Roderick Edwards Caught Lying Once Again

I’m fairly certain we’ve all encountered folks like the fella on the left. They know everything just ask them. Those people remind me of the old proverb “its better for folks to think you’re stupid then for you to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

It seems that every time MR. Edwards opens his mouth, or touches his keyboard, he reveals more of himself.  The Bible says we are known by our fruits and sadly the fruits on Roderick Edwards tree are bitter.

Roderick Edwards is acting like a spoiled little child once again and this time it isn’t me that has the privilege to call him out. My friend Dee Dee Warren has caught Mr. Edwards in more lies and you can read about it here.

Seeing the above reminds me of this proverb;

Proverbs 18:17

The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.

If I were him I would just shut the heck up because he’s definitely looking foolish. I’m still waiting to hear his reaction to my update from yesterday. He says he won’t respond but over and over again we’ve seen he doesn’t keep his word as evidenced in Dee Dee’s rebuke. Wait, that’s what he accuses me of doing…..ah, we’ll see.

I’ll be responding to Mr. Edwards reply to me on this weeks podcast unless the wind blows me in another direction:-)


18 thoughts on “Roderick Edwards Caught Lying Once Again

  1. Hi All,

    Poor Brian Simmons claims he obviously can’t take this post seriously….and that’s perfectly fine by me.

    Well, here’s what I’d take very seriously Brian. You are following a PROVEN liar, hypocrite and accuser of the brethren. Yep Brian, your new best friend for the moment you’ve been following ain’t following Christ. Hope you have a BIG shovel to get you out of the ditch your new best friend for the moment is leading you into……

    BTW: Speaking of not being able to take someone seriously; “El Bandito” fits your site well Brian. After all you have a PROVEN hypocrite and liar in Roderick and now you get to be the thief…..that is what “el bandito” means right Brian?

    Fine examples of Christianity huh?



  2. Phil,

    The reason why I can’t take your post seriously, is because you have obviously pre-judged the evidence. That means you are ‘prejudiced.’ Any amount of evidence we bring forth to show that your mentors and associates have compromised on the fundamentals will be brushed away by yourself as inconsequential. We already know this. So why take you seriously???

    Please read this post before responding further:

    If I had said something irrelevant to the whole issue, then it is fair to expect that my comments would be removed. However, I am an old hand at this game, and have learned that when pertinent comments are banned, 99% of the time it is because the ‘ expurgete’ has something to hide. I was told yesterday by Dee Dee Warren that I was free to respond at her blog. But my comment never made it past moderation. Why? Because it tends to validate what Roderick and I have been saying. Another comment posted at RCM this morning was promptly deleted. Why? Because it makes Hyper-Preterist theology look bad.

    Do you see any parallels between RCM and Pret Blog? I do. In both cases, relevant remarks have been suppressed and withheld from the public. You don’t have to be a genius to draw your own inferences. We do.


  3. Hi Brian,

    Do you even know what “evidence” I have that RE is a liar and a hypocrite……plenty and you can interact with this little gem;

    Roderick has responded and you can read his entire response here. I felt the following certainly was interesting;

    Phil Naessens, tennis coach in Corfu Greece and self-styled “exposer” has been trying to do all he can to make a name for himself among the hyperpreterists AND the Dr. Talbot-led “anti-hyperprets”. His latest effort is to do what Phil is known to do; insert himself into situations. For example, whereas MOST of the people combating hyperpreterism have a direct link to the hyperpreterist movement (often by being former hyperpreterists), unlike Phil who inserts himself into the “ministries” of folks like “Perry Noble”, “John Chisham”, “Tony Jones”, “Ken Silva”, “Chuck Smith”, “David Norris” and on & on. Whether these men are erroneous teachers is beside the point.

    Anyhow, Phil has been trying to insert himself into the hyperpreterist issue. He thinks he has it all figured out — who is doing what and why. He thinks he has me and others pegged as the bad guys, even though recently Phil found out first hand, hyperpreterist leader Sam Frost had been perpetuating a major lie (ref). But Phil doesn’t care about the FACTS — he has a role to play after all.

    I find the comment that I “insert myself into situations” sorta strange when all I’m doing is following the sage advice Roderick gave us all here.

    I guess its hunky dory to insert oneself in someone’s business as long as it isn’t Roderick’s business!

    One more thing; had I not inserted myself in the situation Roderick would have one less reason to attack Sam Frost. Considering that’s his mission on earth you’d think Roderick would thank me right? Guess not.

    Brian, I really don’t care what individual site owners do in regards to how they moderate comments. Just because YOU think what you have to say is relevent doesn’t mean that it is…..what does that have to do with your new best friend for the moment being a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE.


