Friday Fun

Well, I’m finally in a groove. I’ve got school sorted out, my tennis academy students are either all here or in the process of getting here, the podcast topics are scheduled and being researched and things are picking up around here at Theology Today.

Life is good.

Boyd sent me the following link yesterday. Apparently you don’t even need to know the languages to participate in this project. Maybe Robert Begnaud should apply because he thinks he can transliterate languages he doesn’t know. Nah, he’s too busy comparing himself and his family to Noah and teaching a course on his version of eschatology.

Speaking of eschatology John Piper recently hosted a forum on Eschatology. It’s definitely worth a listen and a heck of a lot more civil then some of what we’ve seen around here. My friend Jason Bradfield chimed in on this forum as well. My Pre-Mil guy got clobbered.

More eschatology? Glad you asked! My friend Brian Simmons has an informative post regarding Preterism here.

Apparently Tony Jones and I finally agree on something. He labeled Ken Silva and the “research” team over at Lighthouse Trials as “crazies”. I think Jones should send my friend Ken a dozen roses or some cash because Ken does more to promote the Emergent then they do and Ken expects the Body of Christ to pay him for the advertising!

That should keep you busy!

Have a great weekend everyone!