Blaspheming Benny Hinn on ABC’s Nightline

ABC Nightline’s Dan Harris interviews Blaspheming Benny Hinn.

Still claiming to be a “healer” and still can’t validate his alleged healings.

This guy is the biggest phony in the Kingdom today.

A dead man was raised in Ghana yet Benny isn’t even certain if the man was even dead, but that doesn’t prevent him of claiming the resurrection anyways.

Of course Benny doesn’t know any broke preachers. The reason being booking blaspheming Benny costs big bucks my friends. You probably won’t see Benny preaching at a rescue mission or the local Salvation Army Corps, unless of course they can come up with the cash.

I’m with the publicist on this one……and I wholeheartedly agree that blaspheming Benny needs to simply close his mouth…..