Missing the Point, Making My Point Plus a Bonus Just Because

Yesterdays posting was a simple posting, or so I thought. My daily readers completely understand who I write for and why I have this site in the first place: to edify my community, a community where English is either their second or third language. I even re-wrote this simple piece at least a DOZEN or so times just to be certain it wasn’t misunderstood.

Apparently Pastor John Chisham, who I believe only speaks English, completely missed the point of the posting and called me a liar as well as taking a swipe at the Emergent Church.

Here’s how it all came down…….

Over the last few weeks there have been situations that have arisen not only here at TT but at several of my fellow bloggers sites. Basically, folks showing up at our respective “homes” (blogs, websites) and disrespecting the home owners and instead of offering their disagreements and leaving, became militant spamming our sites and threatening us. Hence, the posting “Militant Evangelists”.

Unbeknownst to me, the posting was linked to here leading Pastor Chisham to the posting and him making his highly insightful comment here. Why was his posting insightful?

The answer is simple;

Pastor Chisham didn’t even understand the point of the posting but he sure did prove my point by breaking the Ninth Commandment when he accused me of lying. IOW he disrespected me in my house (Theology Today) which was the whole point of the posting in the first place.

Pastor John Chisham is a contributor at Christian Research Network, a site that claims to be a “research site” and as we’ve seen before, doesn’t research its contributors very well (source) and if it weren’t for me they would still be promoting a deceiver of the Brethren……(search the site with “Dave Norris” for many more links) OK, you know how I feel about this bunch:-)

Anyhow, Pastor Chisham has a site here that takes issue with all things Emergent, specifically how unchristian they are based on things he reads and hears (source). That’s great! Really great!!

Here’s the rub. How can we be certain that Pastor Chisham even understands Rob Bell when its obvious reading comprehension isn’t his strong suit? My posting yesterday was so simple that even the kids around here understood it, kids that ARE JUST LEARNING ENGLISH understood a posting a lifelong English speaking person completely misunderstood…..

Chisham refers to the Emergent in terms like “enemy of the Gospel”, “godless” and an assortment of other names as well as using Scripture to back up his assertions but how can he be trusted to understand the Bible when he can’t even comprehend basic English?

OK, I know, maybe this was simply an isolated incident and perhaps Pastor Chisham simply made a mistake. Sorry my friends but this is hardly an isolated incident. Please go to this site here as his reading comprehension has been questioned repeatedly as well as has his duplicity in matters involving Ken Silva. Please either search their site using the keyword “pastorboy” or contact the writers via the submissions section of their site located here.

A contributor at CRN, and a Pastor no less, shooting first and asking questions later. I wonder what the “discerning remnant” will do with this situation? Gee, how many CRN contributors have we highlighted around here?

Lets see,

Mike Ratliff (source) (source)

Ken Silva Too numerous, just search the site with the keyword Ken Silva

Dave Norris Too numerous, just search the site with the keyword Dave Norris

Ingrid Schlueter (source) (source)

Gee, sorta like shooting fish in a barrel eh? I wonder how many other “research ministries” linked to CRN do research like the fab 4 up there? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fully dedicate to this task.

Somehow I doubt ANY of the above will say anything to their militant comrade, nor do I expect any sort of apology from John Chisham. As I said from my posting yesterday that hopefully Pastor Chisham will understand;

The interesting part is the usual “militant evangelist” claims to be a “Christian”. The sad part is the people who believe the “militant evangelist” is a Christian. What is even worse are the non Christians who judge Christians based on the “militant evangelists” who can’t, won’t or simply refuse to follow the clear teachings of Christ.

Maybe we should call these folks “The Militant Discernmentalists”?

Whadya think?


5 thoughts on “Missing the Point, Making My Point Plus a Bonus Just Because

      • I don’t think you are Phil, there is a big difference between exposing error(which you are doing and we are commanded to do) and abject hypocrisy( the Militant Discernmentalists). The emergents, which they hate, are just a different church business model. This fight with the emergents and those who don’t join them in it, is disguised as theology, but really is about market share.

  1. Hi,

    Business model is absolutely correct because that is all it is.

    One of the professors at the Seminary likens Emergent to the Hula Hoop……the rage lasted about 20 years or so and now only a few relics remain as people have moved on to other toys and I agree with him!


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