Nursing a Church Hurt Part 1

My main goal in exposing David Norris publicly was to get him to repent of his deception…..obviously that hasn’t happened as of this date. My other goal was to warn the Body…….specifically those who either linked to Norris or were involved with Norris….there’s a few still linking to Norris and they’ve been warned….now it’s between them and God.

One of the by-products if you will of Dave Norris’ exposure was the people writing to me privately claiming to be teachers of the Gospel. Some even had hit lists of Pastors and Teachers they felt were false teachers but never seemed to be able to demonstrate for me the teachings they considered false.

Basically they wanted me to take their word for it and accept what they were saying at face value which is contrary to what God’s Word commands us to do in 1 John 4:1-7. That’s what we will attempt to do here today with one of the men with a “hit list”, Mr. Robert Begnaud. The article I will test is ironically titled “Test the Spirits” and can be read in its entirety here. I urge each of you to read the entire article as in the interest of space and time I’m only going to hit the highlights.

The article begins with the following statement;

In this article I am going to explain how to test or try the spirits to see whether they be of God or not. One thing I can almost guarantee, you probably have never heard what I am about to say because you have been listening to the “theologians” rather than a little child in the Lord. I know I have the spirit of God in this, go ahead, study your bible, check me out, prove me wrong. If you realize what I am saying is true, then you can obey the Word, and not me, and you will NEVER be under a false teacher again! Our main text is found in 1 John 4:1-7; I hope that you will read it completely and carefully, because every word in these verses are compiled of the same thought, there is no change of subject from verse to verse, it all adds to and addresses the same subject. Following this text, we will take it apart and explain each thought, backed up with other scriptures, so that you will see not just myself, but scripture interpreting scripture.

The first thing you must understand here is Mr. Begnaud’s absolute disdain for what he considers “theologians” and you can listen to him expand on this here.  Also please understand that the “little child in the Lord” is Mr. Begnaud. This is very important as you will see.

I would like you to believe a little child in the Lord on this, don’t listen to Mr. Theologian, he is completely wrong in his explanation of this. His explanation simply states that a person must confess that Jesus has come in the flesh. Oh how deep! What a rich spiritual understanding! Let me explain the meaning of this: The scripture here states it different than Mr. Theologian, listen carefully, “every spirit that confesseth” not mouth. How do you hear a spirit talk? And what does it mean for a spirit to confess that Jesus has come in the flesh? Well as we previously stated, out of the abundance of the heart, from the things known by the spirit, does the mouth of a man speak.

Don’t believe them (Mr. Theologian) believe a little child in the Lord (Mr. Begnaud).

The Apostle Paul had this to say regarding this matter;

Romans 10:9-10 NKJV

that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

I guess we shouldn’t believe the Apostle Paul either huh Mr. Begnaud?

Now who would “Mr. Theologian” be? Here’s a good indicator my friends;

The “leaders” of Christianity today, those who have a following, have worked hard to get people to believe in them, they have worked hard to establish themselves as those who speak for God, you are not going to pry that out of their cold dead hands, now are you? These men are greedy dogs, they are afraid to try other men, what if they find out that the man they are trying is of God? Does that mean they will have to share the money? Does that mean they will have to share the glory? What a blow to think that you have worked so hard, put yourself through seminary, only to be supplanted by some young upstart that doesn’t know half of what you do!! These are the thoughts of unfaithful men, these are the thoughts of worldly men who have escaped having their own spirits tried, men who want to be the head of the church, rather than Christ; these men are of an antichrist spirit, they do love their own lives, unlike Christ! They do not allow buying and selling from men who do not have the mark of the beast, the number of man, written in their foreheads or right hands; these men do not trust God; they put their confidence in the arm of the flesh and violence against their brethren!

Many questions come to mind from the above statement…..specifically;

Who would these leaders be? Got any names for us Mr. Begnaud or is this a blanket condemnation of anyone with a following?

How does Mr. Begnaud know the thoughts of these “leaders”? Is he reading their minds or putting words in their mouths to fit an agenda?

Who would this “young upstart” that claims to be able to read minds and hearts be Mr. Begnaud?

Mr. Begnaud then offers the following;

“I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.” (Joh 4:38 AV)

The idea that someone else would benefit from their labor, is repugnant to them, they hate this, like all wicked men hate it. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual; in this world men are against trade, so they are called protectionists; any economist worth their salt could tell you that this does not lead to wealth, but poverty.

Mr. Begnaud has a disdain for “theologians” and this seems to be the basis for this entire article. He has pretended to read the minds of the “leaders” he claims a disdain for and invented thoughts he has no way of knowing and then runs to his concordance to locate a bible verse to back up his vivid imagination and say “see, listen only to me and not them” yet won’t publicly identify who the “them” are. That’s not a good way to test the spirit but it sure is a good indication of the spirit behind Mr. Begnaud’s article huh?

