I’m Not Holding My Breath!

As more and more people learn of the deception surrounding the watchman ministry of Dave Norris, questions are being asked. The one question most asked is “Will the ODM’s deal with this publicly|”?

I’m not holding my breath.

Over the past 12 month’s or so I’ve studied and investigated some of these so called or self called “discernment” ministries and one thing they rarely if ever do is admit wrongdoing in either their own “ministries” or with those who they agree with.

The ODM world now has an opportunity to demonstrate how they deal with sin by dealing with Norris and his deception. Over the past 12 month’s or so I’ve seen these types of “ministries” get away with stuff like plagiarism, misrepresenting the truth, bearing false witness and so on that they would never let someone like Rob Bell or Rick Warren get away with had they done such things.

Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Had Rob Bell or Rick Warren spoken to Ken Silva the way he spoke to me on that thread because I dared to ask Silva a legitimate question the ODM world would STILL be screaming bloody murder. Unfortunately no one within the Pharisee camp uttered a peep.

Over the last 12 months I’ve seen a select group of ODM’s literally gang up and attempt to bully one Christian Brother because he dared to speak out against these modern day Pharisees. One such Pharisee even went as far as giving another Christian a public scolding for even daring to fellowship with the target of their hatred. Dave Norris has seemingly infiltrated this Pharisaical group by means of manipulation and is a story in and of itself.

When I see this select group of ODM’s I see the Pharisees that Jesus gave a public scolding to in Matthew 23. They were sayers of the law but not doers of the law. They had clean cups on the outside but were filthy and corrupt on the inside. They constantly whined and complained about Jesus doing good for His fellow man while they abused their fellow man with the law while turning a blind eye to their own hypocrisy.

Sounds quite a bit like what we see every day in the ODM blog-o-world huh?

I contacted one of the larger ODM’s affiliated with Dave Norris twice warning this person of what was coming and what already had transpired. It wasn’t easy for me to contact this person due to our past difficulties but I felt it was my Christian duty to contact this person. Never heard a peep from him nor has he removed his support. In fact his articles are still being promoted on the SPM website as well as are another mans work that I asked him to warn for me.

I guess we’ll find out if “Real Love Tells The Truth” in regards to how the ODM’s deal with Dave Norris. I hope if they don’t’ do this publicly they will at least be able to privately convince Norris to repent and if he doesn’t then at the very least stop promoting his site on their own websites.

I’m not holding my breath.