A Return to Historic Christianity: A Willingness to be Taught by Others

Today I use the example of Apollos and his willingness to be taught.



7 thoughts on “A Return to Historic Christianity: A Willingness to be Taught by Others

  1. Hey All,

    I have a fan or two of this series!

    Brian, I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate your endeavor to get back to the A-B-C basics of historic Christianity. I also want to encourage you in the face of the smarmy podcasts Phil Naessens is doing. The guy acts like he is God’s gift to theology and how he knows what’s up yet the man didn’t have the guts to stay the course when we and others needed him to stand against the heresy of hyperpreterism. He failed us. He betrayed us. Instead he turned around and spent more time attacking the victims of the heresy. It is like a person attacking a rape victim, even acting like perhaps they deserved it instead of confronting the rapist. Yes, people who have been part of hyperpreterism are VICTIMS. Hyperpreterism is a rape of a person’s faith. It takes a while to get your bearing after being part of that mess.

    Anyhow, ignore Phil, ignore Larry. While they just keep getting further and further away from historic Christianity, and into their egos and private interpretations, rather it is good to see other people trying to get back to the historic Christian Faith.

    P.S. Phil, It’s Aquila (ak-quil-la) not Akia, or Akweea (source 1, source 2). Does Phil have the “humility to learn from others”??


    Now compare what Roderick said yesterday with this statement;

    You can “disturb” me no further, because I am not, and never have been a “victim” of you or the hyperpreterists. As a Christian, I am more than a conqueror in Christ because I am on the side of the saints — who REALLY mean what they say and say what they mean when we contend for the Faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3). Take care Phil.

    <a href="http://hyperpreteristnews.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/to-sue-or-not-to-sue-that-is-the-question/#comment-47


    Gee. Wonder why Mr. “source link” didn’t link to the podcasts he critiqued? He’s afraid of the truth. Actually, he’s afraid that people will find out the REAL truth about him.

    Yesterday he is a “victim” and 2 month’s ago he “am not and have never been a victim of hyperpreterists. So which is it Roderick???

    I’ve offered Roderick more grace then he will ever know but that is over now. I’m going to use this as an example of how the early believers handled liars and hypocrites like Roderick.

    Stay tuned…….

    PS: I have a friend named Aquila…….he says his name the way I pronounced it because that’s how the name is pronounced here on the beautiful famous island of Kerkira!!! Is that the best you can do sweetie pie?


  2. Hi,

    Not to be outdone my other dear friend Brian Simmons chimed in with this opine;

    Thanks for the enouragement. Actually, I don’t listen to any more of Phil’s rants. He never has anything of value to say, and exists merely to foment division and stir up strife. I’m done with people like that.

    After two years of battling Hyper-Preterists and their courtiers, I finally learned that it doesn’t pay off. Never does. The battle plan is to ignore the hype, put one’s neck to the grind, and work to make a positive difference in the world — even if that means rescuing only one or two sheep from the deceiver’s maw.



    Never? Ever?

    Courtier? Really?

    I spoke at 3 conferences here in Europe and one of the topics I spoke about was Hyper-Preterism. I’ve implemented Hyper-Preterism into my Western Religions Course I teach at the seminary. Brian? He plays “El Bandito” chained behind a computer getting beat up by Hypers and Catholics and when they get bored with him he makes accusations against others based on emails from mentally ill people…….and he wonders why I call him a wannabe.

    In case anyone else wonders why I call him a wannabe;

    Over the course of about a year, I moved from Full Preterism (top of the slope) to Partial Preterism (mid-way down) to A-Millennial Futurism (several steps lower), and finally to Historic Pre-Millennialism – which put me back on solid ground.


    4 theological positions in 1 year! That’s more then most would have in 4 lifetimes. No wonder people don’t listen to him…..

    Brian owes me several apologies but I don’t expect any because “wannabe apologists” like Brian never apologize……

    I guess he’s going on the list along with his sidekick Edwards….and unlike him I won’t be bringing innuendo and suggestion but his own words.

    Stay tuned…..


  3. Hey Phil,

    When you gave these two a forum to discuss their experiences with HP, both of their positions was that HP ignored 2000 years of Church traditional teachings. Right? Now you do a couple podcast on returning to historic Christianity and they call it a “rant”. It has to be a very heavy burden to carry such anger and hate.

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