Open Blogging Weekend!

Another week has come to a close…..and today is the last day of school for me until October……YIPPEE!

What do you guys think about the Miss California “controversy”? This will be a topic on the next Phil Naessens Show but I would love to know what you think! (source)

Apparently Mark Driscoll will be speaking at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral on June 14th…..of course the watch bloggers are weighing in…..what say you? (source)

That should get you guys going!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Open Blogging Weekend!

  1. Hello Phil! It look like Miss California is being so what of a hypocrite…If she’s protecting marriage then where is she when about 50% of heterosexual marriages are ending in divorce? Why isn’t she there to protect that marriage? Because the bible says that’s okay? No! divorce is not okay in the eyes of God either… I don’t like double standards

  2. I do not think it is a double standard, she was not asked about that. She was asked about gay marriage. She was not asked about divorce.

  3. What I found most revealing wasn’t Miss California’s stand on marriage but the backlash that Perez Hilton unleashed. When people openly violate God’s laws then this is the result clearly displayed.

    Mark Driscoll – well, I’m not a fan of his but at least he’s preaching in a glass house and not in a locked compound.

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