Did Jesus Rise From The Dead -Dr.Bart Ehrman Vs Dr. William Lane Craig Debate

We’ve been talking about debates the last couple of weeks around here so I thought I would show you what a “real” debate looks like. Please enjoy this amazing debate between Dr. Bart Ehrman and Dr. William Lane Craig as they make their cases as to whether or not there is historical proof that Jesus was raised from the dead.

Did you enjoy this as much as I did?

What did you learn from this debate?

Who do you think won the debate and why?

These two men are in the major leagues while I’m still struggling to hit the curve ball in AA…….and until I get off my duff and get that Doctorate I’ll be stuck in AA…..education has nothing to do with Christianity but it has everything to do with debating at this level……..

Some find it amazing as to how Ehrman could have so much education and come to the conclusions he has……..don’t be amazed……..there are plenty of Bart Ehrman’s in the world……..maybe even behind the pulpit of your place of worship…….Seminary doesn’t prepare you for much else so lots of guys just preach what they were taught and keep the rest to themselves…..

I look forward to your thoughts!