Harold Camping Setting Dates Again!!

Harold Camping is at it again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Camping, consider yourself blessed. For those of you, like me, who hold to the eschatological system known as Pre-millennium Dispensationalism, we are all to familiar with Mr. Camping, much to our chagrin. Check out the video at the link below below from my friend Mr. Gary DeMar;

Camping should be ashamed of himself but he certainly isn’t alone. Check out this lengthy list of “date setters” who wound up with egg on their eschatological faces.  Obviously they all were wrong in their predictions and some folks, like Camping, have been wrong more then once.

These date setters are probably good for guys like Jim Bakker. Cashing in on peoples hopes and fears is soooooooo biblical. Tim LaHaye is another dude whose cashed in big time as well with his bestselling Left Behind series and the obligatory movies that seem to follow bestsellers.

I’m done with Dispensationalism. Between the date setters and the characters of men like John Darby and C.I. Schofield I’ve decided to once again reassess my eschatological position……For now I’ll just consider myself a “pan-millenialist” meaning I believe everything will “pan out” in the end.

Believe it or not but there are folks who study eschatology 8 hours per day……I wonder how much time they spend with the other “ology’s”……..as we’ve witnessed over the last year probably not too much.

How about you? How much time do you spend studying eschatology? Is eschatology important to you?

What say you?


8 thoughts on “Harold Camping Setting Dates Again!!

  1. Put me down in the “0” time column. Since Jesus doesn’t know(Matt.24:36), these suppositions are extremely arrogant. To go even further, the two books these folk spent the most time on(Daniel & Revelations) contribute very little to Christian understanding and daily living. What difference does the date make if you lamp is out of oil?

  2. Hi Phil. Why not go over to the dark side with us post-tribbers. I believe the church will go through the tribulation. I got the courage to say that to a good friend of mine and you could hear an audible gasp over the telephone. You would have thought I just shot her dog. We had to agree to disagree.
    This one subject brings up a lot of emotion but I feel perfectly free to let each Christian believe in either pre or post or mid.
    John Coleman called us post-tribbers post toasties. I had a good laugh at that. ( I love John Coleman)
    The most important thing is that Jesus is coming back for his Bride. How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, Phil, I had to toss out all I had learned when I studied it for myself. I was suspicious all along because of all the date-setters who wound up wrong time after time.

  4. They look for hidden prophecies by arcane methods like mathematics as they refuse to pay attention to what is written in plain text:

    Acts 1:8 It is not for you to know the times the Father has set by his own authority

    which was said to the CHURCH, not the unbelieving Jews (which is their excuse for defying this).

    And why? If the man of the house (Satan) knows when the thief (Christ) is to break in he will move to stop Him.

    Matt 24:43.

    And if ANYONE knows Satan knows therefoer NO ONE can know

    These people indeed rely on Biblical ignorance

  5. You ask: Is eschatology important to you?

    and I answer: actually, no. not a lot. I have studied it enough to know to reject date setters but I have besetting sins of my own. I am a fearful legalist full of the unbelief that legalism both requires and aggravates.

    The issue of Law and Grace is my consuming passion, as well as receiving the grace daily whereby i can come to repentance of what has caused so much agony.

    This process continues, and I can only say that this is the lord’s doing it is marvellous in my eyes

    The Lord is faithful to me and soon, after so many years of his patient work, I will have rest and joy.

    He truly is the Wonderful Counsellor that Isaiah prophecied.

    But to have wasted all this time on endtime religion? I may have blasphemed the Spirit by now if i neglected his grace for ear tickling issues like end time date setting.

    For beyond a certain minimum necessary to avoid being disturbed by trouble makers, concern with end times is ear tickling self indulgence

  6. … but to answer your question, I study it often lately. I think it is as important as staying through to the end of a movie.

    I think that God thought it important enough to end His story with it!

    I love the idea of accurately understanding a controversial doctrine — one which has serious ramifications when you consider the plan of Dispensationalism to herd all the Jews back into Israel so they can ultimately be slaughtered in some mixed-up effort to help God finish His work. (How’d that work for Abraham?) It makes pawns out of people we should really be trying to reach!

    There are a lot of problems that flow from a Zionist(I guess) mindset that sets men at odds over real estate.

  7. . . . .of course I fully expect to be martyred if the Great Trib comes in our lifetime (unless my faith is so worthless that I apostatize).

    I reject pre trib rapture outright.

    So I studied enough endtime doctrine for what was practical, but being right with the Lord and abiding with Him is what it means by being ready, not being a survivalist or having my calendar marked with dates

  8. Pretrib Rapture Trivia

    Who’s the “Protector of the Principality of Pretribulatia”?
    Edward Irving? John Darby? C. I. Scofield? Tim LaHaye? Someone else?
    Media figure Joe Ortiz knows the answer. It’s in his “End Times Passover” blog. The one dated Dec. 29, 2009.
    If you’re Calvinist, you’re predestined to see his blog. If you’re Arminian, you can choose to see it.
    It will be too late to find out the answer to the above trivia question if the rapture happens!

    [Another hot Google item is “The Newest Pretrib Calendar.”]

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