Robert Begnaud and Fast Food! New episode of the Phil Naessens Show

On this weeks show I finish up the Robert Begnaud expose as well as talk about one of my favorite things….American fast food!

Robert Begnaud’s newest article can be found here;

Esquire Magazine’s list of the best and worst restaurants in America can be found here;


2 thoughts on “Robert Begnaud and Fast Food! New episode of the Phil Naessens Show

  1. Hello,

    Robert does listen to the Phil Naessens Show!!!! And, he’s responded of course to my debate challenge………..

    Since it appears to me that Phil Naessens has been giving the impression to everyone that I will only agree to a private unmoderated debate, well let me dispel the notion. What I won’t agree to, is a pre-orchestrated debate were the outcome is predetermined; a debate where Phil can dictate the rules and throw up smoke screens to avoid the truth. I won’t be a part of a packed audience full of Phil’s associates and a bunch of post-puberty – college smart – egotistical students – probably skulls full of mush who haven’t learned yet that their parents were actually right! You see, Phil appears to me as one of these college professor types, who really love to act cool and culturally relevant to the “kids”, never raised any of his own, but he can sure sit back tell others how! Public or private makes no difference, I wouldn’t dream of not allowing the exchange to be viewed by anyone interested, online from anywhere in the world; I don’t know how more open, honest and upfront I can be! Phil’s college wisdom and superior intellect VS my uneducated – just read my bible and believe in Jesus – wisdom. Should be a pretty easy win for Phil, wouldn’t you think?

    And then again; what would we debate? Debate on whether I lied or not, I could dispel that foolishness in a simple phone conversation, if Phil was interested, but he is not! Perhaps we could debate on the notion that a “lone wolf” equals a “cult leader”? That too, sounds way to simple and not even worthy of the time. Perhaps we could debate on Phil’s doctrine of “to God thru education” VS my doctrine of “to God by faith”? Then again, I don’t think that Phil would admit that he is teaching this, even though he is, in many ways.

    By the way, what went through your mind and heart when Michael Jackson died at the young age of 50? I’ll tell you what went thru my mind and heart; I thought, what a waste, look children, this is what you get when you live your whole life in the pursuit of fame and fortune, living in selfishness, not having anyone there who you will receive correction from! Completely out of control! What a great lesson for anyone who should idolize this wicked man and a sad reproof for his family! What was Phil’s first comment? Can’t remember exactly, but it kind of went like this “What a loss of a great musician we have experienced today”! That should tell you everything you need to know about the difference between myself and Mr. Naessens! Now I ask you, which of us do you want teaching your children’s “Sunday school class” anyway?

    Robert Begnaud

    “Can’t remember exactly but it kind of went something like this”…….typical Robert Begnaud accusation taken out of context…..for what I said and why Michael Jackson was even mentioned on the show at all please listen to the following broadcast;

    Robert doesn’t want to debate…….he only pouts like a puppy and makes assumptions and insinuations without ANY facts to back him up………..again very typical……..and once again ZERO source links so his readers can verify if what he’s saying is true………see for yourselves;

    Goodbye little child of “god”………I’m done with you!


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