I’m Cutting Off The Gloves and Calling It A Day For Theology Today

I’m a big fan of professional boxing. I’ve been one for most of my life. At my home in Las Vegas I have a huge video collection of all the great prize fights. One thing a fighter will say to his corner men when he’s had enough is “Cut off my gloves”.

It’s time for me to cut the gloves off so to speak…..at least as far as Theology Today is concerned.

There are some in my “corner” that don’t understand my decision…..but they aren’t the ones taking all the shots. Especially the low blows I’ve received over the past few weeks because of my stance regarding “anonymous” bloggers in blog-o-world or my attempts to convince some within “blog-o-world” to actually behave ethically and to at least act like Christians.

There are others in my corner (one in particular) that have personally witnessed the low blows I’ve encountered when the anonymous cowards are shown their own despicable behavior in the mirror…and rather then step in the ring with me they prefer to anonymously write the resort that houses my tennis academy or attempt to contact the Seminary I teach at clearly demonstrating for me and those around me what I’ve been saying all along…..that they are nothing but cowards hiding behind computer screens posing and pretending rather then defending and contending.

The low blows so to speak don’t really bother me all that much…..but they do bother those that love me (one in particular) and its really for this reason I’m cutting the gloves off so to speak. The tears in her eyes from all the “low blows” were too much for me to take….and clearly something she didn’t sign up for. She wasn’t part of the cost I counted when I started TT and had she been around then it would have been a mutual decision to even start it…..and it was my decision and mine alone to cut off the gloves…..

So what’s next?

I won’t be shutting TT down as that would give my opponents a victory they didn’t earn…..but outside of book reviews I’ve been asked to do and to inform you all of the latest Phil Naessens Show you won’t be seeing anything new here….at least not from me.

I really want to thank each and every one of you readers for your support these last couple of years…..it’s meant a LOT to me to have you here.

God Bless,

Phil Naessens


16 thoughts on “I’m Cutting Off The Gloves and Calling It A Day For Theology Today

  1. Wow, I’m really sorry for the pain that has been caused you and yours by other blogosphere inhabitants. It is a sad day. God Bless you.

  2. Brother, I meant what I said. I will truly miss you. You are truly a gentleman and a faithful warrior for Christ. I count it a privilege and a pleasure to know you through Theology Today. God bless you!

  3. This makes me sad Phil. We need people like you on the internet. There is very little accountability on the net and a lot of hiding. Being mean or nasty or just ignoring “sin in the camp” seems to be the order of the day. I’ve been hit with disillusionment these last couple of weeks and a little anger, although it has been oddly freeing. The church is a messy place even among the ” truth war” tellers. Oh well, the Lord will sort it all out one day. God Bless you in whatever you decide.

  4. Hi Phil,

    I don’t know you that well, and despite our own ’bouts’ in the ring, I hope you believe me when I say I wish you the best in what you do.

    Sharon aka Shirley

  5. WOW, I was really looking forward to reading future posts from you. I wish I had known about your site before. I like the fact that you appeared to know what you are talking about, but did not come off as preachy or religious. Hope this is not the last we hear from you, Phil. May God keep you and bless you and your loved ones.


  6. Dear Phil,

    I am sorry to hear this and sorry for the pain this has caused your loved ones. I am in sgreement with Dee Dee, however. Pray more on it. But wherever the Lord leads you, I wish you the best.


  7. I usually keep my eye on your site, so will miss this pressure gage in the boiler room of the Christian internet! However I understand, and even Jesus took time off to recuperate! Rest well and know that God Loves you! Gk

  8. I’m sorry to hear about this, Phil. Your blog has been an invaluable resource for showcasing the errors of the Hyper-Preterist cult. IMO, a steady stream of info is needed to alert people of this new theology. I sure hope you re-consider putting those gloves away for good.

    Peace & Health,


  9. Phil,
    I’m sorry to hear this as well but I know exactly what you mean. There are days I think about not writing another theological article. We need more REAL Christians to stand up to the thugs that claim to be “Christians”. You know, it isn’t the atheists & the pagan religions that get to you — it is when people claim they are Christians but do not behave or believe anything like ANY kind of of expression of Christianity.

    Take a break. Do something different. Spend some more time with your wife.
    All the “wise in their own eyes” thugs will always be around. Anyone can jump into the ring at any time. These thugs are like a Soap Opera — you can turn it off & turn it back on years from now & the story line will be the same.

  10. Phil Naessens, 6-16-09

    You should quit doing apologetic work if it is done in the flesh.
    People like you and Mike Oppenheimer who refuse to take correction
    should get out of ministry. If you do not know Baptists in America
    lack obedience, get out of ministry until you can see why they do not.

    Romans 11:20-22, 2 Timothy 2:11-14, 1 Timothy 4:1-3, 2 Thes 2:1-3
    contrasts the ever popular OSAS heresy made famous by Calvinists.

  11. Good for u.Atleast,this will give u time to think and know the real motives with which u are doing this ministry.Many u ave hit,likewise have felt the same way too,with the ver unkind and unfair things u ave said about them.including many of ur associates.
    Pls use this time to pray for those u feel are not christians toooo.
    God bless u and ur family

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