As if the above wasn’t bad enough it gets worse;

“There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.” (Pr 11:24 AV)

Do you want to know why Christians are so spiritually impoverished today? I am hitting on the mark right now, are you listening? The greedy leaders are afraid to allow trade, they think their won’t be enough for them, so instead they are impoverished!

Again, who would these greedy leaders be that you so ably and confidently read their minds and hearts Mr. Begnaud? Who was specifically not allowed to “trade” and by whom was this denied? I think I know the answer to who wasn’t allowed to “trade” but I’m dying to know who wouldn’t let you preach or teach Mr. Begnaud!

The gist of this article is simple. Don’t believe them believe me! Of course Mr. Begnaud doesn’t tell us who the “them” are so the reader is forced to wade through the subtle manipulations, the blanket condemnations, Mr. Begnaud’s mind reading skills and his vivid imagination that his use of the concordance conveniently validates and draw their own conclusions. I find this unacceptable and highly hypocritical as he pouts that there are “leaders” afraid to allow trade yet he wants anyone that stumbles upon this article to stop listening to everyone but him……at least that’s what it looks like to me.

There are two spirits at work today…..the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error (1 Timothy 4:1) and it’s those spirits that John is asking us to test in 1 John 4:1-7.  Please also remember that we are only ordered to test the spirits behind this article and not Mr. Begnaud’s salvation. Let’s look at Mr. Begnaud’s opening statement again and after careful testing and evaluating you see if Mr. Begnaud taught his readers how to “Test The Spirit”;

In this article I am going to explain how to test or try the spirits to see whether they be of God or not. One thing I can almost guarantee, you probably have never heard what I am about to say because you have been listening to the “theologians” rather than a little child in the Lord. I know I have the spirit of God in this, go ahead, study your bible, check me out, prove me wrong. If you realize what I am saying is true, then you can obey the Word, and not me, and you will NEVER be under a false teacher again! Our main text is found in 1 John 4:1-7; I hope that you will read it completely and carefully, because every word in these verses are compiled of the same thought, there is no change of subject from verse to verse, it all adds to and addresses the same subject. Following this text, we will take it apart and explain each thought, backed up with other scriptures, so that you will see not just myself, but scripture interpreting scripture.

After reading the article and listening to the audio I linked to Mr. Beganaud is quite obviously nursing a church hurt. Someone has wounded this man deeply and I’m very sorry for this but the simple fact remains that Mr. Begnaud is manipulating his readers, his listeners and most importantly his very own family into believing a fantasy he has created which includes placing motivations and thoughts into people that he couldn’t possibly know……

I think it’s time for the “little child” to grow up don’t you?

In part 2 I will further demonstrate how Mr. Begnaud manipulates facts and re-invents past history in order to “rebuke” me……..


25 thoughts on “Nursing a Church Hurt Part 1

  1. Phil,

    I just returned from the site you directed us to and read where this gentleman now claims the “NT wasn’t written in Greek” and that the originals were “lost”. Where are on earth do you find these guys Phil?

    I also had the misfortune of listening to the rant he directed at you Phil and I’m sorry about that. I followed the two of yours exchanges at your other site and he’s being less then honest here and that is scary.

    Want some advice Phil? Leave this nutter alone and get back to doing the work God has given you to do. This Begnaud character is only harming his family and virtually no one else so just let it go and let him believe whatever he wants to believe.

  2. Hi,

    Yea, the “Spirit” must’ve informed him the NT wasn’t originally written in Greek…….sometimes I just shake my head.

    He also nattered on about “debating” him and me saying that debating him was asinine……..what he left out was that he wanted to take on me and Pastor John Coleman because, in his own words “you two should make mince meat out of me”…..and that’s what I called asinine.

    What I will do is most likely publish our entire email correspondence and let you all be the judge of who’s “boasting” and I will be chopping up his audio and responding on a special edition of the Phil Naessens Show!

    BTW: My saying I speak Greek ain’t bragging……its a FACT and if I only spoke with people that could speak Greek the that would eliminate all of my contributors and darn near everyone else I work with in ministry……..his claim of “tearing me up” is bragging and boasting….I’ll let you all decide when I publish the emails in the special edition show notes.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi All,

    Robert, in typical fashion, has removed his statement that the NT wasn’t written in Greek and the manuscripts were lost…….this was in response to my latest Phil Naessens Show “Oh Brother” found at the following link;

    I think if I were Robert I’d remove that audio bible study from July 5th because he’s going to look pretty silly when I publish the emails that clearly demonstrate he’s completely off his rocker…… well as when I resurrect the Theology Today Show to carve that “bible study” up like a Thanksgiving Turkey clearly demonstrating, with his own words right alongside the emails, what a manipulative little liar our “little child in the Lord” really is…

    Stay tuned……..


