Terry Durham; 11 year old “Preacher” and “Prophet”

Let’s keep in mind that 11 year old Terry Durham is not at fault here. Below are my thoughts about this.The kid dresses better then Creflo Dollar and he whoops and hollars just like a COGIC preacher. Unfortunately styling and profiling ain’t ministry.

At least the dad’s honest enough to admit he’s in it for the money. Sadly he’s pimping his kids like a “hollywood stage mom”. Not good.

They claim he’s able to “heal” yet the kid says when he grows up he wants to be a Dr. Even Terry Durham knows he can’t heal. Maybe Todd Bentley should listen to the little brother instead of the guys he’s been listening to.

Zero documentation regarding alleged “healings”….we’ve seen this before huh?

Pray for Terry and his brother and the rest of the Durham family!


6 thoughts on “Terry Durham; 11 year old “Preacher” and “Prophet”

  1. Hi Phil,

    Well, it made me really sick when Terry’s father talks about how much money Olsteen makes and says he believe Terry can make more. How sad it that? It’s all about the money.

  2. There are some that are inspired, anointed, and sent by God but there also many that shall come, and shall deceive many and without the Spirit of truth dwelling in you, you will be deceived.And please don’t put every COGIC preacher in the same category because some do preach the word as they are anointed of God, without the emotional,entertaining, whooping and hollering accompanied by background music.

    • Hi,

      I wasn’t being derogatory in regards to COGIC preachers and I am very sorry if it came across that way. I know many fine COGIC preachers and I know they don’t all whoop and holler.

      Please forgive me for my silliness!


  3. Tragic, Tragic. no one knows what this young man’s life will become. They have found a new hustle and meal ticket. Where was the boy’s mama at? Big mama and the boy’s daddy with criminal records…More money than O’Steen? Lil Man Of God?

    What’s his test scores like? What’s his grades like in school? Big mama can’t talk. But he’s called of God. This is the greatest travesty on earth since the doughnut man stopped pulling through our neighborhoods. They are going to bust hell wide open!

  4. That poor child. I feel so bad for that little boy. He’s being used as a hustler for the benefit of greedy, convicted dogs.

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