Let’s Discuss The Greek Orthodox Church!!

Hosting a blog like Theology Today sure brings out the goofballs. It’s funny how the majority of the goofballs like to talk about “courage” and “integrity” yet never seem to have the courage to use their real name or even provide a valid email address….

Check out “John’s” complaint or better yet his attempt at misdirection……

Apparently “John”, who last week posed as “Renee” doesn’t like the fact that I decided to take his/her advice and view a few of T B Joshua’s YouTube videos, and after viewing said videos I decided to post them here for the readers to view for themselves……and instead wanted to know why I don’t talk about the Greek Orthodox Church here at TT.

According to “John” something is awry here at TT……here, I’ll let “John” tell you;


I didn’t expect you to let the post go through Mr. Naessens . That’s too dangerous for you ’cause people are gonna know your true motives. It was to inform you that there are folks who see you in your true colors, though they have chosen to let you alone and let God judge you.

For your information I am making it my business what you do with God’s name and you might have to answer this comment in other websites whether you like it or not [if you refuse to interact, that will simply be justification of the truth…. fancy that ?]. It won’t be wrong to post this same thing on other blogs [with a little editing] and direct the questions at you publicly since I have done it first in your own blog and you had no guts to even publish it.

And I don’t fancy giving my mail ID to men like you… got it ? I suspect you were expecting to charm and convince me in some way how in one way or the other you were doing what I was asking and also not to post comments not related to the topic.. I think you are the best judge as to how many off topic posts you have allowed to go through. So don’t fool yourself by pretending you deleted my comment because it was off-topic… you and I know you deleted it because it was exposing you. The advantage of dealing with men like you is because you have a lot to fear from men while we have none. You are always fearful that your religious masks make fall off. The difference between us is you seek praise from men while we seek praise from God.

Bye bye !

Supposedly, John know’s my true motives and reasons why I don’t discuss the GOC here at Theology Today…….I can assure you “John” doesn’t have a clue as to why I don’t discuss the GOC here at TT……

“John”, in a previous deleted comment, claims there are “errors” within the doctrines of the GOC yet wasn’t specific as to what those errors may or may not be, so I’m going to give “John” and anyone else for that matter an opportunity to bring those errors to the forefront in this posting.

For those of you unfamiliar with the GOC and its beliefs, please see the following link as it gives a fairly good overview as to what the GOC practices and believes.


One last thing; If you fail to give a first and last name as well as a valid email address your comment will be deleted.

This should be interesting………..and if any of you who comment do your research I’m certain you will find the following Scripture applicable;

πασα ψυχη εξουσιαις υπερεχουσαις υποτασσεσθω ου γαρ εστιν εξουσια ει μη υπο θεου αι δε ουσαι υπο θεου τεταγμεναι εισιν ωστε ο αντιτασσομενος τη εξουσια τη του θεου διαταγη ανθεστηκεν οι δε ανθεστηκοτες εαυτοις κριμα λημψονται οι γαρ αρχοντες ουκ εισιν φοβος τω αγαθω εργω αλλα τω κακω θελεις δε μη φοβεισθαι την εξουσιαν το αγαθον ποιει και εξεις επαινον εξ αυτης θεου γαρ διακονος εστιν σοι εις το αγαθον εαν δε το κακον ποιης φοβου ου γαρ εικη την μαχαιραν φορει θεου γαρ διακονος εστιν εκδικος εις οργην τω το κακον πρασσοντι διο αναγκη υποτασσεσθαι ου μονον δια την οργην αλλα και δια την συνειδησιν δια τουτο γαρ και φορους τελειτε λειτουργοι γαρ θεου εισιν εις αυτο τουτο προσκαρτερουντες

8 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss The Greek Orthodox Church!!

  1. Hi John,

    Phil here! I want to see the errors within the GOC and since you seem to whine and cry that I pick on everyone else and seem to leave my “backyard” alone…..do you see any from the list I provided?

    Deal with post if you can John otherwise simply go away…….


  2. Alright you phony.. be prepared to answer the questions and some more in other websites. You are the one who seems to be disagreeing with the orthodox Creed on issues like baptism etc ..actually it’s gonna be a lot easier exposing you on neutral grounds than in your own blog where you can edit, manipulate or delete anything you like. The question is not on the doctrinal issues of the orthodox creed but on the leaders who do not live according to it… capice ?

    Your little scheming attempt to pin the allegations on Creeds won’t work on other blogs .. ekekekekkek !! It’s a nice feeling to learn that you spent so much time trying to find an escape route to protect your ego.

    cya !

    • Hi

      Dude! I can’t wait to answer your questions on “nuetral grounds”………..I mean I really can’t wait!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to let me know where these questions are so I can answer them and then you’ll find out where I differ with the GOC………..a FACT they already know:-)



      BTW: Now your IP is from Germany? Before it was from MI………before that from Korea………….you are very clever!!!!!!

  3. BTW the questions won’t focus too much on how you differ from the GOC but rather on why you ignore and defend the errors within it.

    • For the record Mr. Naessens doesn’t ignore errors within the church John. He just doesn’t do so on a internet web page but rather does so in person. I believe you need to learn more about the situation before you make accusations, especially when they are untrue. You see Phil, John is a perfect example of whats wrong within Christianity. My meaning? There is no fear of God in men like John. Men like John make false accusations against others publicly without any knowledge whatsoever. Men like John prefer to accuse rather then take the time to gain a knowledge and understanding of the circumstances surrounding how you decide what does and does not appear on your website. Christians don’t lie and deceive others while attempting to point out errors but men like John seem to not have any problem doing so. Men like John are described wonderfully by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ throughout the Gospels as liars, brute beasts, whitewashed tombs and blind guides. By John’s attempts at correction he indeed becomes a teacher and one that will face a stricter judgment whether he likes it or not. Again, men like John have no fear of God nor His judgment and will continue his destructive path until either God steps in to correct him or God ignores him.

      See you in class Monday Phil!

      • Dude!

        Well done on the English and well said!!!

        John really knows nothing about the GOC nor does he care to know. He’s only interested in getting me to shut down TT because I hammer his heroes…….like I hammer you for praying to yours. Ooops, did I just speak against the GOC and one of their beliefs on this site.

        Anyhow, thanks for the defense Dude! I appreciate it and I appreciate having you in my life whether you pray to dead guys or not!!!!


  4. Hi,

    Please be specific as to which errors I “ignore” and “defend”? You will be specific won’t you? You do have facts to validate your allegation that I “defend” and “ignore” errors within the GOC, don’t you?

    Since you know this blog so well, study the GOC doctrines and then search the site…….you might get your eyes opened because John, you don’t know what you are talking about.


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