  4. OK – I’ve listened to some of the broadcasts of Robert Begnaud.

    He believes that people will search him out to see if he is telling the truth because of Phil. So, I’m doing just that:

    I would like to see some answers to these statements Mr. Begnaud if you don’t mind?

    1) When has Phil ever criticized a small family Church because they are small?

    2) When has Phil criticized a small family in a house?

    3) Where has Phil stated that Mr. Begnaud is “not legitimate” because he’s small?

    4) Where has Phil stated that Mr. Begnaud is “ridiculous” because he’s small?

    You’ve made some allegations Mr. Begnaud that you need to back up with some proof….so we can see just who’s telling the truth.

    And for your edification Mr. Begnaud, I don’t have a degree in theology, and yes, I’m a nobody.

    So, would you’ll be so kind to show us some documentation for these claims because I would really like to see if your statements of fact are valid.

    For those here – if anyone would like to hear these claims, they are about 16 minutes into the broadcast.

    • Hi,

      Thanks! Me too…….but somehow I doubt it because Robert has, for whatever reason, created a caricature of me in his mind that allows him to hate me when he doesn’t get his way…..sad, very sad.

      This is from his comments yesterday prior to removing them regarding my latest show “Oh Brother”;

      Answer to Phil Naessens regarding his audio entitled Oh Brother.
      I don’t know at this point whether Phil is lying or whether Phil just doesn’t have a clue where I am coming from. That is why I wanted to discuss this matter in a video conference type of format, which Phil claimed was “asinine” on his public forum. It is much easier to confront deceptive practices and logic in a face to face exchange. Again Phil is trying to read my mind and group me with others, as he says “those kind of people”, grouping me with Dave Norris and others he has disagreed with over the years. I assure you that I do not rely on “the spirit” only, as Phil claims, I do believe the written word can demonstrate whether one is of God or not, just as the Bereans did; I do hold to a reckoning of truth with God given reasoning and logic. If Phil had superior truth by his theological studies, he failed to demonstrate this to me in the exchange we had on his forum. Phil again, is attempting to read my mind, judge my motives, which he cannot possibly know, I assure you he is wrong, I live in my body and mind, not Phil! BTW the New Testament was not originally written in Greek, we do not have the originals. Speaking Greek means NOTHING unless you are being taught by the testifier of Jesus Christ, even the Holy Spirit. I have no problem with Phil’s Greek training, but I do have a problem with the pride, demanding that others also know Greek, in order to understand God’s truth. Sure wish that Phil would just keep it simple and we will see who is lying and telling the truth, just one simple thing I am wrong on, keep your opinions to yourself, JUST ONE THING I AM WRONG ON. No don’t go for the “pride” thing, that is your opinion, and mine of you, JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE PHIL, ONE SIMPLE THING I AM WRONG ON!! OK? MY SIMPLE THING? YOU IGNORE THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS! “Be not called teacher, rabbi, master” You give John Mcathur a pass and everyone who commits this SIN. Disobeying Jesus our Master, is Sin! Why don’t you rebuke those who disobey Jesus? You claim I got nothing? I just gave you something! ONE SIMPLE THING PHIL! You can’t do that Phil or you will be found out.

      One simple thing Mr. Begnaud? Answer Dorothy’s questions with PROOF of what you’ve stated on that audio………

      Oh, BTW: You may have removed your “The NT wasn’t written in Greek” statement but I have you saying it on the same audio Dorothy is questioning you about………

      Here is from today’s ramble;

      Answer To Phil’s Audio “Oh Brother”

      Phil, you are a liar and a manipulator, or you are just so completely blind and deceived that you cannot see the trees for the forest. I cannot answer every misrepresentation that you are making, to many! , gets confusing to even try. You want to compare me with Dave Norris? Ok, make it simple Phil, WHAT IS MY SIN, OUTSIDE OF YOUR PERVERTED JUDGEMENTS? You claim that I got nothing on John Mcathur? Wrong! Here it is, simple and to the point. John Mcathur disobeys Jesus, the one he claims to serve, by disobeying the following scripture:

      But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ. (Mt 23:8-10 AV)

      John Mcathur allows himself to be called “Doctor” and has himself as the head of “Masters” theological seminary, John Mcathur is disobeying Jesus and that is SIN, Phil!

