Harsh Language, Hero Worship, The Broad and Narrow Road and T B Joshua

I received more then my share of emails after referring to false prophet T B Joshua as a “bastard” and my hope that Joshua would be executed by God publicly so that people like him would fear the Lord. A “Christian” shouldn’t speak like that was the general thought…….and here I thought I was being nice…………

Some of the folks who felt “bastard” was harsh should really take some time to learn the original languages……..maybe a lesson on culture would be fitting as well. Referring to someone as a “bastard” is soft compared to terms like “viper” “brute beast” “white washed tombs” and “dog”. Those are fighting words where I live……….

Bastard, well, not so much.

False Prophets like T B Joshua would be sentenced to death by stoning back in the day………again, read your bibles and learn about the culture. Those indeed were the good old days.

T B Joshua is a false prophet my friends.

I think I’ve been far too nice with the various false prophet and false teacher defenders, especially with my little stalker from India. I suppose I felt sorry for my confused little stalker. This pathetic little man spends HOURS daily on my site…..in fact he spends more time at TT then I do. Maybe I should make him a contributor……Nah……..that would force him to actually have some courage and maybe even read his bible……..unfortunately he needs his bible to prop up the short leg on his nightstand. I’d hate for that nightstand to be lopsided.

Yesterday he posted 38 comments including some with my picture on them……. can you imagine spending hours each day making anonymous comments on a blog that won’t ever see the light of day? He’s boasting and bragging about how there’s nothing I can do about it……maybe he’s right.

My little Indian spammer/stalker claims to be “sincere”, but what sincere person uses over 20 different tag names and multiple IP addresses? He claims he’s “correcting me” but I fail to see how talking cyber smack about my girl is “correction”…….that ain’t even Christian is it? I’ve put up with this for 18 months…

So be it…..

You know what I love about the wolf defenders? They never seem to interact with the facts…….instead its all about shooting the messenger. I suppose it’s easier to do that then take a hard look at the facts and face the truth. The truth is these defenders are going to hell right alongside their favorite wolf, unless of course they’re in the “all means all” broad road club. That road, the road that leads to destruction, seems to be overflowing these days. I guess destruction has taken on a whole new meaning.

I wonder what their definition of narrow means? Better yet, I wonder what they think the word “few” means? Few certainly can’t mean all……..can it? I guess it depends on what dictionary you use and what wolf you listen to.

It’s wearying dealing with some of the sycophants and stalkers the articles presented here seem to attract so, onto the changes I’ve decided to make due to my pathetic Indian friend.

You’ll now be required to register with WordPress prior to making any comments on this site…..the comments sections from all articles prior to September 7th 2009 are now closed and each article will only have a 7 day shelf life comment wise. Comments will also be restricted to the topic of the opening post……..and any corrections made had better be scripturally based and not ones opinion otherwise your comment will be deleted.




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