A Return to Historic Christianity: Separate Yourselves

Rather then writing a blog post I decided to make a brief 10 minute audio about separating ourselves from professing Christians whose lives are in direct contradiction to Historic Christianity. I will be continuing these 10-15 minute audios daily at http://theologytoday.blog.com.

Right click the link below and select “save as”…..

Seperate Yourselves


3 thoughts on “A Return to Historic Christianity: Separate Yourselves

  1. I once “separated myself” from an Anglican vicar who was and still is for all I know a follower of that arch heretic Bishop Spong. But my anger at her was not righteous, therefore my separation was worthless.

    And this is my point. If we are carnal in our fruit our minds will be carnal and our doctrine, even if sound, will not be honestly held. Therefore any action we do in response to any commandment in scripture will not constitute obedience thereto. Our motive will be legalism and therefore our action will be sin.

    When American fundamentalists did separate themeslves from ungodly cuilture before Francius Shaeffer et al turned them into the Religious Right they were simply a mean spirited sect who lived in a nasty intellectual ghetto. They did no harm to society at large whereas now the Religious Right is a vicious and dangerous counterfeit which is a threat to society.

    I have use all my gigabyte allotment for this month so cannot afford to listen to the podcast for now, but I am intrigued by the term “historic christianity”

    If this means the behaviour of christians over the centuries am I to separate myself from an Augustine who advocated state persecution of heretics? what about an Ambrose who blackmailed Emperor Theodosius into backing down after ordering the rebuilding of a synagogue which was destroyed by a christian mob? what about the mean tempered librarian, the sour misogynist Jerome whose forced response to his dream showed he really was a Ciceronian and not a christian? Should I separate myself from the Byzantine mob who rioted over whether Christ had one nature or two or should zeal for truth have me riot alongside them too? What about the christian mob who Ambrose sided with? or that other one who destroyed the Library at Alexandria and murdered the librarian, Hypatia, at the behest of their bishop, Cyril?

    Historic christianity might be sound doctrine but if it is not love such orthodoxy is worthless, but in 31 years a christian i have never seen the love of christ in any human. Myself included

    And in studying that obscenity which is church history I see none there either.

    So we do not know the Lord. We may be born again but still do no know Him, which is what the term “carnal christian” means

    We will still be of the world even after separating ourselves from it, so what is the point?

    And then where do we draw the Line? even if we smugly shun those who deny the trinity should we reject people (for this is what it, our separation, will be if our fruit is carnal, all excuses of ours notwithstanding) who get the timing rapture wrong? or who are partial preterists? Catholics? Orthodox? Old Earth Creationists? Ha!! If i separate myself from legalists, the worst deviation from biblical christianity there is (see Galatians) if not any deviation from the historic religion of the church, and if all of us did this there would be no church left!

    and what about poor souls like myself caught in Romans chapter 7 for years now who will not be able to repent of any deviation from perfection or a church sanctioned simulcrum thereof because of the nature of sin?

    “Holiness” churches always degenerate into legalist cults, that is the way of flesh when they seek to be “holy” (ie “separate”). Indeed the origin of the word “pharisee” was a persian word meaning “separate”. They sought this kind of separateness. And where did it get them?

  2. Hi,

    I think you should listen to the podcast when you are able and then you will understand where I’m coming from and why I’m doing this series. There are folks out there who demand a return to Historic Christianity who don’t have a clue what that is…hopefully it will wake them up to a few things as well as serve a reminder to others how serious Christianity is and more importantly how serious 1st century Christians took their faith.


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