Should Christians Take Others To Court?

We all know 1Corinthians 6 tells us we shouldn’t take other Christians to court. I understand the principle behind Paul’s instruction here. It makes us look foolish before the world when professing Christians can’t handle their disputes amongst each other in a godly manner.

There are some professing Christianity who believe 1Corinthians 6 is a license to say whatever they like without repercussions. Some out there in the WWW would have you believe libel and slander in the form of their “opinions” are just hunky dory.

Wait, libel and slander aren’t typical behavior for professing Christians now are they?

The typical procedure for dealing with private sin is Matthew 18:15-18. The typical way of dealing with public sin is Ephesians 5:11. The typical way of dealing with sin amongst an elder is 1Timothy 5:17. Did I leave anything out here?

OK. Here’s something I’m struggling with. I have two professing Christians who are unhappy with my methods in dealing with heresy. Because of this both of these two have begun to make accusations about me that are untrue, some within an email chain and now publicly both here and here.

Yes. Roderick Edwards and Brian Simmons, both former writers here at Theology Today, are libeling and slandering me both publicly and privately because I refuse to do things unbiblicly in regards to exposing the heresy known as Hyper Preterism.

I’ve asked them both privately to validate their claims and not a peep from either. Its doubtful that either of them serve in a church anywhere so I can’t go to their pastors to file charges for a hearing like they did in the early church. I don’t think they are going to stop so how should I deal with these two?

At this point I’m about to turn it over to the lawyers. These two need to be taught a lesson and I’m awfully tired of dealing with their lies and deceit. They obviously think 1Corinthians 6 is a license to say and do whatever they like which includes making baseless accusations without validation and as I said before these two are most likely accountable to no one so what would you do with these two?

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