Todd and Jessa Bentley: Appearing Soon at a Venue Near You!!

Below is a small portion from a 4 hour video Fresh Fire Ministries made available via iTunes.

I don’t know what to say about what I just presented. Todd Bentley took a LOT of criticism for punching and kicking terminally ill people during the Lakeland Outpouring so who really knows what the deal is here.

One thing I haven’t been able to find is validation from a medical doctor that this is indeed what happened. You’d think after all the false reports of resurrections and healing’s from Lakeland Bentley and Rick Joyner would be careful enough to be able to validate what they are presenting.

The man allegedly healed of cancer is right about one thing; God DOES heal. Whether this man was healed or not only time will tell I guess.

Now, take a look at this video below. Its a continuation of the above video and looks like some sort of ordination or commissioning process going on there at the end.

It’s interesting, in a sad sort of way, to see Bentley’s wife Jessa taking part in all this.

I’ve been to a few ordinations, including my own, but it wasn’t even remotely close to what we witnessed above.

This MorningStar Outpouring is just a dress rehearsal with the main show coming soon at a venue near you.


5 thoughts on “Todd and Jessa Bentley: Appearing Soon at a Venue Near You!!

    • Hello, Phil:

      Okay, I bit and was whisked away to your buddy, Todd’s, webpage. Hmmm . . . our Master did not get one “shout-out” there; no mention at all; not even a peep.

      The “make donation” tab is prominent enough though.

      Stay close to Him, brother,

  1. Wow showing up with the new wife. Does anyone say anything? What is the “Christian” believer at the gathering, thinking? Somehow I just can’t wrap my head around this.

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