      I knew you wouldn’t play fair Phil, you can’t allow me the opportunity to defend myself, you cannot play on my level, that is why I wanted a face to face exchange with you, because if you try to lie, I am going to call you out, if you misrepresent the facts, I am going to stop you, if you demonstrate hypocrisy, like accusing me of reading minds and then you do the same thing to me, I am going to call you out on it! Listen to me you religious Pharisee, hypocrite! You cannot carefully defend each point you are making, if each point is carefully scrutinized, you got NOTHING but your perverted, self-serving opinion. That is why I am asking you, just ONE sin Phil? YOU GOT NOTHING! And all the while you feel sorry for me and my children, you care about my hurts; yet my children are being saved and your children are going to hell! Wisdom is justified by her children!

      Why don’t you go find a true false teacher to expose, someone more on your level, you clearly don’t understand me!

      Robert Begnaud

      Me thinks I hit a nerve……….

      Play fair? Liar and manipulator? I can prove what I say Robert……..can you? Unlike you Robert I have the discipline and the Spirit of God in me to see this through………wait until you and others hear your LIES about me from your audio………


      • Hi,

        Robert has “responded” to this article yet hasn’t answered any questions I’ve asked……..

        Dear Phil Naessens,

        In response to your article, Nursing a Church Hurt Part 1: I stand by the article and everything I have said. I do want you to notice that you must read my mind in order to condemn the article I wrote “Test the Spirits”. You presume that I am reading minds, yet you must read my mind in order to condemn the article. First off, let me say, I am reading no one’s mind, I have a gift of discernment, I can listen to what is being said by an individual and get a picture, to one extent or another, what is coming from their hearts; when I am unsure, I try to provoke a response to clarify my concerns. Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”; now I believe you would say “where are all the religious leaders saying “I AM THE CHRIST, WORSHIP ME!?”’; yet I would say, they speak such things all the time if you just listen close enough and properly add up the sum of what is being said. I have NEVER claimed superiority to Paul the Apostle, neither do I claim to be anything, just a servant of righteousness, I do believe the very scripture that you quoted, however, one scripture does not stand alone when another scripture is there to define it or add to it or explain it. In Romans it is written

        How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath believed our report? (Ro 10:14-16 AV)

        They cannot hear without a preacher and they cannot preach except they be sent. I do not believe that you or your preachers are sent, the foundations of true Christianity are broken so what can the righteous do? Therefore your children are lost, unless the Lord becomes a father to the fatherless and individually shows them mercy that they may call on him in TRUTH. Truth is not a writing to be studied by scholars, but a person, even the person of Jesus Christ, you cannot call on whom you do not know, it must be spiritually reveled and discerned. Do I want people to listen to me? Of course why not! I have something to say and I believe every sincere believer should consider it, I believe the Holy Spirit is and has spoke truth in my spirit.

        You feel sorry for me, and you are willing to dismiss everything that I say and chalk it up to being hurt? I notice on your shows, you are always referring to others as “kids”. Ok, you are the parent and I am the “kid”, right? In my opinion you are an abusive parent, you feel sorry for me, yet will and can do nothing for the hurt that people just as yourself has caused. You aren’t concerned for me Phil, nor do you have any answers, you just want power, you want the kids to be afraid of you! You are an abusive parent, you really aren’t concerned whether Dave Norris repents or not, you just want him gone in shame, forever! However, let’s just assume for a minute that you are right and I am hurt. Now go and close your psychology book for a minute and let’s discover persons in the Bible that were really “hurt”. Oh did you guess!? Yea! Jeremiah! Ever read Lamentations? Jeremiah was really hurt by the religious leaders of his day. So let’s say I am hurt, now what? Get lost? You have no anwers for my pain! One thing I can guarantee, we are living in such a time as the time of Jeremiah to a tee. I pray all the time, there is no one that has hurt me that I am not willing to forgive, I want to be pleasing to God, and I know what I am saying is true. It is Jesus that said we must become as a little child to inherit the Kingdom of God, not my words.

        Sincerely Robert Begnaud

        Why would I need to read your mind when I can read your actual words and listen to your audios Robert? I don’t have to invent a “Robert” like you need to do with me………

        My use of the word “kids” in my show is sorta like saying “dudes” and sometimes I’m actually speaking to kids because I know that the kids from my tennis academy listen to the show……….sorry if you find this unacceptable……..

        Actually Robert I’m very concerned for you…… concerned that despite being warned by many to avoid you I tried to help you…..and unfortunately those who warned me were right……..oh well.


