Open Blogging Weekend!

Another week has come to a close. I’m working on another podcast that should be up and rolling tomorrow.


Phil Perkins has an interesting post you can access by pressing the following link;


John MacArthur is convinced God has abandoned America;


Have a great weekend.


One thought on “Open Blogging Weekend!

  1. There are some very interesting and truthful statements brought out by both Phil and MacArthur. Unless America returns to God’s will to direct her paths, she will fall and divide. My thoughts run in this direction. It’s not the nation that reflects God, it’s the people of God. While America was founded on Christian principles, it doesn’t make the nation Christian. It just means the nation values those things that are Christian and holds them in high esteem. When a nation does that, the nation prospers.

    When a nation fails in this area, I have to look at how the Christian population is doing at reflecting Godly traits. When we, as Christians, fail in carrying out our daily duties to the Kingdom, become like the world, allow ministers in pulpits to get away with immoral behavior and don’t hold them and other Christians to God’s standards, then we are no longer something the nation can place value upon. To me, a nation falling, is not the failure of the nation but a failure of its Christian population to do right in the eyes of God.

    How do we consider ourselves to be a Christian nation, claiming 76% are Christian, when we allow laws on the books that support abortion, remove prayer from schools, etc.? We are not operating under the will of God. It’s time for Christians to stand up and do what’s right in the eyes of God. The power of a nation is based on our exhibiting ourselves to be worthy of value. Unfortunately, we have people who profess Christianity who are not doing the will of God. That needs to stop or these people need to stop taking the “name of the Lord” in vain because it appears to me, that’s exactly what they are doing. That’s my humble opinion.

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