Say It Isn’t So Pastor Ed Young!

Have you ever heard of Pastor Ed Young Jr? For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s the dude who made national attention with his “7 days of sex” sermons directed to married couples. Well, Young is getting a different type of attention these days and I invite you to click the link below and watch the video.

8 million dollar private jet?

They sure caught Young’s hypocrisy in regards to “being open and honest” yet hiding from his congregants he had a private plane. Hypocrisy ain’t a good trait for a Pastor.

Why is the “informant” hiding behind shadows and an altered voice?

1,000,000 dollar yearly salary as well as a 246,000 housing allowance? Of course his board approves of his salary but what do you want to bet his board is littered with his friends and “yes men” that do whatever Young wants them to do.

Now check out Young’s response to all of this in the video below;

Young denies owning a plane and claims he reimburses the church for any expenses outside of church business.

OK….his house isn’t 10,000 square feet but 7,200 square feet. That’s sill an awfully BIG house for a Pastor my friends.

He also claims he doesn’t make a million dollars a year in salary and he makes it clear that he is paid “less then others”.

He owns his own publishing company. How many Pastors can say that?

The rest is just damage control. It will be interesting to see what happens huh?


23 thoughts on “Say It Isn’t So Pastor Ed Young!

  1. I have read several of his supporters claims that his outside income from his books and lectures should not be an issue. I agree, he has the right to sell all the books and tapes and do all the lectures he wants and can make a billion dollars a year if he wants. The problem is that all this outside income would not exist without the tax exempt church as a platform, and the commingling of church finances and private enterprise is unscriptural and unethical and probably against the law. I am trying to be nice here, but he is just another pimp.

    • If I understand this right he is taking his “creative” sunday sermons…owning them and selling them….and profiting from them….somebody better wake up.

    • Normally I’d be on their side but after going to several churches like this, I’m very jaded. I don’t have a problem with the 7500 house, the book deals or making lots of money as religion like anything else is a business. However, don’t preach being open and then cloak all of the goodies you have, however you have them. Also, how is flying on a commerical plane protecting his marriage? I certainly believe that if he were among the masses like Jesus, he could do some real work and there is more opportunity to get busy on a private jet than flying on a public one.

  2. Young is a blight on all the ministry. 1,000s of ministers have spent a lifetime preaching and pastoring churches without taking salaries from the churches they serve. True NT preachers are not employees or independent contractors of churches, they are called by the churches to serve on usually a yearly basis and 99% have outside jobs or occupations.

  3. Actually, I don’t believe scripturally, he ought to be wealthy off the sheep. Supporting him is one thing, but making him downright filthy rich is ungodly.

    Here’s why: He and the rest of the church have a solemn duty to spend all resources possible getting the gospel to folks. Little old ladies, plumbers, doctors, and janitors give to support this guy. He ought to be a good steward. He ought to get a living, not a fortune. And as far as outside stuff, if he’s really doing it for God, why not cut the profit margin to as little as possible so it goes further.

    God isn’t a business.

    Phil Perkins.

  4. Hi Phil,

    I live maybe 20 minutes from this church. As a matter of fact, two people I worked with at my last job were members – the GM and one was a sales rep. Not that this is proof of anything, but both of them were money hungry and both did some things which I wouldn’t consider very Christian of them – things which appeared to be fueled by their greed. It wasn’t pretty.

    Awhile back I saw part of a t.v. report about the “sex for a week” sermon, but didn’t realize they were talking about this church in Grapevine. Goodness gracious, I’m almost embarrassed to even say I live near the place.


  5. And the big Hillsong 2010 Conference here in Australia has as two of its keynote speakers – wait for it. Ed Young and T D Jakes (hmmmm, I have deja vu, where have I heard of that combination before?)……maybe they can jet-pool to get over here!

      • Phil,
        Yes, I know about the legalities, but in the church teachers are working for God and His assembly. Even in the world those working for a particular company produce intellectual property and when done on company time it belongs to the company. Paul didn’t charge for Romans or I Corinthians because it wasn’t his stuff. I was freely given because it was God’s message. It belonged to God. All Paul did was deliver it like all the prophets.

        Phil Perkins.

        • Hi Phil,

          I agree with you here. I don’t believe for a second that a Pastor should be able to do what some of them are doing as you rightly pointed out. It wouldn’t fly in the “real” world so why these folks feel justified in doing so actually demonstrates why they do what they do…..its all about the fame and fortune!


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