  5. The other day when I went to answer your “Oh Brother” audio, I had a problem with my website and I lost my first response so I had to give another, I am not ashamed that I do believe that the Septuigent was not the original document. Whether the Apostles originally wrote in Greek?; I didn’t think that they did, if you say that they did, why should I care?, I don’t intend to learn Greek, I’ll check in to it though and if I am wrong, I stand corrected. You see Phil, that is the way I am, if you can prove I am wrong about something, I don’t have any pride that demands that I am right on EVERY detail about the facts. The fact that you would point at this and jump and say, “SEE, SEE, SEE.. WE GOT HIM!” That is where I see you as small and immature. I never claimed that the “spirit gave me these facts” that’s your twist of the matter. But I do know this by the Spirit of God, learning Greek and Hebrew means NOTHING, knowing The Word of God, Jesus Christ and being led by The Holy Ghost means EVERYTHING. Phil, I would like to know who told you to ignore me, I would like to rebuke this person publicly, that is a SIN Phil. I always did know this, now that you publicly admit that you do talk with others behind my back, things that you don’t want to say in public, you let the cat out of the bag, now tell me who Phil! Was that person Steve Lumbley? Can’t think of anyone else you may have talked to recently that knows about me. This is sin for a host of reasons, my site is dedicated to this very subject, God’s Love. My, what a bunch of back stabbers! Dorothy, I do believe that Phil has eluded to this on more than one occasion, I will go back through his audios, if I can still find them and get back to you. I believe on one occasion the comment came in the original Dave Norris expose audio, I am not sure, but I can assure you that I did not make this up. Please Phil, tell us all who told you to ignore me, contrary to scripture?
    Robert Begnaud

    • Hi Robert,

      You have made several accusations against me that you had better back up…….how many people did you notify that you “rebuked” me? 1? 2? How many?

      See we got him? Dude, can you read? I’ve placed before you several questions regarding this article BEFORE you made that silly statement about the NT not being written in Greek……..I just love how you make statements you haven’t even taken the time to research………The NT not being written in Greek is just plain silly Robert……..

      Robert, I support house churches and in fact prefer them to larger churches…..its the way it was done in the early church…..I have NEVER spoken against home churches and never will…….

      You’ve made a PUBLIC accusastion that you don’t know if you can find? That is bearing FALSE WITNESS and you had better be able to back up each and every statement you’ve made my friend……because making public accusations against others is a sin my friend……..not to mention actionable………..and no I WON’T BE SUING YOU…………


  6. Robert Begnaud,

    So, let me see if I get this straight. You teach a Bible Study on July 5th 2009 where you have made many statements about me……you publish this Bible Study at least three weeks later. Was I present at this Bible Study? Weren’t you talking behind my back Robert?

    When you wrote to me with your “hit list” NAMING pastors that you felt were “sinning” did you copy them on the email? Did you inform them you were discussing them with me? Weren’t you talking behind their backs Robert?

    So, its ok for you to “talk behind other’s backs” which you’ve clearly done but its not ok for me to talk about you with people who’ve had dealings with you?

    I’m starting to get a picture here.

    When you privately made claims about me to your family then publicly shared these claims did you base these allegations on what you believe or what you know? I know you believe you don’t need to know EVERY detail about the facts but shouldn’t you know every detail about the facts before you make accusations against a Brother in Christ Robert?

    The picture is getting clearer.

    Now I get it……..I’m finally understanding you. It’s OK for YOU to talk about people behind their backs buts its not OK when they discuss YOU. It’s OK for YOU to have opinions about others buts its not OK for them to have opinions about YOU. It’s OK for YOU to point out the errors of others but its not OK when others point out YOUR errors…….

    The picture is really getting clearer now.

    Its OK for YOU to have opinions about textual criticism in regards to languages you know nothing about but its not OK for those who actually know the language to have an opinion because it disagrees with YOU. Its OK for YOU to claim that you have “the Spirit of God” but its not OK when someone else makes the same claim and differs with YOU.

    The picture is ready for publishing now.

    Make sure you bring those facts to back up your claims Robert. Not your allusions but facts to back up your statements………you have until Wednesday night 11pm your time to do this.


  7. Phil it is up at my site “Phil says I am a liar” go check it out if you want. And regarding your above comments, Are you serious? You think that I cannot have a private conversation with my family? And that is a fair comparison to your conversation with Steve Lumbley about me? Wow that is really messed up! For your info. Steve had a relationship with me, he didn’t like what I said and no longer would return my emails, I have had several phone conversations with Steve and he
    has sinned against me by not being honest with me and rather ignoring me! Now you didn’t deny it was Steve, so I think I am probably right. This is wickedness for a host of reasons, and by the way, you may want to listen to Steve Lumbley’s audio entitled “Bible translations” if I understood him properly, I do believe that he said that we do not have the original documents anymore, but good evidence for them. I have never taught an entire series on Bible translations, it isn’t a problem for me, so I haven’t concentrated much effort on the subject. So you want to make me an offender for a word? What I said looks to me now to be partly wrong, but didn’t change one thing about the substance of what I was saying. So go ahead, laugh and jeer – whatever!