  4. Hi Brian,

    Major storm here as well as power outages prevented me from finishing my comment.

    Since you seem to know who my mentors are please name 5 of them for me?






    You claim my “mentors and associates” have compromised on the “fundamentals”. You’ve made that same claim about me as well, both publicly and in an email chain. In fact you claim that I am “in the hyper-preterists pocket”. What fundamentals are you referring to? Please show me EXACTLY how I or any of my “mentors and associates” have compromised. Please demonstrate exactly how I’m in the “hyper-preterists pocket? I don’t want your opinions regarding this. I want you to demonstrate clearly what you claim are “compromises on the fundamentals”, then show me Scripture that CLEARLY validates your assertions and accusations.

    I also find it interesting that you would complain about others deleting your “relevant” comments when YOU and your best friend for the moment do the very same thing. Why is it OK for YOU to do these things but when others do the very same thing to YOU, you cry foul? It looks like your new best friend for the moment is having quite an impact on you huh?

    The only “parallels” I see between RCM and Preterist Blog is they don’t want you posting there. They pay for the sites and they can do whatever they want and apparently they don’t want you posting on their sites.

    Oh, one more thing Brian. Why didn’t you tell your readers WHY your comment would be in moderation for what you claim would be “at least 12 hours”? Perhaps it has something to do with our 9 hour time difference. Please be sure to not only inform your readers that I not only approved your comment but I responded to it as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to mislead your readers now would you?????

    No games here Brian. I expect you to validate everything you’ve said here as well as other places with PROOF and not your opinions and misguided assumptions otherwise I expect a PUBLIC apology. You’ve got one shot to do so here Brian. Make it a good one k?????


  5. Phil,

    I’m sorry you think I’m playing games. Actually I am dead serious. I believe that your mentors and associates HAVE compromised or sold out. If you really want me to name names, I will start with Dr. Talbot who is obviously your mentor at this stage, but I can also mention Sharon Nichols and the crew at Pret Blog. When I use the”compromise,” I am specifically referring to the fact that Kelly Birks is a Hyper-Preterist, and yet he is acknowledged as orthodox by Dr. Talbot, Theology Explained, and Pret Blog. Nobody has criticized Birk’s entree into the orthodox camp in spite of his well-known H.P. views of resurrection and the atonement. So Phil, what else can I conclude but that your mentors and associates have compromised the faith??? You yourself have said in one of your latest podcasts that, although your ministry is about exposing the unfruitful works of darkness, you do not expose Hyper-Preterism, because you do not believe it to be a work of darkness. That is compromising. Before Dr. Talbot came along, Dee Dee would have censured you for saying that. Now it’s ok, because as Dr. Talbot told me on the phone, we are not supposed to say that Hyper-Preterists aren’t Christians. I’m sorry, but I don’t subscribe to that program, because I think it compromises the truths of Christianity. If you folks want to let heretics creep into the church under guise of a specious ‘orthodoxy,’ that is your business. However, I will continue standing my post and sounding the alarm.


  6. Brian,

    Those people aren’t my “mentors” dude. They are friends of mine like you were until you decided to libel and slander me.

    Brian, I never said any such thing. What I said was people aren’t the “unfruitful works of darkness, it’s the sin in their lives” and frankly Brian I’ve been done with “exposing HP” for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time.

    You know why Brian? Because of Roderick Edwards. I refuse to have ANYTHING to do with him and I have a HUGE list of reasons why. I won’t have anything to do with those who partake in his sins either Brian and libel and slander are the warmup acts

    My MENTORS tried to warn me long ago that RE was a warped human being and because of someone else I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Big mistake on my part.

    What “Orthodox Camp” is Dr. Birks in? Because he was allowed to join a website? Did you ever ask Sharon WHY he was allowed to join? Maybe you should ask her before you make these types of statements.

    You still didn’t back up your accusations and I see you deleted the posting I linked to……all you’ve done here is make more baseless accusations, silly statements and twisted my words just like YOUR mentor, Roderick Edwards.

    Goodbye Brian,


  7. No need to get hot and bothered, Phil. You asked me to be explicit, and I was explicit. Remember, you are the guy who’s demanding that we “prove” everything we say. So you can’t be too offended if we start producing. Your acting like the evidence is “none of your business” has only strengthened our suspicions.

    Refusal to acknowledge the Birks issue is just what I’m talking about. As I see it, you CAN’T say anything, because if you did you would be challenging Dr. Talbot’s authority. This leads me to conclude you have been ‘bought off.’

