The Truth About Robert J. Begnaud; New Phil Naessens Show

The show was taped on Saturday night prior to my discovery that Mr. Robert J. Begnaud had removed everything from his site…….so at the end of the closing music I’ve added a few thoughts this morning……..the show is at the link below;


8 thoughts on “The Truth About Robert J. Begnaud; New Phil Naessens Show

  1. Robert has responded and I have to admire his consistency, meaning he consistently misses the point…… case he removes it here it is below.

    Just wanted you to know, that I decided to take down the other posts and the audio on the Phil Naessen controversy. This site is NOT an attack site, it is a site about a very straight way which I will continue to contribute to. Outside of a real miracle, I am done with Theology Today. I did what I did to reveal the true face of two people, Phil Naessen and Steve Lumbley. Now that I have no doubt where they stand and whom they serve, a great burden is release from my shoulders and I can go on. I am not Phil Naessens, Steve Lumbley, John Coleman or anyone else’s judge, the Lord Jesus, whom I serve is! I am sure the Lord is quite capable of doing his job. If the Lord decides against me, than so be it, I have dealt honestly with these men unto this moment, and I am briefly saddened, yet relieved to find out that they are against my soul. Unlike Phil Naessens or Steve Lumbley, I have to obey the Lord in my dealings with others, if their followers are unwilling to hold them accountable, then let the blind lead the blind and they will all fall in a ditch. I am not going to sue anyone for slander and neither would I even bring up the possibility as Phil Naessens did. I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to protect my right to free speech as an American, unless God instructs me otherwise; I am not afraid of anyone, but God! May the Lord have mercy on Phil Naessens’ and Steve Lumbley’s soul, in the name of Jesus, Amen!
    Robert Begnaud

    That’s it huh? I noticed that you didn’t put a link up to point those who stumble across your site what the “controversy” was all about……..gee……….wonder why……

    All that huffing and puffing, foot stomping and pouting for nothing eh Robert?

    I must say that in the 29 month’s of this sites existence I haven’t seen anything quite like this………..if I wasn’t dead sure you were serious I’d think I was witnessing an episode of Punk’d………

    So, where do “they” stand and “whom” do they serve Robert? How can you be so sure of this?

    How do you know “we” are against your soul Robert?

    How did you reveal the “true face of Phil Naessens and Steve Lumbley Robert? Maybe in your own mind you did but I have to say there was much revealed about the true face of Robert Begnaud………

    When you lied when you claimed I called a female blogger “an egotistical jackass” were you obeying the Lord Robert? That was a lie Robert and I hate to break it to you but when you lie you aren’t obeying the Lord at all Robert (John 8:44).

    Ah, hiding behind freedom of speech are ya? Silly me……..I didn’t realize that slander, libel and defamation of character were protected under the 1st Amendment…..


  2. I have tried to be nice to Robert because I viewed him as a fellow Christian. I wasn’t going to even respond to his last comment because I went to his site and saw he had taken down everything. I thought it was over. Stupid me. Robert emailed me Sunday morning and it was actually a nice email. He thought he was banned from Theology Today because his last comment to me wasn’t posted . After coming to this site I emailed Robert explaining to him that his comment was posted and that Phil lives in Greece so there is a time delay and then I told him I had no hard feelings and wished him well. No hard feelings even after he insulted me here and after he posted those insults on HIS website and after he used my full name there. On August 1st I too received an email from Robert directing me to his site to see the rebuke of Phil. It was the same email Roderick received. Now, Robert has my personal email but this was emailed to undisclosed recipient. I am a member of the ning site which is where Robert saw my name and unfortunately probably where I live. Robert has my personal email because we communicated before. He made a comment on Mike Ratliff’s site and I made one back. Thinking it was a little harsh I tracked down Robert’s email and sent an apology to him. He was gracious when he responded so I emailed him back. When I emailed him back I mentioned Steve’s site Apostasy Watch as a site I loved foolishly thinking that Robert was like Steve. He emailed me back and had some things to say about Steve. I knew then they had had some problems. NOW I wish I would have saved that email. At this point I don’t know whether he was unburdening himself or playing me hoping I would tell Steve what he had said. On August 3rd I emailed Phil telling him of my dealings with Robert and mentioning that he and Steve had problems in the past. August 3rd was before anything about Steve was mentioned on this site so how would I know that piece of information except from Robert. You go too far Robert. Repent. Here’s a public notice to you Robert. Take my personal email out of your computer. Do not contact me again. On your site you have now added John Coleman to your list……that’s rich. You have a problem with everyone except Robert Begnaud!!!

  3. ……… and to think you call yourselves christians… how sad…what a shame.
    You all bring nothing but shame to christianity. ughhhhhhhhh……

    • Hi,

      Did you listen to the show? Have you followed along the other threads to even see what type of “ministry” we are dealing with here?

      I gave Robert Begnaud the platform he had been dreaming of and he shot himself in the foot…….and as long as Robert Begnaud has a public “teaching ministry” then his teachings are open for scrutiny and critical inquiry……just like anyone else including me………

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Dear Amy,

    What about this exposure of Mr. Begnaud isn’t “Christian” in your opinion Amy? Robert Begnaud is a liar and manipulator Amy and if you read his latest rant it appears he is threatening Phil by stating he would “back you (Phil) in a corner and force you (Phil) to tell the truth”. What does that sound like to you Amy? Does that man sound like a Christian to you Amy?

    Amy, this man appears unstable and possibly violent to me Amy. He also seems very confused and I’m glad Phil has the courage to expose these types of people before they become like David Koresh type cult leaders.

    You need to wake up from dreamland Amy and understand that this type of exposure is vital to the Body of Christ.

  5. Dear Phil,

    I googled Robert Begnaud’s name and found my way here and lol I see Robert hasn’t changed much since I knew him. Robert briefly attended our fellowship for a short while years ago and attempted to pull the same stuff he has here.

    Robert Begnaud is a schoolyard bully as witnessed by his “back you into a corner and FORCE you into admitting you are wrong”. It looks like Robert still believes only Robert is correct and everyone else is wrong, at least it’s so in his world.

    I see now he wants to “debate” you alone without witnesses, big surprise there. This way Robert can yell and scream and you won’t get a word in edgewise. That’s not a debate that’s a dictator trying to dictate.

    Robert has a wife and five daughters. See for yourself how he feels about women and you will see why none of them know anything about this site.

  6. Amy is right…you all seem to deserve each other. How tragic to think that people, who have eternal lives, are using their brief time here to tear eachother apart…All people that the Lord Jesus died for. All parties seem to think they have the moral authority to judge the intentions of their fellow saints hearts. Who is the accuser of the brethern? Shall we try to act godly or like a bunch of spiteful brats. Lumbely seems to be involved in so many of these that one cannot help but think he is the tare.

    • Hi RJ,

      Maybe “Amy” is correct but “Amy” and his opinion doesn’t mean squat around here considering this is probably the 11th tag name he used here……Amy seems to take the side of ANYONE I stand against.

      Steve Lumbley isn’t a tare……at least not in my eyes. Perhaps rather than just tossing out an allegation why don’t you elaborate for us why you believe Steve is a “tare”. By elaborate I mean give evidence we can see with our own two eyeballs and not just your anonymous opinion.



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