    • Robert,

      How do you KNOW I spoke to Steve Lumbley Robert? In fact since the publication of this posting I’ve received plenty of e-mails regarding you Robert………..

      Just because I refuse to name my sources isn’t a denial Robert……..its called ethics Robert.

      I will be out on the courts for the next 4 hours and after I will be responding to your latest “facts”……..I work for a living too………

      While I’m out learn what the word “context” means so I won’t have to waste too much bandwidth explaining it to you……


  8. I’ve just returned from a week out of town and I see my name has been dragged into this conversation by Mr. Begnaud. Please allow me to set the record straight.

    At one time Mr.Begnaud did attend our Apostasywatch online bible study & fellowship. We did have several phone conversations over the course of a few months.

    I did a bible study touching on the subject of election and predestination. This caused a great division in our fellowship and I decided to drop the subject for the time being rather than risk a permanent divide. This is a topic that theologians have debated without resolution for many years. It is not a salvation issue but rather a secondary issue that we may not fully understand this side of eternity. I felt it would be beneficial to move on to other topics more important to the Christian growth of the group.

    After this incident Mr. Begnaud called me and was unhappy with the way I handled the situation. He told me that he could have done a better job of addressing the issue than I did. He wanted to speak on the subject during our next bible study. I told him no and gave my reasons as I have outlined above.

    Soon thereafter Mr. Begnaud called to inform me that he would no longer be attending the bible study. I told him I was sorry to hear that but if that was his decision, then fine. I wished him the best and that was that. He decided to break fellowship with me. Since that time I have continued to receive the occasional email from Mr. Begnaud but I have not felt led to respond to any of them.

    Mr. Begnauds claim that I was not honest with him is untrue. At the time he attended our fellowship I was aware of a few doctrinal differences between us. I chose not to make these differences into major issues out of a desire for unity in the body not because I was hiding anything.

    Roberts problem is that he is unable to distinguish between primary doctrinal issues and secondary doctrinal issues. Any deviation from his doctrine is a cause for separation in his mind. The slightest difference in belief gives him occasion to beat up the offender without mercy.

    For the record I did not tell Phil to ignore Robert – but I do think its good advise.

    Titus 3:10
    A man that is an heretick (schismatic or factious) after the first and second admonition reject;

  9. Great! I am pleased to find out that Steve Lumbley is not talking behind my back, he says it, I cannot refute it, ok, I guess I have to accept this. However, Steve Lumbley is very confused here about the issues. I did say that I could handle the issue of Calvinism VS. Arminian better than him. I may have been wrong on that, however, only the experience would convince me otherwise. If Steve Lumbley believes that this is why I stopped attending Apostasy Watch, he is wrong. If Steve Lumbley would have stood in there and challenged me with truth, rather than ignoring me and my emails, I would have responded differently. I am not going to fellowship anyone who is unaccountable to the reasoning probe of truth. The emails that were ignored, were not on this subject at all. My memory is not perfect, but I do have a sense of what happened. The Scripture is very clear that a minister of Truth is to act honestly in the site of ALL MEN, that, I believe, would include me. I am not really sure that I called Steve on this subject, it seems to me that I emailed him, I can assure you that I would never quite under such circumstances! The reason that I quite is because I believed that Steve was being dishonest with me. He choose to ignore me rather than answer me ! When someone does this, it is the worst insult I could receive! I would never consider fellowship with such a man! I believe Truth is exactly that, and the only people that don’t have it, is because they are not seeking it, they are dishonest (hold the truth in unrighteousness), TRUTH HAS ANSWERS when heard by the non-delusional, unbiased minds. If I have truth, I expect a unbiased hearing, and if not, I have an internet site to help level the playing field! BTW the emails that Steve Lumbley decided to ignore had NOTHING to do with the subject at hand, if Steve claims that he would not let me teach on Calvinism VS. Arminian, and that is why I left his fellowship, he is either to busy to care or he is lying, I would never do such a thing! I would suggest to Steve, if your philosophy is not to ignore Robert, that you email me and work this out! I sent you money, not because I thought you were “worthy” as you claimed, but because I know you are doing this for a living and I wanted to act in a way that showed a love for the brethren. I was offended by your claim that I sent you money because I found you worthy, as in Abraham’s tithe to Melchizedek (I realize that I did not make this known at the time), I was offended when you compared yourself to Moses, I told you so and you didn’t answer. I am not going to be involved in building your glory, Steve, I am about God’s glory. Now I haven’t said everything here, but I can assure you that I do not love my life unto death, and I am not afraid of anyone but God. If you want to walk with the “big boys” then please do ignore me, if you want to please God and walk blameless, then write me and work it out! I will NEVER submit to the Nicolaitans again, I can assure you of that! And why is it that all you loving Christians keep referring to me as “Begnaud” and you refer to “Naessens” as Phil? You aren’t showing preference there are you?

