Why Bother?

Why bother?

That’s the thought that kept ringing in my head yesterday.

Why bother?

That’s what my beautiful brown eyed girl said to me Saturday night when we were talking about Theology Today and the recent trouble with a self proclaimed “ministry”.

You know what?

She’s right!

Sunday morning I awoke to this insightful comment from an Internet sock puppet (source).

Patrick, have you heard the new Phil Naessens Show? Names if after himself. What would have been wrong with Theology Today Show? No, instead someone is showing off. You’re also right Mr. Townsend as this guy does speak out of both sides of his mouth.(source)

Obviously the sock puppet didn’t listen to the show or he would know why I’m not calling it “Theology Today Show”…..in fact Dave Norris hasn’t listened to a single thing I’ve said throughout this entire mess….but I have.

One day they accuse me of being a “man pleaser”…..that I’m someone that doesn’t listen to the Holy Spirit….the next day I’m being divisive and contentious….now I’m showing off?

Why bother?

Who cares what I name a show that I pay for? This seems quite personal doesn’t it? I think it’s Dave Norris who’s harboring the sour grapes and using sock puppets to do his dirty work for him.

Why bother?

Now I could get real personal here with Norris and I’m tempted to share with all of you some examples of Norris talking out of both sides of his mouth. The fact that I’m even considering doing something like that makes me pause.

Why bother?

I don’t have time for this skubalon….and I don’t want to sin by further exposing Dave Norris….and I don’t want you to sin either by reading what I could easily present for you regarding SPM…..

Why bother?

How would further exposing Dave Norris be a sin you say? Because further exposure of Norris would be personal and personal stuff has no business in a ministerial discussion….exposing the poor ethics and horrible hermeneutics of Norris had little if any effect so there’s no point going any farther in this…..

Why bother?

Norris and his sock puppets have yet to demonstrate where I’m doctrinally or ethically off and instead have launched in character assassinations and innuendo in a desperate attempt to get even with me for daring to disagree with Norris….

Why bother?

In fact, I’m beginning to think this whole thing was and is a test…..God allowed Satan to use Norris and his sock puppets to see if I would put my preaching into practice…..would I stay innocent and blameless or would I stoop to their level and play in their pig sty…..I hope I passed the test.

When I showed my beautiful brown eyed girl the comment from the sock puppet, she laughed and said “I told you from the beginning it was personal, you really should listen to me more often…… and I’m glad you didn’t get personal with them”!

Why bother?


5 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. Hi Phil,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what they think. Why bother?

    I would say the beautiful brown eyed girl is a keeper.

  2. Phil,

    If you notice, the articles about CC generate a lot of traffic and are usually the top post at SPM. I think that’s why they write about them so much and act like they have some inside scoop. Who cares if the young Schullers continue the family business? Not me! I said from the beginning that the whole father-son-grandson split was over money, not doctrine, and Patrick didn’t like that and wrote that I didn’t have any forgiveness(that post was dumped pretty quick). They can’t seem to decide which side of the fense to get on concerning the Schullers.

    I can’t recall ever having read an “I’m sorry” response at SPM, however you my brother are quick to ask for forgiveness. That says it all!

    • Hi,

      Thanks Boyd!

      Donna Schuller has responded to the piece over there and she didn’t appear all to happy with the contents of the article…..especially the assumptions watchman “Wrenn” has made regarding her husbands ministry….This stood out;

      “These days Robert [A.] has been very hard at work developing a new Christian ministry which will allow him the honor of continuing to speak inspiration and hope to the world. He will do this by once again spreading the good news of Christ on the television and on the world wide web.” Reporters can and will take words and twist them to say what sells papers, email articles, etc. Not all that has been reported is true.

      Lastly, as you know, the economy is in the tank and businesses are going bust all over the globe. It has taken longer than expected to get the “new Christian ministry” going.”

      Looks like Robert A Schuller needs a big doggie ministry with big money behind him or he stays silent?

      Okay…..I expect him to think like that considering who he is but why didn’t Norris or one of his sock puppets jump on that statement? Instead Norris pandered to her like he did with Silva…..

      Boyd, you were right then and you are still right today! With the Schullers it is all about the money! Good call my friend!


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