The ODM World’s Silence Speaks Volumes….at least to me

Last night I was thinking about the events of the past few weeks and one of the questions that have been asked the most is;

Where are the ODM’s and why aren’t they publicly condemning the aberrant behavior of one of their own?

I find myself asking the same question.

So where are they?

Where are those people supposedly called by God to be soldiers in a truth war when there is a liar in their midst? They certainly are vocal when criticizing the various ministries they disagree with but seem to remain silent when open unrepentant sin is discovered in their own camp.

O, you hear from them when they need money or when they are featured on one of their friends radio shows or if you misspell the name of their ministry yet rarely if ever do you hear a peep out of them when one of their own has failed in his or her Christian duty.

Dare to criticize them or one of their friends and you will absolutely hear from them……LOUDLY! Some of them will question your salvation while others will write hit piece after hit piece condemning you to hell because you have dared to hold them accountable yet when one of their own plagiarizes others work and deceives the Body we don’t hear a peep out of them?

Some of these ODM people are awfully good at separating the wheat from the tares (which isn’t their job BTW) yet can’t seem to separate from an open unrepentant sinner among their own?

If one of their favorite punching bags pulled half the crap that Dave Norris did they would all be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the furious pounding of their keyboards from publicly condemning this man for weeks and probably months after yet nothing is said publicly in the matter of Dave Norris.

Don’t these people love Dave Norris as they would love themselves? Don’t they want to see this man repent? Don’t they love the Body of Christ enough to use their large platforms to warn the Body of this massive deception and demonstrate clearly how sin is supposed to be dealt with? They don’t seem to have this problem with those they disagree with now do they?

Someone suggested to me via email the other day one of the reasons we haven’t heard a peep out of the larger ODM’s was because they aren’t interested in seeing their personal targets repent or even seeing the followers of said targets repent but are only interested in making a name for themselves by targeting people more famous then they are.

I dunno but something isn’t right here.

Shouldn’t the repentance of the wayward be first and foremost behind all that we say and do when we write to expose false doctrine and sin? Some of the ODM’s scream bloody murder when one of their targets, some of whom they don’t believe to even be Christian, fail to preach repentance yet aren’t publicly calling for the repentance of one of their own?

I find that highly hypocritical don’t you?

Maybe in their eyes its more important for us to learn about the latest “clown church” or someone selling a “I love Jesus” toe nail clipper then it is to learn how the Body deals with the open unrepentant sin of one of it’s own. I can’t say for certain but it’s certainly looking that way now isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but the silence of the ODM world, especially those that associated with Dave Norris and his charade speaks volumes. It’s telling me that maybe, just maybe, this “truth war” and some of those claiming to be fighting this “truth war” aren’t all that interested in the truth, at least not when it concerns those they associate with.

Their silence speaks volumes!


8 thoughts on “The ODM World’s Silence Speaks Volumes….at least to me

  1. Amen, Phil,

    it’s much easier to point out splinters than it is to pull out beams.

    The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. Makes me wonder what spirit these ODM’s walk in. I don’t know anything about them, I admit, but if you are correct, they may be afraid of law suits. There is a difference between truth and slander. Jesus and the apostles were not afraid to call them out, as Dave pointed out in one of his articles directed at me, and there are numerous references to this in the
    scriptures. If it is done by the Holy Spirit, and not a Pharisee spirit, there is nothing to fear, and it is a Christian’s duty to defend the faith.

    Gird up your loins, those who are quick to judge behind their laptops.
    I am not asking anyone to slander anyone else. Dave doesn’t have to publically acknowledge anything as long as He gets right with the Father. Repentance means to change from our ways to God’s ways and as long as he is writing about jams and pies, maybe he has repented. That’s between him and God.

    I pray that the Spirit of Truth convinces us all of sin, righteousness and judgment…and forgiveness.


    (Corfu not on the agenda…maybe next summer)

    • Hi Phil,

      Well said. I ran into this while in the HP camp. There were a few who did speak up when sin was running rampant, but now, they are busier condemning those “outside” their camp than dealing with the sin within it.

      When I qualify sin – I’m not speaking of hurt feelings or some imagined slight by another, I’m talking about the violations of the laws of God.

      How professing Christians deal with that is quite revealing.

  2. I have to disagree with Isabel in regards to Norris repentance. Dave’s sin was not a private matter it was a public sin against many people therefore his repentance must be public as well.

    In Luke 3:8 John told the multitude that they should bring forth the fruits (evidence) worthy of repentance.

    In Luke 19:9 we see Zacchaeus show his repentance by giving half his goods to the poor and restoring four-fold anything he had taken by illicit means

    In Ezekiel 33:15 God says the wicked must restore the pledge and give back what he has robbed in order to receive forgiveness.

    Repentance is not simply an intellectual exercise nor is it remorse expressed to God. Repentance is an act and if a mans sins have been public – sins done against other people then that man must do all in his power to make things right toward those against whom he has sinned. This is what it means to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.

    At the very least Dave Norris should make a public statement acknowledging his sin and apologizing to all were taken in by his lies.

  3. Hi Phil,

    Well, I finally got to listen to this podcast from start to finish.

    Good job – and thank Steve Lumbley for speaking out. He did the right thing.

  4. I hear you. I’m just saying that true repentance in his inner man would be much more pleasing to God that an insincere public appology. We have seen many examples of tears in the pulpit that were just a big show with no real changes taking place in the heart of the “actor”. I personally have taken years to repent of certain things, due to my hard heart, rebellion and pride. I have been forgiven of so much that it is getting easier for me to forgive others.

    It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance, and in this case, fruit worthy of repentance may mean that Dave seeks to find a job (you don’t work, you don’t eat, and you have less time to mess with others) and one day, minister the gospel, by the Holy Spirit, instead of the Word by a Pharisee or Gentile spirit. That too would be giving back what he had robbed and indicate true repentance more than any public “act” of atonement.

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