    • Robert,

      Why is it OK for you to write to my friends and contributors and only God knows who else, complaining about me without copying me on the email (talking behind my back) and its not OK for me to write to people inquiring as to who you are and what they knew about you?

      Also, do you view other Christians as your Brothers and Sisters in Christ? Would you consider them your “family” Robert?


  10. Mr. Begnaud,

    I am under no obligation to respond to you or anyone else. You broke fellowship with me. That was your choice. Since then you seem to want to continue in an adversarial role. I am not interested.

    The teaching I did about Moses was not about me. I was not comparing myself to Moses. Your are the only one who thought that.

    I never did any teaching that had anything to do with you sending me money. I never talk about donors or donations to this ministry. You seem to think everything is about you. It isn’t.

    This is the last time I will respond to you on this forum. I’m sure you’ll want to get the last word so go ahead. I’m done

  11. Yes, I know Steve! Let me do a every odd thing here and compliment someone who, I believe wants me six feet under right now. Yes you got it, I am talking about Phil! See, I respect the fact that Phil is willing to stand up and go to the mat with me, I think he is way off, however, I respect that. When people who claim to be servants of God, like Steve, a watchman like Ezekiel, can’t stand, wears his feelings on his shirt, probably has a don’t mess with Texas sticker, doesn’t need to answer questions from people he sees below him, I don’t respect that. The reason I brought up Steve’s name is because I believed it was in his character to talk behind my back, based on his actions thus far, I still think that. I can’t stand phonies, just can’t tell the truth, to you’re face they are one way and behind your back they are another way. And BTW Phil, I have been answering your questions and your charges that I slandered you. I am sorry that my answers to you were not adequate, but they were honest, true and I do have a right to my opinion, that is called “free speech”. You are beating the air when you twist my words and misrepresent what I am saying, I have appealed to you in the past, please keep it simple and direct. You ask simple questions and I will give you simple answers. You demanded that I answer you and I answered you to the best of my ability and I still believe that I am right. I NEVER have said anything to anyone about you that I won’t say to your face, in public. I received an email from Roderick, he asked me simple questions, and I gave him simple answers and he did not write to me again. Never was I able to find the email addresses for the individuals at your site, I have no idea how Roderick’s email ended up in my address book. When I realized that Roderick was one of your contributors, I thought that maybe he was writing me to ask questions, because you may have asked him to, maybe you wanted to catch me in a lie; I don’t know of any other persons that are your contributors in my address book, I would be surprised if there were. It is funny how you big guys are so touchy when you deem that others are playing unfairly, you are so ethical sensitive, especially when dealing with small guys like me, but when no one cares or is watching, you do whatever serves the size of your back side. You guys ought to take your instructions from Jesus, rather than politicians and pollsters, you are a bunch of political hacks! Why is it that you attribute your own idea of a motive to everything I do? If I took something off my site, your site, you won’t just ask me why I did it, you read my mind and tell everyone else why I did it! I am just waiting to hear how you are going to play one line here and there of my audio, make me sound angry and unreasonable and tell everyone else what I mean by what I am saying, production style no doubt, I completely trust in your ability to paint me into whatever corner you want to, that’s what you learn in Journalism school, does that make you right? If you can show me one simple misstatement of the facts in anything that I have said or written, I will retract it ASAP, I don’t claim to be perfect, I realize I can make mistakes, I know you do not like the picture I paint of you in that audio, but that is the picture I have and I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are entitled to yours, yet you have a big influence, I have none, why are you so worried about my little obscure audio anyway? May I remind you Phil, that you are the first one to make public some of the contents of my private emails to you, I believe I was very respectful and nice in public on your forum, you were the first to come out with threats to expose me, I said “go ahead, you got nothing” and you didn’t do what you said you were going to do for weeks, so I decided to leave for reasons I previously stated. But that wasn’t good enough for you, you decided to mock me, I guess you wanted to provoke me, I can only think that you see yourself as suceeding at this. You started this Phil, I don’t like bullies very well. You see when I was a little boy my mother told me that I would be dipleasing Jesus if I fought with other boys who bullied me, she taught me to “turn the other cheek”, it was tough for me because I was one of the physically stongest boys in school, in the sixth grade, I could beat every boy, including my male teacher in arm wrestling, yet out of obedience to my mother’s instructions, I used to let other boys far weaker than me, beat on me. I don’t believe that anymore, there is a time to stand your ground and fight, and there is a time to turn the other cheek and except shame and humiliation, I only hope that I made the right call on this one, as I already said, I did pray about it and believed it was right to proceed. So far I am learning alot and I am sure that I am going to learn more as this goes on. You are beating the air Phil, keep it simple, if I have made a mistake of any consequence, I’ll correct it. And BTW if Roderick wants to enter into judgement of me and get my respect, he needs reasons and not adhomenum like statements lacking logic “a lone wolf equalls an occult leader?” John the Baptist came out of the wilderness where he was alone, Paul the Apostle did not go to those who were apostle before him, he went to a place where he was alone for 3 years, Elijah said “I am alone here and they seek my life”. That is a stupid statement that you cannot defend. Why can Roderick call me a “cult leader” and I can’t call him “high” brow? Double standard!