    Don’t you believe that Hyper-Preterism is a heresy?? Heretics are engaged in sin because they exalt themselves over God’s chosen apostles, as when Korah tried to usurp the priesthood. Instead of letting the Word criticize them, they criticize the Word. Christian elders who collude with heresy are generally called wolves in sheep’s clothing, though I have not made that statement. I am trying to get you to look at the issues (the ‘proof’ that you asked for, remember?) and now “you see nothing, you know nothing.”

    If this isn’t being bought off, then what are we supposed to call it????


  8. Brian,

    I’m not hot and bothered, just frustrated with you.

    I know nothing about what you are talking about regarding Dr. Birks and Dr. Talbot. Unlike some I don’t talk about things I know nothing about.

    I’m not “refusing” anything Brian except my refusal to take part in Goderick’s and now your “witch hunt” which btw you’ve offered nothing in the way of proof regarding your accusations about Dr. Talbot.

    Have you spoken to Dr. Talbot about this yourself Brian? You seem to be the one that’s hot and bothered. Go speak to the man yourself. I’m not your errand boy.

    Yes Goderick, I believe HP is heresy and have said it OVER and OVER again…….

    Don’t come back here with more innuendo Brian. Bring proof k?

    BTW: I’m also trying to get YOU to see some issues here as well but so far you’ve said nothing about RE……why is that Brian? Maybe YOU are the one “bought off”, huh?

    Gia Sou,


  9. Brian,

    Why won’t you address the BLATENT lies and hypocrisy of Roderick? I’ve documented them very well yet you seem to want to dismiss them and attempt to change the subject? Why is that?

    What are you afraid of Brian? Are you afraid of Roderick’s wrath towards anyone that disagrees with him?

    Brian, you’re the one who sold out my friend and the PERSON you sold out is Christ. You’d better take that VERY seriously because if you are following RE liars and hypocrites aren’t following Christ…..and you will NOT be allowed to post here until you deal with it……….k?


  10. Hi Phil,

    Well, if you really want to know the truth, I am not address Roderick’s alleged ‘hypocrisy,’ because I believe his inferences are correct. If that makes me a liar and a hypocrite also, then I guess that’s how it must be.

    BTW, Phil, you have every right to say I “sold out” — if that’s what you believe. You are entitled to your opinion. But guess what? I don’t care.


  11. Brian,

    Well, if you can’t see what’s plain as day then I can’t help you.

    You make insinuations, I bring facts. You twist my words and make allegations, I provide entire statements.

    Now go back and tell your master that you’ve done his bidding for the day. When I refused to do his bidding, all hell broke loose. I’ll publish that email at some point Brian.

    I think you should keep doing your masters work Brian otherwise you’ll be on the receiving end of his wrath. Unlike you I’m not afraid of him.

    Goodbye Brian, serve your master well!!!!


  12. Hello All,

    Brian’s accusation regarding Dr. Talbot has been proven false. Brian decided rather then speaking directly to Dr. Talbot himself decided to accept the word of a 3rd party who “misinterpreted” what Dr. Talbot had said. Brian has been informed of this error and, in true wannabe internet apologist fashion, has yet to apologize publicly for his false accusations.

    Perhaps Brian could add “get your facts straight before making an accusation against a Brother in Christ to his “tool chest”……

    Of course, Brian has also accused me of being a “sell out” because I didn’t believe his false accusation…….

    Ah, the Internet………



  13. Brian Simmons wrote: “However, I am an old hand at this game, and have learned that when pertinent comments are banned, 99% of the time it is because the ‘expurgete’ has something to hide.”

    I can certainly vouch for the fact that Brian and RE are old hands at this game. After their numerous websites attacked my “hyperpreterist” and “universalist” viewpoints, I challenged them theologically. Rather than answer my queries, they banned me. Everytime I would show up at one of their numerous sites to respond, I would get banned and my comments deleted.

    Simmons and Edwards are hypocrites. Whether you or I agree with each other Mr. Naessens (we don’t, obviously) I value your critique of “the dynamic duo.” They truly are two of the most ungodly people I’ve ever encountered.

  14. Hi Ed,

    Remember what happened when someone encountered a vampire in the movies and showed the vampire a crucifix? The vampire ran away. Scripture has the same effect on Rod and Brian…..showing them their own hypocritical statements has the same effect as well.

    They’ve deleted my comments too Ed because they just can’t handle the truth.

    Yes, these 2 are hypocrites and a disgrace to those who profess Christianity.


  15. […] Here’s Brian twisting my words to fit his agenda, that being labeling me a compromiser; You yourself have said in one of your latest podcasts that, although your ministry is about exposing the unfruitful works of darkness, you do not expose Hyper-Preterism, because you do not believe it to be a work of darkness. That is compromising. (source) […]

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