Nursing a Church Hurt Part 3: Robert Begnaud is at it Again!!

Poor Robert Begnaud……..the self proclaimed “little child of God” is continuing to be dishonest with the facts and in typical Begnaud fashion is attempting to manipulate his readers into believing his “Why is everybody always picking on me” shtick that seems to be a lifestyle choice for this 48 year old “father of a large family who works for a living” (source)

See that Mr. Begnaud…….I WANT my readers to visit your site and read your own words for themselves…….it’s a pity you don’t.

Mr. Begnaud produced an audio on July 5th 2009 making several statements that he was asked to back up with PROOF that what he was saying were true which were;

1) When has Phil ever criticized a small family Church because they are small?

2) When has Phil criticized a small family in a house?

3) Where has Phil stated that Mr. Begnaud is “not legitimate” because he’s small?

4) Where has Phil stated that Mr. Begnaud is “ridiculous” because he’s small?


To this date he hasn’t offered any PROOF of his claims…….and instead accused me of then claiming I called female blogger Ingrid Schlueter an “egotistical jackass”. Apparently he “discerned” that from an episode of the Phil Naessens Show found here.

This statement is baffling;

Oh yea, I pleaded with them, I tried to explain my self, all to no avail; the more I tried to defend myself, the more rabid they became; I all together despaired of trying to convince them and left their blog!

Take a look at the following comments from each of the posts regarding Mr. Begnaud and you please tell me who it was that became “rabid” and if this is what he considers “explaining himself” in the immortal words of Desi Arnez “Robert! You have some ‘splaining to do”!

(source) (source)

This statement was also a doozy……

When one is accused of lying there are several steps that must be taken, first you verify accurately what is being said, you make sure the person didn’t have a typo or you misunderstood entirely what they said. Secondly you make sure that what is being said is true or not,  truth is not an opinion, it is not a spiritual discernment, that would be my spiritual take on it versus yours, truth must be clearly, without question, facts versus untruths.  And thirdly you must establish the person’s intention to deceive.  That means a person must know that he is lying – which would establish his intention to deceive. Mobs of people who don’t like you never do this, they have their feelings to rely upon, they don’t care about the truth, they don’t carefully study your exact words to see what you said or what you meant,  they just pick up stones and start throwing!

Oh, I get it now…….because Robert doesn’t KNOW he is lying regarding his statement that I called Ingrid Schlueter an “egotistical jackass”, even though it’s clear to everyone but him (source) then it’s not lying eh?

This last bit still leaves my head a swimming;

I implore, any member of this mob, anyone who can finally come to their senses, anyone who really wants to know the truth, call me, if you want face to face, ovoo or skype me, or come knock on my front door. None of these mob members are interested in this, that is why I know that they are emotional wrecks, they aren’t interested in the truth, just their feelings;  these folks could never be a good parent to any child, I wouldn’t let them baby-sit my children; yet this is the internet and they can say what they want and I am not at liberty to counter it with truth.  I am not afraid to face them, why are they afraid to face me?  The reason they won’t face me, is they want to believe their lie! You see my reasoning skills are far greater than theirs and face to face I would back them in a corner and they would have to admit that they were wrong.  These guys are never wrong, they have their feeling to back them up! Don’t listen to them, they don’t know me, neither do they like me, nor can they judge what they don’t want to know or understand!

Judge rightly Kids!

Yea, your reasoning skills are far better then “ours”……OK, let’s say for the sake of argument Robert’s reasoning skills are superior to any of the folks involved in the comments…..but I can say his character needs some tweaking in the areas of honesty and integrity…….have a look at those emails where I stated I would debate Robert providing some reasonable conditions…….and his response was simply out of this world……..and I said goodbye to him. (source)

It’s a shame Robert doesn’t have the courage to actually point his readers over here so they can see who the “them” are……..and to see their boy in action defaming and libeling “pleading”.

Never wrong eh Robert? At the beginning of my last show I admitted to being wrong (source) and I’ve publicly admitted wrongdoing on this blog (source) (source). Me thinks you should replace that rage of yours with research…….whadya think Robert?

