Would the Bereans Throw Mark Driscoll Under The Bus?

Mark Driscoll
Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is getting roasted again. Now that his sermon from the Crystal Cathedral has been published the Online Discernment Ministries have been taking apart his 20 minute or so message labeling it, and him a FAILURE (source). You can listen to message by pressing the link below;


I urged folks on an episode of the Phil Naessens Show to wait until we heard what Pastor Driscoll had to say before passing judgment but it looks like some chose to fire away at their favorite target without having all the facts. (source)

Apparently this wasn’t the only message Driscoll delivered that day, a fact my dear sweet friend the Desert Poser Pastor conveniently omitted in his hit piece that I linked to in the opening paragraph. This is what Driscoll had to say regarding the topics of his TWO messages;

The Hour of Power

On Sunday, June 14, I preached two sermons at the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. The trip went well. I paid my own travel expenses and preached without an honorarium as a way to ensure I was just serving Jesus. Everyone was super kind and allowed me to preach Jesus without edits. The sermons will be broadcast to 12 million people nationwide on the “Hour of Power” TV show, so please pray that people meet Jesus. They don’t have a firm date yet for when the show will be broadcast, but we’ll let you know on the Resurgence and on my Facebook and Twitter , so keep checking back. My first sermon was on Jesus’ claims to be God, and the second was a brutal tour of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in our place for our sins.


I suppose taking the five or so precious seconds to do the research takes a back seat when someone has an agenda…..surprise surprise huh?

Apparently the anonymous blogger was upset with Driscoll, not so much with what he said but apparently what he didn’t say…….I’ll let the Desert Poser Pastor tell us;

Glossing over sin, hell, the righteous of God, the damnation of the sinner, the wrath of God against all unbelievers, his audience could go away comforted in their feel-good religiosity. They were able to go away thinking what a great guy Jesus is. They walked out knowing that Driscoll by his silence on what really mattered fully endorsed the ministry and the false gospel being spouted by Schuller and his cohorts. The evil one and his minions delight when the message is confused, and this was certainly NOT a straitforward call to repentance.

All this in 20 minutes as well as teaching (correctly I might add) who Jesus was and is? This Desert Poser Pastor must be some phenomenal preacher unlike the rest of us mere mortals. I don’t suppose The Desert Poser Pastor has any of his latest sermons available so we can learn how to better communicate the full Gospel message in 20 minutes or less each and every time we step behind a pulpit……..

Like all of us Mark Driscoll has his share of faults and failures but the above message isn’t one of them. He planted seeds that day and lets hope and pray that some of those seeds hit fertile ground……..and please let’s wait until Driscolls other message is aired and test it against Scripture before we call it, and him, a failure as well.

I know it isn’t the ODM’s way but it certainly was the Bereans way……..and I like the Bereans way much better……….don’t you?

Act 17:11

Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Based on the 20 minute sermon I heard I don’t think the Bereans would have thrown Driscoll under the bus but they were only  concerned with the message lining up with Scripture and not personal agendas…….or blog hits or whatever guys like The Desert Poser Pastor seem to be interested in……

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