Nelsons Illustrated Guide To Religions by James A Beverley


I’ve recently joined the Thomas Nelson Blogger Book Review team and I selected the book Nelsons Illustrated Guide To Religions by James A Beverley. I’m very glad I did!

The book dubs itself as “A comprehensive introduction to the religions of the world” and that is exactly what this book is. Each “religion” featured is handled in a concise compact easily readable style that takes the reader on a journey from the beginnings to the current status of the particular “religion”.

This book isn’t a book you will read from cover to cover nor do I believe it is intended to be however its easily readable style and interesting facts made this a difficult book for me to put down.

It’s clear that Mr. Beverley has spent the majority of his life studying the major and minor religions and how they compare with Orthodox Christianity. He’s pictured with spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama (p63) which lends credibility to the author. I like the fact he attempts to personally interact with the leaders of religions that differ from his own.

With the Internet being such a valued tool in today’s world I liked the addition of websites at the end of each section. This allows the reader to investigate further without just accepting what’s presented at face value. This is very important to me and I’m happy to see it’s important to Mr. Beverley as well.

This book has become an important part of my ministry and I wholeheartedly recommend Nelsons Illustrated Guide To Religions by James A Beverley to anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of religions of the world.