I think the one afraid of the truth is Robert J. Begnaud……..wait, I forgot….”Why is everybody always picking on me” sounds better then admitting you are wrong eh Robert…….and it reads better too, huh?

Judge rightly Robert!


15 thoughts on “Nursing a Church Hurt Part 3: Robert Begnaud is at it Again!!

  1. Phil, Robert hijacked your “kids” saying. Too funny. Or maybe in Robert’s own words in his article A Critical Spirit…..”People criticize what they want to control or play a part in”. Hmmmm.

  2. Phil, I’m sure you are seeing the pattern. I noticed how much you source linked so ANYONE can check out the issue. However, guys like Mr. Begnaud & people from the hyperpret camp have the same pattern of NOT sourcing. They intentionally only supply their audience snippets & do not allow them to read the full context. It is uncanny how this same practice is employed by these people.

    • Hi,

      This is the latest rant from the fingertips of cult leader Robert J. Begnaud;

      Opps! I guess these people have finally caught me in a lie! I am going to say something else, and apparently, I already claimed that I was writing the last word. Ok I guess they caught me after all! (tongue in cheek) Well, I hope you’ll forgive me, but I really do mean it this time, this is it, this is my very last word, outside of a miracle!

      Phil, I have not listened to, nor will I listen to any of your audio pods anymore, “Oh Brother” was the last one. So you can say what ever you please, because I am not listening! You or your ambassador and me – audio – video – or in person, no boo-hiss black ducks allowed – equal ground – put up or shut up! As I previously said, I will back you in a corner and force you to admit that you are wrong! My children are dying to hear you explain why their Dad is a liar and unfit to teach them about God or be their “Pastor” as you put it. As a smalltime Texas ODM recently said “We are not obligated to answer you anything!” So see ya!

      I wonder if he allows his children to read this site…………..somehow I doubt it.

      Robert wants a private unmoderated debate…….he really is delusional. Here’s my answer to Robert on his “Debate” challenge;

      Proverbs 26:4 NIV
      Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.

      I’ll continue to expose this cult leader but as far as debating him what would be the point? I’d rather debate someone like Don Preston or Bart Ehrmen……..people that actually know what they are talking about then some dude who doesn’t even know what language the Bible is written in………

  3. CHICKEN !!

    If you don’t have the courage to publicly face him face to face, delete this blog and go play tennis and wear a skirt.. that goes for all your fans.

    Men like you always find a Bible verse to make excuse for your follies.

    >> Proverbs 26:4 NIV
    Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.

    Does Proverbs 26:4 teach that you should avoid a man to man debate and yet cowardly hide behind the web and answer ( which is all you have been doing, making sure you quote him in detail) a fool according to his folly ?

    This proves only 2 things :
    1) Your hypocrisy because you quoted a Bible verse that says NOT to ‘answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself ‘ to avoid a face to face debate yet all the time doing that very thing behind the safety of the internet.

    2) If Begnaud is a fool then you are one too per your qoute ( Proverbs 26:4 NIV
    Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself). You maybe using the term ‘exposing’ but a child can see you are ‘answering’ a ‘fool’ according to his follies.

    • Chicken? Put on a skirt and go play tennis? That seems awfully unChristianlike Amy. Aren’t you the one that chastised us in another thread about our conduct and there you go setting a fine example of what a hypocrite looks like. Thanks for that Amy.

      I think you are confused here so let me clear something up for you…….I’m the ONE that WANTS a public debate…..its Robert who DOESN’T want this……..not me. He’s the “chicken”…….not me Amy. He wants to keep everything private so he can yell kick and scream because that’s what little children do…….he doesn’t have the courage to face me publicly nor the experience to debate me……..not to mention the fact that his biblical understanding is ZERO……..and when I kindly proved that to him on my other site he deleted the posting and the “debate”…………

      You see Amy, Robert Begnaud is an accuser of the brethren and a false teacher………and along the way we discovered he is a liar and manipulater who only seeks to cause division in the Body…….

