have written over the years about her pastor it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

The above situation should never have happened and wouldn’t have happened had Dave Norris just done things the godly way. Steve and I discussed this and were well aware that we would receive some backlash from our exposing Norris. We chose to follow God and not man and do what was right. Sadly, only one or two bloggers followed us in publicly denouncing Norris. One man who refused to take this responsibility offered this question on Tim Challies site the other day;

“Silence now is the same as an endorsement.” Dr. Wittmer brings up an excellent point; I wonder, will we be hearing emerging church leaders denouncing McLaren’s progressive Christian theology? (source)

I guess I could ask Ken Silva why he didn’t denounce Dave Norris? Wait, I already did huh (source)? Guess he’s only vocal when someone spells his “ministry” name wrong (source). He didn’t even tell his own board member Norris was a fraud and he still links to Norris (source). I’ve been cleaning up Silva’s messes for a while now regarding this situation (source) and this one (source). He still hasn’t cleaned up the mess from the latter (source) yet still has the time to be on the front lines of this spiritual Vietnam of a truth war……….or begging for money to fund a site that steals from others.

Men like Norris and Silva aren’t alone and I could go on and on and on and on…….unethical bloggers are everywhere these days. “Discerning Christian” bloggers making insinuations and accusations publicly without supporting facts are popping up at such an alarming rate that it takes real discernment to figure out whose side these bloggers are really on……..and in some extreme cases the “discerning blogger” turns out to be worse then the ones their trying to warn us about. (source)

It’s time to guard ourselves my blogging brethren. It’s time to stand up to these rogue bloggers with just as much force as we do the likes of Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley. The wolves Jesus warned us about aren’t reserved only for the celebrities of “Christianity” but includes the little wolves (bloggers) before they grow up to be big wolves………just do it ethically and honestly ok?


18 thoughts on “The Consequences of Irresponsible Blogging

  1. Hey Phil,

    You better be careful with this spiritual giant (ha!), Terri Brown is listed as a prophetess on staff at Doyle Davidson’s sex cult.

    Her husband is an apostle of Davidson’s cult. These people are some of the most wacked out, brainwashed folks around. Scripture can be used to defend Davidson’s bizarre wickedness, but they won’t accept it to condemn him, because they believe he is god himself. This sex cult will end like Jim Jones one of these days.

    • Hi Boyd,

      I remember when Norris told Davidson he and his “group” would be waiting for Davidson in Indiana and the “prophet” changed his plans….some prophet huh? Poor Doyle got scared off by Dave and his invisible friends…….I still chuckle over that one Boyd!!!


      • You could change the title to,

        “Deceptions by Terri Brown have been exposed”

        Subtitled, “Facts have no bearing on cultist opinions”

    • Hey Deborah,

      I still remember the first time you emailed me asking how I use to catch Norris reposting old articles with new writers!!! I created a monster:-)

      Thanks for all the support, advice and prayers! There were plenty of lows during that period but meeting you made it all worthwhile!!


  2. While waiting for my KFC- the bucket of chicken, NOT the “elect lady” from Byers, CO….
    I thought I’d jot this down:
    Well, the only discrepancy I see is the spelling of Mrs. Brown’s name.
    As to ward off setting off her self rightousness, make SURE you
    spell that name correctly:


    Carrry on.

    Colonel Sanders

  3. Terre Brown is a known tattler at WOL. It is more important for her to tattle to Doyle to gain favor than to tell the truth. Many know her for what she really and that is a weak, needy mentally ill woman. She controls her family, husband and now Doyle Davidson, as he believes anything she says. How pathetic that she is turning into her mother!

    • Hi,

      I wrote to Doyle when I exposed Dave so he already knows and the reason why I say he knows is because immediately after some guy named Dale McElroy started writing to me and calling me a false teacher and blah blah blah. I challenged him to a public debate and never heard from him again………


  4. Ms. Brown is bold in her accusations on her FB page where she is backed by her WOL-nuts, but lets see what evidence she produces to back up her false claims against Steve. She is wrong in assuming that God caused Doyle’s enemies to bicker and scatter. We are stronger than ever in exposing her idol for what he truly is and will not relent until all of his lies have been brought to light. What Doyle does by playing his deceased son in law’s worship tapes and only showing the “populated” parts of the sanctuary on camera thus deceiving people who don’t know better into thinking that he has several hundred worshipers instead of 30 is no different than what Norris did to try to make his ministry appear bigger and more credible than it really was. It’s all about ego, deception and pride. God will not be mocked. When others like Steve confront them with the truth, they make false accusations. Their lack of faith in the power of God they claim to walk in is apparent when they have to hide behind delusions.


    • Hi,

      Those are good points my friend! Of course 2 of Doyle’s “enemies”, Andrew Clarkson and Rod France, were invented by Norris. If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Doyle “rejoice” over the death of Clarkson and claim God “answered his prayers” or something to that affect?


  5. Some time back before doyle selected wife#3(who was currently living with her husband) from his flock, he announced that the wife that gawd was giving him would not be Terre Brown. This may have come as a disappointment to Terre, who knows? But it is very revealing as to how sick this sex cult is, when the so-called leader makes public announcements of having eliminated(like America Idol)some of the married contestants for the prize of being his newest wife.

  6. Phil:

    Dale Macelroy (a while back) somehow got his hands on EVERYONE’s email address: people from EXPOSEDD, WOL, etc.
    He’s a fly in the oinment. He WILL SPAM YOU, unless you take steps to block him.
    Giving him “attention” is the last thing I would recommend. He’s like a small child: negative attention is better than none.
    I had to go through several steps, blocking the many email address he uses. The more you tell him NOT to email you, the more he will. Just an FYI.
    He’s a confused, deluded young man that “thinks” he has something to say to the Body of Christ- but he doesn’t.
    Bless him, and pray he stays away and leaves you alone.

    Carry on! 🙂

    • Hi,

      I haven’t heard a peep out of him since the day I publicly challenged him to a debate over the Monergist/Synergist issue..he is a Arminian and I am a Calvinist. He found out that I debate these issues publicly and chickened out:-)


  7. Unfortunately McElroy is real….a friend of mine had him paint her house…and he was actually very unconfrontational…they usually are in person…just like Doyle was with me when I confronted him in a restaurant lately…read it on….it was great facing him face to face!!

    Phil I haven’t written in a long time, but I am so glad you keep on top o this crook…we are going strong on our site since we started in 2007, actually I had a site up way before that so I’m going strong after 4 years of exposing Doyle….let me know if you need any juicy info…seems I get quite a bit from former members…

    Also, stop by and visit us sometime!


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