  12. Hello Mr. Begnaud,

    Quote: I do believe that Phil has eluded to this on more than one occasion, I will go back through his audios, if I can still find them and get back to you.

    Me: I don’t want aluded’s to this. I want to see statement’s of Phil’s to back up your statements. Pretty simple.

    As far as Phil’s audios – I do believe I’ve listened to all of them and not seen anything YOU alude to.

    I’m done with this conversation until you come forth with documented proof to substantiate your claims or you repent.

  13. Ok, more details on the email Mr. Begnaud sent to ME. I did NOT send him ANY email about TT or Phil. Mr. Begnaud initiated that. If Mr. Begnaud is on some other mailing list, it is possible but the email I received from Mr. Begnaud was specifically about TT & Phil. The full, unedited email exchange is as follows:

    — On Sat, 8/1/09, Robert Begnaud wrote:

    From: Robert Begnaud
    Subject: Phil Naessen Betting Six Grand on the failure of others!
    Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009, 3:25 PM

    Robert Begnaud here,
    By the way, if you are a proclaiming Christian and even more a minister of Jesus Christ, don’t do this, and if you do, don’t brag about it to others, it may get out!
    Phil Naessen of Theology today is publically rebuked. and click on the Public Answers Tab on the left.

    You will notice that the recipient is as “undisclosed” which is what is typically displayed when a person “blind copies” multiple people. The email wasn’t specifically to me.

    Now, my reply, in full unedited:

    Re: Phil Naessen Betting Six Grand on the failure of others!
    Saturday, August 1, 2009 4:36 PM
    “Roderick Edwards”

    “Robert Begnaud”

    I don’t know the details — please fill me in. Were you a contributor to Phil’s website or something?

    Note the time difference. Mr. Begnaud sent his email at 3:25pm. I replied at 4:36pm the same day.

    Lastly, Mr. Begnaud’s reply, in full unedited:

    Re: Phil Naessen Betting Six Grand on the failure of others!
    Sunday, August 2, 2009 8:05 AM

    “Robert Begnaud”

    “Roderick Edwards”

    No Roderick, I found Phil Naessen as the Dave Norris problem was being exposed by him. I started exchanging emails with Phil and joined his debate forum, had a few exchanges with Phil and realized that he found me incapable of speaking in his forum because I do not speak greek. He threatened me publically, said he was going to expose me as a false teacher, I said I am waiting, never happened, so after some time I finally decided to leave the forum, when he sent me the email bragging about the six grand he had won in a bet with his buddies. I believe that true Christians don’t act this way, I talk alot about this on my website, I have never done this before, normally I just turn the other cheek and go on, I have had far worse things happen to me by the hands of proclaiming brothers, I prayed about it and finally decided to let it publically be known. Phil has written to me since, thinks my rebuke is funny and notes that I did not ask him to repent, I told him I didn’t believe that it would be in the cards and told him, I did want him to repent.
    Ok, there you got it!

    Thanks for writing
    Robert Begnaud

    As Mr. Begnaud indicated I did not write him back. I did however go to his site to see what he was about & as you can see from my comments a few comments up, I was not impressed. But NOW, it is not just an issue of this man’s false doctrine — he has been CAUGHT in & out & out LIE. He presented it as if I initiated this discussion about TT & Phil. Mr. Begnaud, you need to repent AND also repent to your family. This is ANOTHER reason you have no business playing “pastor” to your family. What do they say about you lying like this??? Do you even allow them to read this blog? Or do you spoon feed them your side of it? And don’t try to claim you were “confused” or didn’t recall the details. You were specific before, no weaseling out now.

  14. Hello,

    Robert Begnaud has removed the offending audio as well as his “rebuttals” from his site……….just as I knew he would……..all will be explained on The Phil Naessens Show that will be published, as usual, at 10am each and every Monday morning………12am PST, 3am EST……


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