      I’m quoting Robert because of his history of deleting statements whenever things get too hot to handle……..

      Actually I exposed the public teachings of a false teacher………..purely biblical BTW………and now I’ve answered you for the last time………

      I’m afraid the only coward here is Robert J. Begnaud……..and possibly you Amy as I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t sign your name and gave a fake email address……..

      Farewell Amy


  4. geeee… so sorry !! how careless of me !!

    I stand corrected.

    I should have said : ” If you don’t have the courage to PRIVATELY face him face to face, delete this blog and go play tennis and wear a skirt.. that goes for all your fans.” The rest of my statement stands.

    You said “Robert Begnaud is an accuser of the brethren and a false teacher………and along the way we discovered he is a liar and manipulater who only seeks to cause division in the Body……”. From what I’ve seen so far in this blog I don’t see you bringing ANY unity to the body either. Almost every article is about accusations and attempts to manipulate others into believing YOU are better and KNOW more than the other person. Your accusals put you under the same umbrella as the one you are accusing. Now who is the hypocrite?

    BTW if you don’t like to wear a skirt, ACT like a man and face Robert Begnaud man to man instead of gossiping behind his back on the internet OR if you don’t have the guts to do that, stop gossiping like a harlot.

    Lets see if you have the courage to publish this . I doubt it very much judging by your attitude.

    Phil: Hi Amy (Vens, Nicky and an assortment of names you’ve used over the years) I thought this might be you:-) How are you these days?

    Actually Robert was the one gossiping and refusing to face me like a man……but you believe as you wish…….

    BTW: When are you going to face me like a man instead of being anonymous on the Internet……….

    O pot……..the kettle is calling:-)

    Have a nice day:-)


  5. I thought as much. I knew right from the beginning that you were a phony.
    You didn’t have the guts to face a man and now you don’t have the guts to publish my post. That’s typical of men like you… you always back down when someone calls for a showdown.

    Shying away from a man is one thing.. but how does it feel to back down from a girl with your tails between your legs?

    • Hi,

      Actually I did try and deal with him privately……..I published the emails demonstrating this………..

      I certainly haven’t backed down from Robert Begnaud……….or you either……….and who’s the gutless one here “amy”……….you’ve never had the guts to face me like a man and I doubt that will ever change……..

  6. You claim I chastised you and your pals on another thread.. that is not true. I was expressing my disgust over people like you who pretend to be holier than others and have nothing to show or prove their holiness.

    You maybe write in saying it was unChristianlike when I told you to wear a skirt and play ball if you don’t have the guts to face a man but yet gossip on the net like a HArlot claiming you are exposing a false teacher. A Real MAN and a true minister would rebuke a false teacher in the face when challenged not Back down like a dog and talk BIG on the web. You see, unlike you and your company of hypocrites, I don’t claim to be holier than others so I use unholy words because people like you disgust me.

    Again I don’t think you will have the guts to publish this post so I’ll take leave by saying if you don’t change your ways, I’d like to send you a nice skirt (second hand) if you’d mail me your address. This is a real email ID.

  7. Hey All,

    You are aware that “Amy” isn’t a “girl” right? This is what a very wise lady shared with me last night;

    “Phil, no woman would ever tell any male to wear a skirt as that implies that women are weaker then men and no honest woman believes this”.

    Welcome to the Internet my friends…… can be anonymous and be whatever you want to be………..too sad………


  8. BTW a woman who says ” no woman would ever tell any male to wear a skirt as that implies that women are weaker then men and no honest woman believes this” is a LIAR . Woman do tell men to wear a skirt if they think he’s a sissy. Honest women do believe than women are weaker then men because that’s a fact. Your very wise lady doesn’t sound wise at all Phil.. will you tell her that ? she’s a hypocrite just like you 🙂 savvy ? maybe a she-male as well … hmmphhhfftt.. just kidding.. plz don’t tell her that..

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