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I don’t usually send people to preachers and I really like to endorse anyone but you guys really need to hear this podcast from Pastor John Coleman from L.A. California.

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6 thoughts on “Check Out This Message!

  1. Coleman’s whole problem is he’s all stuck on truth!!!

    And that’s why I love the guy. Never met him, but I love the guy.

    What he said about having nothing to do with “Christians” who remain in sin without repentance is true and biblical, And we don’t do it anymore.

    I listened to the whole message. I’m going to do what I can to affirm what he said about Greg Koukl. If it’s true (and I bet it is, knowing Coleman) I’m done with Koukl.

    As to MacArthur, I can affirm that his organization has unsaved folks in it. It’s not as advertised.

    Back to Koukl, one of the things in the Reformed movement is anti-Semitism, too. If you have ever been baffled by amillenialists who can read all the prophets had to say about Christ coming to reign from Jerusalem and all other nations to be under the Jews, the answer is at least anti-Semitism. And that has to do with Reformed history and the historical, cultural hatred of the Jews in Germany and most Europeans. Most early Reformed and Evangelical scholars and preachers were German.

    I recently was discussing the conflict amillenialism has with the Hebrew prophets. The fellow with whom I was speaking was a Reformed amil fellow and HE felt so intensely about his views that he brought up anti-Semitism in order to deny it. I didn’t bring it up. And when speaking about his trip to Israel, he made it pretty clear he hated the Israelis.

    Phil Perkins. PS–Thank you, Phil. You did a good thing by highlighting this message!

  2. Hi Phil,

    John Coleman is truly a man fighting the good fight and its cost him dearly. I feel its important to not only point out heresy but to highlight the true fighters for the faith as well.


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