More on the Dave Norris Farce

More on the Dave Norris farce including some insights into possibly why Norris deceived the Body of Christ including “Pastor-Teacher” Ken Silva. You can listen to the new at the link below;

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  1. Phil,

    Just to show how sick this Dave Norris thing was. Another lady that was a former member of Doyle Davidson’s cult, her and her husband owned a computer company. When she came out and went public with her story Dave linked to her site(this site gets alot of hits), while setting up a site by the same clown that went under the name of Scott Kyle at SPM(used the same picture that posted on SPM several years back) to attack this lady. When this fact was brought to Dave’s attention he said that Scott Kyle had left SPM and went out on his own(this was when I quit). This sock-puppet of Dave’s claimed to have worked in her company for awhile. This lady emailed me and ask me to comment on this guys site about how unfair he was being(and unchristian), she told me that Dave had given her my email address. I responded and complied and make a comment on this phoney site(the site went down soon after). Sometime later Dave had written on SPM that they were having computer issues and guess what, this nice lady send Dave a new computer(free), because she thought he was doing God’ work. While this was going, one of Dave’s other sock-puppets emailed me and ask me if I was commenting on this attack site under another name. What a game he has been playing.

  2. Phil,

    There is another lady who help to start a site about Doyle Davidson after leaving that cult(gets alot of hits), which SPM linked to. In the mean time one of Dave’s sock-puppets set up a site attacking this lady who, with her husband owned a computer company. She emailed me once and ask me to comment on this attack site about the unchristian manner she was being treated. She told me that Dave had given her my email address. I complied to her request. At the same time one of Dave’s other sock-puppets emailed me and ask me if I had anything to do with this other site or if I was commenting there under any other name. In a few days this site went down and SPM started complaining about computer problems. This nice lady from Plano send Dave a new computer for free because she thought he was doing God’s work. This was when I became concerned about SPM. The supposed author of this other site had a picture of himself on his page and it was the same picture that appeared a few years ago on SPM for Scott Kyle. When confronted with this fact Dave said that Scott had left SPM and went out on his own. The more I think about this situation the sicker it gets.

  3. Hello again, Phil,

    Thanks for your encouraging words on your latest podcast. I first began to suspect that Kathy R. was not who she claimed to be immediately after “her” website appeared, but I am glad you and Steve uncovered the rest of the charade regarding all the sock puppets, including Mike Reynolds. One night, I got home late from our home fellowship (the same night that Steve told him wife “Kathy” would disappear once I invited her for coffee) and recieved an e-mail from Dave while I was on line, sending me an invite to his new website. I clicked on it as he requested, and here is the e-mail I recieved the next day. This new website is also set to private along with the regular SPM site:

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Dave sent you a link to our new site to look over but not really to join. Have we all so soon forgotten all the strife on our regular site? This will be a Bible based site, not an expose place. A national minister has joined us, Ken Silva, and right now we don’t need contention so I don’t see you coming aboard as a member. Kathy will definately not be coming aboard and she was one of the first to ask. No way.

    This new site is for edification and not strife.

    Mike Reynolds
    SPM Michigan

    Let’s hope this Ken Silva guy has enough sense and discernment to see through all of this mockery. I also have comments still from “Nathan” on my site, I referred to “him” (as you did on your podcast) as a Pharisee. (Dave told me Nathan was a 30-something black guy who talks “jive” sometimes) I also asked “Nathan” in a comment on my site about a month ago if he ever learned about David and Goliath in Sunday school as a kid…that is how I felt being attacked by all of these “spiritual giants”…but I was not one bit afraid as I know WHO I serve, and what spirit “they” walked in. Sitting under Davidson for 20 years at least taught me something about being aware of the wiles of the devil…

    I also recieved an encouraging e-mail at work regarding a case that I won against a huge insurance company and I sent a copy to Dave as well around the 1st of May as it really encouraged me not to faint and be intimidated by SPM. This was God confirming that He was in my corner and it was His power at work, not me.

    Dave claimed he could not open the attachment with that e-mail.

    Ironically, (or maybe I should say, appropriately), Kathy had a post on her site that she has since removed stating that the “spirits” led her to start her own (vicious) site…now we know who they are: Bob, Nathan, Chuck, Rod…and Dave.

    Those giants now look like ants, thanks be to God…
    (and you and Steve)

    -Isabel N. (Dallas, Tx)

    p.s- I’ll be on vacation on your continent in less than two weeks.

  4. Hi,

    You are most welcome Isabel! If you get to Corfu make sure you look me up!

    I think the only one talking “jive” is Dave Norris….and I’m glad you found the strength to stand up to that Pharisee.

    I think Silva distanced himself from this mess but who really knows?

    I meant what I said on the show Isabel. If anyone comes over to your site messing with you just give me a holler ok?


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